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7 Genius Christmas Wrap Storage Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Closet Door Hanging Organizer 
  2. 2. DIY Organization Station 
  3. 3. Framed Gift Wrap Organizer 
  4. 4. Garment Bag Wrap Organizer 
  5. 5. DIY Vinyl Labels 
  6. 6. DIY Pegboard Box 
  7. 7. Kitchen Stool Gift Wrap Organizer 
  8. Check out these great holiday DIY ideas you and your kids will love:
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Have you been thinking that there must be a better way to store all those rolls and rolls of pretty paper? Well, we set out to find a better way to store gift wrap. These are the best suggestions we found and include a closet door hanging organizer, a gift wrap organization station, wrapping storage on wheels, a framed gift wrap organizer, a garment bag wrap organizer, DIY vinyl labels, and more. No more stuffing wrapping paper and ribbon in every corner of the house and tripping over it.

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1. Closet Door Hanging Organizer 

Come Christmas time, Christmas wrap seems to be everywhere. Keep it organized with this practical and productive use of the back side of a closet door. This idea utilizes jewelry hook bars mounted to the back of a closet door. Curtain clip hooks are attached to each roll of Christmas wrapping paper and hung vertically from the jewelry hook bars. Check out how nice and tidy the Christmas wrap looks!

2. DIY Organization Station 

Christmas present wrapping is some serious business. Between Christmas boxes, Christmas wrapping paper, Christmas trims and tags, and Christmas ribbons, a good storage solution is definitely needed to manage the chaos. This idea keeps your wrapping paper, ribbon, and wrapping accessories organized and makes them easier to use.

3. Framed Gift Wrap Organizer 

If your gift wrap needs some organization, make this framed gift wrap organizer in time for Christmas wrapping! It will save your sanity and a lot of time. Plus, you’ll be amazed at how frames made from molding, café-style curtain rods, and some cup hooks can turn an empty wall into a creative space.

4. Garment Bag Wrap Organizer 

Chances are good that you have an empty garment bag just hanging around in your closet taking up space. This garment bag wrap organizer idea will give it a useful purpose when it’s not being used to store clothes. Place all of your wrapping paper inside for easy storage and clutter-free gift wrapping.

5. DIY Vinyl Labels 

Christmas is already crazy enough, but a little organization goes a long way. Create your own DIY vinyl labels to organize your gift wrapping supplies before the holiday season hits. This idea is simple to do and will easily keep everything organized for you.

6. DIY Pegboard Box 

If Christmas present wrapping time causes you to stress out, then this DIY pegboard gift wrap box is here to save the day. No more hunting down the tape, tags, scissors, and gift wrap. Keeping all your supplies in one place will make gift wrapping easy and save you time.

7. Kitchen Stool Gift Wrap Organizer 

Don’t throw out that old kitchen stool. This gift wrap organization station idea is as productive as it is creative, and it’s made out of a kitchen stool. You’ll be flipping that old kitchen stool upside down, adding “coasters” to make it mobile, and creating fabric bags for storage that conveniently attach to the legs and support rungs of the stool. Bags are filled with all sorts of packaging supplies like tape and scissors, hole punches, card tags, and embellishments. The center area is your big wrapping paper storage area. Empty rungs can hold folded tissue paper.

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