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New Year’s Eve Countdown Bag Ideas

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We are getting excited for the next New Year’s Eve party which is always a chance to relax with good friends and ring in the new year. After all the excitement of Christmas, you may be looking forward to a more low-key evening. Here are some ideas that we think are fabulous!

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This year you can gather with some excellent friends counting down to midnight together! You can also start an NYE tradition that includes fun activities for adults and kids. When kiddos are younger, the goal is to keep them happy until bedtime. But if they’re older, you may want more organized activities to keep them entertained along with the adults. We have created countdown bags — a terrific way to build excitement!

Note: we created multiple times for our bags since all kids won’t be staying up late. That way, you can start the celebration earlier if you need to!

Once you purchase items from the store, here’s what to put in each bag:

7 pm: Buy non-drip paint pens from the kid’s art aisle and a small 4×6 canvas for each of the kids. Then ask the kids to paint their favorite memory from the year.

8 pm:  This decorate-your-own cupcakes bag includes an assortment of items from your pantry as well as a few items added in from the baking aisle at the store. Try planning on having vanilla cupcakes that the kids can decorate. Then bend sparkly pipe cleaners into the numbers of the new year to create the toppers. So easy and fun!

9 pm: Include white Play-Doh from the toy section as well as various buttons for eyes, orange sticks for noses, purple sticks for arms, and ribbon for a scarf so the kids can make their own snowmen indoors.

10 pm: This bag has a few kid favorites including jumbo balloons and Slinky toys from the bargain bins at the store.

11 pm:  Add in some fun stickers from the store or your own art supply drawer. The kids are going to make fun glasses to toast in the new year like their parents.

12 am: Be sure to open this bag a bit before midnight. If you wanted something a little more kid-friendly than the usual NYE decorations, head to the party section at your local store and grab some cute polka dot hats and noise makers. Add some cute garland to give them the sparkly NYE treatment.

This New Year’s Eve party is going to be a blast! Enjoy an excellent evening with family and friends — filled with laughter and fun. Happy New Year!

Don’t miss these great ideas for more festive holiday fun:

Plus, check out 20 Hacks for Holiday Entertaining

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