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13 Halloween Paper Cup Crafts

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Table of Contents
  1. I love how inexpensive, easy and cute these Paper Cup Halloween Decorations are!
  2. 1. Halloween Treat Cups
  3. 2. Cup Spiders
  4. 3. K Cup Halloween Spider
  5. 4. Decorated Halloween Cups
  6. 5. Cup Ghost
  7. 6. Alien Cup
  8. 7. Glowing Lantern Cups
  9. 8. Ghost Wind Sock
  10. 9. Monster Cups
  11. 10. Sully (Monsters Inc) Cup
  12. 11. Paper Cup Snakes
  13. 12. Mummy Treat Cups
  14. 13. Left Over Halloween Candy Cup Calendar
  15. Plan a fun afternoon of Halloween DIY crafting with these great products:
  16. Get more Halloween craft inspiration with these great ideas:
  17. Plus, check out these 14 Halloween Mason Jar Crafts...

I love how inexpensive, easy and cute these Paper Cup Halloween Decorations are!

Halloween is such a fun holiday when it comes to decorations.

Thanks to the internet, inspiration for fun party decorations, home décor, and Halloween themed items are not hard to come by.

From Halloween treat cups, cup spiders, aliens, ghosts, and monsters, to mummies, snakes, and calendars, your kids are sure to love these paper cup decorations, and they’ll love to make them, too!

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1. Halloween Treat Cups

From Simple as That via eighteen25

It is no secret that I like to keep my craft projects simple and sweet. These little Halloween treat cups are no exception! They are quick, inexpensive, and would make great party favors at your Halloween bash. Treat cups are always a great option for classroom treats or just a cute Halloween craft for the kids. Make three varieties using different materials- pumpkins, bats, and Frankenstein monsters.

2. Cup Spiders

From One Little Project at a Time

It can be so tricky to find crafts that are suitable for little fingers, but look no further. These Styrofoam cup spiders are a fun and engaging Halloween craft that incorporate all of your preschooler’s favorite things! Making them involves painting, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes. By the end of it you will have a small army of spiders to set on the ground and welcome trick-or-treaters to your yard.

3. K Cup Halloween Spider

From Make it Easy Crafts

Spiders usually freak me right out, but this one is too cute to count. It isn’t too early to think about fall decorating and I think a few of these little guys would look adorable scattered around the Halloween table. They are the perfect craft for kids, too! All you need to make them is a used and washed K-Cup, scrap of black fun fur, two wiggle eyes, and a red rhinestone.

4. Decorated Halloween Cups

From Chicken Scratch NY

Take your plain old plastic party cups to the next level with a few simple supplies and this brilliant DIY tutorial. Use some black and orange plastic or paper cups to create fun Halloween characters with googly eyes and a sharpie marker. It takes less than twenty minutes to make enough for a whole party and is a great solution to identify unmarked cups.

5. Cup Ghost

From Sherri Osborn at About Family Crafts

You can make these little Styrofoam cup ghosts and hang them around your home to decorate for a Halloween party or just for the fun of it. Use it as a great excuse to gather the family together and have a Halloween craft night. You probably already have everything you need to make this lying around your house.

6. Alien Cup

From Project: PartyPerfect via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Add an out of this world twist to your Halloween crafting with these adorably spooky paper cup aliens! They are the perfect simple craft for nearly any age group and add a touch of fun to an outer space themed Halloween party. All you need to do is add some pipe cleaner antennae and an alien expression to some plain green paper cups from the dollar store.

7. Glowing Lantern Cups

From Kids Steam Lab

If you are a Keurig coffee fanatic then you surely have a bunch of those plastic K-Cups lying around the house. Reuse and upcycle them to make these fun glowing lanterns for Halloween. It is easy enough for the kids to make with only a few basic supplies. Empty and clean your K-Cups, add spooky jack-o-lantern faces, and add an LED Tealight Candle inside.

8. Ghost Wind Sock

From That’s What Che Said

Want something fun to do with your kids around Halloween? Make some ghostly wind socks out of white paper cups, white crepe paper streamers, black construction paper, and a pip cleaner. October seems to be a particularly breezy month, which means you can hang your ghostly kites outside to watch them blow in the wind.

9. Monster Cups

From Collecting the Moments

Aren’t these monster party cups just the cutest? This blogger was inspired by a Pinterest post to decorate these plain cups for her son’s monster themed party. All you need to do to recreate them is hot glue a few googly eyes to each cup and add a fun patterned straw. My favorite ones are the cups with two different sized googly eyes!

10. Sully (Monsters Inc) Cup

From Project: Party Perfect via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Seriously, with the upcoming Monsters University movie, my place has turned into one big Monster! I’ve made Monster Eggs, Monster Bubbles…and now Monster Paper Cups. I’m surprising my son with a Monster Breakfast before we head to the movie theater and I think he’ll love drinking his milk in this Sulley-inspired cup.

11. Paper Cup Snakes

From Estefi Machado

More often than not, the best craft ideas come from the kids. This blogger’s brilliant son decided he wanted to upcycle some disposable paper cups to create an adorable mobile snake. Follow the simple picture tutorial to make your own snake by stringing together some patterned paper cups and then adding two beady eyes and a wooden fork tongue.

12. Mummy Treat Cups

From The Celebration Shoppe

Make a scary-cute mummy treat cup perfect for holding all that Halloween candy. Just grab a small plastic or paper bathroom sized cup, an old white cotton shirt or fabric and simple craft supplies like googly eys, glue and construction paper to create this simple, yet spooky treat cup.

13. Left Over Halloween Candy Cup Calendar

From Alpha Mom via Apartment Therapy

Are your teeth aching from sharing in the trick-or-treat stash your kids’ collected? We found this DIY advent calendar at Alpha Mom that can use up that stash. Just arrange and glue paper cups to a cardboard backing, fill each with candy and glue numbered tissue paper over the rim. Most of us probably have enough candy to countdown all the way to Christmas!

Plan a fun afternoon of Halloween DIY crafting with these great products:

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Get more Halloween craft inspiration with these great ideas:

Plus, check out these 14 Halloween Mason Jar Crafts

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