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New Year’s Eve Countdown Bag Ideas + Free Printables

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  1. Just click the links below to download a free printable for each hour!

I’m getting excited for our next celebration: a New Year’s Eve party happening this Wednesday evening. It’ll be a chance to relax with good friends and ring in the new year. After all the excitement of Christmas, I am looking forward to a more low-key evening. It’s going to be fabulous!

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This year, we are gathering with some excellent friends. We have spent the last several New Year Eves counting down to midnight together and I anticipate this year will be wonderful as always! These friends live about an hour and a half from us — so our time together is always precious to me. We started our NYE tradition before we were parents, but now that we have children, we incorporate them into the plans.

When our kiddos were younger, our goal was just to keep them happy until bedtime. Since they were so tiny, they went to bed at about 8pm. Now that they’re older, they are staying up later and we are planning more organized activities to keep them entertained along with us. This year, I’ve created countdown bags — a terrific way to build excitement!

This weekend, I headed to Target to pick up all the supplies I would need. I love visiting their party section for decorating and gift wrapping ideas. I also visited the baking aisle, the kid’s art aisle and of course: the toy aisle. It’s one stop shopping at it’s finest!

Just click the links below to download a free printable for each hour!

 1pm Printable  4pm Printable  7pm Printable  10pm Printable
 2pm Printable  5pm Printable  8pm Printable  11pm Printable
 3pm Printable  6pm Printable  9pm Printable  12am Printable

Note: I created multiple times for our bags since all kids won’t be staying up late. That way, you can start the celebration earlier if you need to!

Once I purchased my items from Target, here’s what I put in each bag:

7pm: Non-drip paint pens from Target’s kids art aisle and a small 4×6 canvas for each of the kids. I’m going to ask them to paint their favorite memory from 2014. I can’t wait to see what they create!

8pm: In our house, it’s not New Year’s Eve if there aren’t cupcakes. This decorate your own cupcakes bag includes an assortment of items from my pantry as well as a few items I added in from the baking aisle. I’m planning on having vanilla cupcakes that the kids can decorate. I bent sparkly pipe cleaners into a 2015 shape to create the toppers. So easy and fun!

9pm: We’ve had no snow this winter. Not that I am complaining at all, but Sam sure has. I’ve included white Playdoh from the toy section at Target as well as various buttons for eyes, orange sticks for noses, purple sticks for arms and ribbon for a scarf so the kids can make their own snowmen indoors.

10pm: This bag has a few kid favorites including jumbo balloons and Slinky toys from the bargain bins at Target. I *may* go back and get the whoopee cushions as well — just not sure I can handle all the jokes my husband will try and make if I do. 🙂

11pm:  Target’s holiday section had plastic goblets as well as holiday stickers. I added in some other fun stickers from our own art supply drawer. The kids are going to make fun glasses to toast in the new year like their parents.

12am: We’ll be opening this bag a bit before midnight. Because I wanted something a little more kid friendly than the usual NYE decorations, I headed to Target’s party section and grabbed some cute polka dot hats and noise makers. (They also have matching plates and napkins that we’ll be using.) I added some cute garland, which is now on sale in the holiday section, to give them the sparkly NYE treatment.

This New Year’s Eve party is going to be a blast! I’m looking forward to an excellent evening with friends — filled with laughter and fun. Happy New Year!

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