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Football Party Food Ideas: 15 Easy Dip Recipes

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We love sharing football party ideas!

And you can’t have a football party without party food. In fact, there’s no way you can watch a game without snacks. Tried it. Doesn’t work. Whether you are having a football-themed birthday party, a game day gathering, Superbowl party blowout or just want some snacks for tv time, these dip recipes are excellent options to add to the menu. Included in this list of recipes from some of my favorite bloggers are a chunky, fresh guacamole, red garlic hummus, buffalo chicken dip, chile con queso dip, several cheese dips and a roasted red pepper spread – just to name a few. Is your mouth watering yet?!

Football Party Food Ideas Dip Recipes

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Check out these excellent options for your next football party:

1. Chile Con Queso Dip

From Bakerette

I love that this cheesy dip actually uses a blend of delicious and real cheeses instead of loading it up with all of that fake stuff. Sharp cheddar and savory Monterrey Jack are perfectly paired with flavorful veggies and a little bit of kick thanks to jalapenos, green chilies, and pimentos. Toss all of the ingredients into your crock pot, let the flavors melt together, and then serve with veggies or tortilla chips.

2. Best Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

Buffalo Chicken Dip is definitely a staple at every game day appetizer spread. It’s a fan favorite bot only because it tastes amazing, but because it is incredibly easy to make. This is by far the best and easiest Buffalo Chicken Dip around. In this cream cheese chicken dip recipe, the melding of cheese, dressing, hot sauce, and chicken does something wonderful in your mouth that is almost irresistible.

Football Birthday Party Food Ideas

3. Cheesy Roasted Red Pepper Dip

From Crumbs and Chaos

One of my favorite vegetables is the tasty and versatile red bell pepper. You can create the most amazing dinners, sides, and appetizers featuring this ingredient, but if you really want to wow your sports loving guests you have to serve this Cheesy Roasted Red Pepper Dip! When having a get-together, it never hurts to have something hot and cheesy surrounded by chips or bread.

4. Artichoke and Spinach Dip

From Everyday Lounge Act

Artichoke and spinach is one of my favorite flavor combinations. Is that weird? This tip is like comfort food for me.

5. Champagne Fondue

From The Juggling Act Mama

I adore fondue – I mean, what’s not to love? For the last several years, it has been our tradition to make a cheese fondue at home around New Years. This year, I thought I’d truly get into the spirit and try to kick it up a notch with this recipe for Champagne Fondue. It is delicious served as an appetizer, for a fondue party, or with a meal over broccoli or tortellini!

6. Spicy Cheese Dip

From The Sweet Spot Blog

Cheese dip and football parties go hand in hand. I love this option as it allows you to give the dip a little kick. Pun intended.

7. Best Black Bean Dip

From Recreate and Decorate

This corn, black bean and feta dip is so delicious that your football fans won’t even think about how healthy it actually is.

8. Vegetarian Taco Dip

From Love Always, Mommy

Made with re-friend beans instead of meat, this one’s a real crowd pleaser regardless of whether guests only eat veggies.

9. Olive and Feta Dip and Chips

From Slick Housewives

Mmmm feta cheese, how I love it so. A spoonful of this dip on a pita triangle makes the perfect football party appetizer.

Hummus Dip Idea for Football Party Food

10. Red Garlic Hummus

From Slap Dash Mom

Hummus is a super versatile dip that goes with pretty much everything, is healthy, and it’s really easy to make your own at home. One thing I absolutely love about hummus is that you can make it any flavor you want! This Red Pepper Garlic Hummus is loaded with flavorful ingredients that make for a unique and delicious party dip. Serve it with some fresh cut vegetables, crackers, or sliced bread.

Guacamole Dip Recipe Idea for Football Birthday Party

11. Fresh Chunky Guacamole

From The Sweet Spot Blog

I normally make a four ingredient guac (avocado, garlic, cilantro and lime) but when I want to take it up a level I go for a recipe like this.

15 Awesome Dip Recipes for Football Party

12. Dried Herb Ranch Dip

From The Freshman Cook

When you don’t have fresh herbs handy, this recipe is a great go-to option. Dried Herb Ranch Dip uses dried, store bought herbs to flavor the creamy appetizer, but does not skip out on any of the taste. It is perfectly served with blue corn chips and a variety of your family’s favorite fresh veggies. The best part? The recipe is so simple to make that it will be on the table in ten minutes or less.

13. Texas Cheese Dip

From Kat Balogger

Straight from Grandma’s box of all time favorite recipes, this amazing Texas Cheese Dip is perfect for serving at tailgate parties or game day feasts! Creamy Velveeta cheese is seasoned with pepper and loaded up with hearty ingredients like breakfast sausage and just the perfect amount of kick. The secret ingredient gives this dip an extra special touch.

14. Light and Healthy Greek Dip

From The Pinning Mama

It seems that I do pretty well providing healthy meals for my family but when I am entertaining, all of my favorite appetizers are filled with mayo, sour cream or cream cheese. And while I love some rich creamy spinach dip, sometimes you just want to serve something a little lighter or that you can consume ridiculous amounts of with out feeling terribly guilty. This lightened up Greek Dip is the perfect solution! It’s filled with tomatoes, capers, and feta cheese, perfectly served with sliced toasted baguette.

15. Cheddar and Bacon Dip

From Crumbs and Chaos

I’ve featured a few cheese dips in this round-up but this one takes a cool twist on it with the addition of bacon. It will please the men-folk and the party hosts, since it is super simple to make. This is a dip recipe where you just stir the ingredients together, refrigerate and serve! It’s made with the perfect mix of sour cream, bacon bits, ranch dressing mix, and cheddar cheese.

Veggies and Dip for Football Party

Create your own amazing dip recipe with these great sources gathered by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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