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28 Christmas Crafts Made From Toilet Paper Rolls

Table of Contents
  1. Check out these great ideas for Christmas toilet paper roll crafts that boys (and girls) will love!
  2. 1. Cardboard Tube Olaf Craft from Frozen 
  3. 2. Toilet Paper Roll Santa 
  4. 3. Snow Owl Christmas Ornaments 
  5. 4. Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer 
  6. 5. Christmas Tree 
  7. 6. Santa's Elf Toilet Paper Roll Craft 
  8. 7. Model Christmas Town Craft 
  9. 8. Toilet Roll Carolers 
  10. 9. 3 Kings 
  11. 10. Toilet Roll Reindeer
  12. 11. Paper Roll Mice 
  13. 12. Paper Christmas Tree 
  14. 13. Christmas Angel Craft for Kids
  15. 14. Toilet Roll Nativity Set 
  16. 15. Three-eyed Alien Elves 
  17. 16. Toilet Paper Roll "Christmas Lights" 
  18. 17. TP Roll Advent Calendar 
  19. 18. DIY Loo Roll Penguins 
  20. 19. Honeycomb Wreath 
  21. 20. Flower Petal Wreath 
  22. 21. DIY Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Calendar 
  23. 22. Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids 
  24. 23.Holiday Elves 
  25. 24. Yule Log Favor Boxes 
  26. 25. Handprint Angel 
  27. 26. Toilet Roll Snowman 
  28. 27. Cardboard Tube Children & Snowmen 
  29. 28. How to Make a Paper Reindeer 
  30. Get crafty this holiday season with these great craft supplies:
  31. Don't miss out on more of these great ideas perfect for the holidays:
  32. Plus, check out 13 Christmas Crafts for Kids...

Check out these great ideas for Christmas toilet paper roll crafts that boys (and girls) will love!

Have you tried making any of the toilet paper roll crafts yet? I laugh every time I think of the lowly toilet paper cardboard tube becoming a popular craft supply.

But there are tons of darling ideas using them! Put any prejudice behind you and get crafting!

Christmas Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

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I promise kids will have fun crafting the Cardboard Tube Frozen Olaf, Santa, Snow Owl Christmas Ornaments, Reindeer, and Christmas tree. Mice, 3 Kings, regular Elves and Three-eyed Alien Elves are great make-and-take favors for a kids Christmas party.

The Model Christmas Town Craft, Toilet Roll Carolers, Easy Ornaments, and a Nativity Set are great Christmas decoration ideas boys can make themselves, with just a little help.

There are even ideas for Christmas Angels, Toilet Paper Roll “Christmas Lights”, Children, and Snowmen.

The Honeycomb Wreath or Flower Petal Wreath would make a super front door welcome and Yule Log Favor Boxes would be wonderful remembrances even for adults.

Cardboard Tube Olaf Craft

1. Cardboard Tube Olaf Craft from Frozen 

From Crafts by Amanda

Kids will love crafting up a snowman who won’t melt! With only a few supplies needed (toilet paper tube, twigs for arms and hair, and a few basic tools like a glue stick), Olaf will make a welcome addition to your Christmas decorations.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Santa

2. Toilet Paper Roll Santa 

From Krokotak

Add Santa to your Christmas tree with this easy-to-make toilet paper roll Santa ornament.

Red and white paper, a permanent black marker, scissors, glue stick, a piece of twine and a few steps later—a whole lot of jolly!

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Snow Owl

3. Snow Owl Christmas Ornaments 

From Pam’s Party and Practical Tips

Craft up glittering snow owl Christmas ornaments using items you probably have on hand. “Whooo” knew scrap pieces of paper and white paint would create an adorable little creature for your tree?

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Reindeer

4. Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer 

From Decoideas

If you’ve always wanted your own reindeer, here is your chance. This craft is so easy and requires very few supplies.

Pencil the reindeer pattern on a toilet paper roll, cut out with scissors and use markers to add a few details—like Rudolph’s red nose!

5. Christmas Tree 

From Ei D Educacio Infantil

Christmas tree toilet paper roll decorations can be made in a just a few easy steps.

This project is easy enough for even young children—green paint, glitter and just a simple scissor cut. Top it off with a paper star. Toilet paper rolls never looked so cute!

6. Santa’s Elf Toilet Paper Roll Craft 

From Crafty Morning 

Kids can grab tape and construction paper to craft up Santa’s elf helper in minutes. They will love the removable hat.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Carolers

7. Model Christmas Town Craft 

From Nurture Store

Let your children make a winter town out of toilet paper rolls and they’ll love playing with it all Christmas season long.

Cupcake wrappers, toilet paper tubes and simple embellishments (like glitter) can lead to awesome imaginative play.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Singers

8. Toilet Roll Carolers 

From Thinly Spread

Crafting toilet roll carolers is a great way to use up your stash of ribbon and paper scraps. Plus, those matchless socks hanging out in your laundry room make cute hats for these carolers.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts 3 kings

9. 3 Kings 

From Red Ted Art

Have your kids make t.p. roll wise men for retelling the Christmas story. They can use up leftover craft supplies like yarn, wool, paint and fabric to give the wise guys personality.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Reindeer

10. Toilet Roll Reindeer

From Happy Hooligans

These toilet roll reindeer ornaments might be this year’s cutest addition to your Christmas tree.

Brown wallpaper samples provide the base (but brown paper or paint would work just as well), while brown pipe cleaners make adorable antlers. A red nose and googly eyes take the cute look to the next level.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Mice

11. Paper Roll Mice 

From Child Made

Toilet paper roll mice? Nice! Most of the effort is spent cutting the toilet paper roll into ½” strips and then gluing pieces back together—unbelievably cute!

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Tree

12. Paper Christmas Tree 

From Creatiful Kids

Toilet paper rolls are used as the tree stand in this simple Christmas tree craft perfect for kids of almost any age.

A simple accordion fold piece makes an easy tree that can be decorated with stickers, paper and glitter.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Angels

13. Christmas Angel Craft for Kids

From Nurture Store

This simple Christmas Angel toilet roll craft will make everyone smile. Glittered details have that power.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Nativity

14. Toilet Roll Nativity Set 

From Happy Hooligans

This toilet roll nativity set is amazing. It takes a little more time to create so spread the crafting over several evenings to prolong the joy.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts 3 Eyed Aliens

15. Three-eyed Alien Elves 

From Disney Family

For the alien lovers, these toilet paper alien elves will be a joy to make! Three googly eyes make these cuties extra special.

16. Toilet Paper Roll “Christmas Lights” 

From Crafting a Green World

Light up your Christmas tree in an eco-friendly way with this awesome toilet paper roll Christmas lights tutorial. No electricity required.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Advent

17. TP Roll Advent Calendar 

From The Crafty Swedes 

Toilet paper rolls and printable Santa templates make this t.p. roll advent calendar quick and easy. You can even fill them with treats for each day.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Penguin

18. DIY Loo Roll Penguins 

From Kat This Kat That

Scissors and paint are all you need to add a little black tie penguin to your holiday décor. Did you know you could make something so adorable from a toilet paper roll?

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Honey Comb Wreath

19. Honeycomb Wreath 

From Country Living

Combining paper tubes of varying widths gives this honeycomb wreath its cool look. Jingle bells add festive merriment.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Wreath

20. Flower Petal Wreath 

From Croissant and Lavender 

This flower petal wreath is the most genius use of toilet paper rolls and paint I’ve ever seen. Kids will love making something so impressive.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Advent house

21. DIY Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Calendar 

From Morning Creativity via Green Elephant

Kids will go crazy for this DIY toilet paper roll Christmas calendar! Filled with treats that they can “punch” out as a countdown to Christmas, it is simple and easy to make.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Star

22. Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids 

From DIY Inspired

Helping little ones make something impressive to add to the Christmas tree doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming.

These easy DIY Christmas ornaments made from toilet paper rolls are perfect.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Elfs

23.Holiday Elves 

From Kitchen Counter Chronicles

Pull out your felt scraps and a handful of toilet paper rolls to make a whole family of Christmas elves. They will be loved and played with all Christmas long.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Yule Log

24. Yule Log Favor Boxes 

From Martha Stewart 

This yule log is actually a gorgeous favor box that looks like a birch log, thanks to a printable faux wood wrapper.

Save those toilet paper rolls for a great party favor!

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Snowman

25. Handprint Angel 

From Happy Home Fairy

Memorialize those cute little kiddie hands with this sweet handprint angel toilet paper roll craft.

A quick trace of the hands and this angel gets his/her wings!

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Snowman

26. Toilet Roll Snowman 

From Red Ted Art

Felt buttons and lone socks pair to make these toilet roll snowman too cute for words. Make a bunch for a fun snowman bowling game.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Carolers

27. Cardboard Tube Children & Snowmen 

From Crafts by Amanda 

Toilet paper tubes are reincarnated as snowmen and children in this fun tutorial.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts reindeer

28. How to Make a Paper Reindeer 


Turn a toilet paper tube into an adorable reindeer that can be filled with small holiday trinkets and treats. Pompom noses, googly eyes, decorative tissue, chenille stem antlers and craft paper make the upcycle a breeze.

Get crafty this holiday season with these great craft supplies:

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Don’t miss out on more of these great ideas perfect for the holidays:


Plus, check out 13 Christmas Crafts for Kids


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