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Boy’s Minecraft Themed 9th Birthday Party

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A lot of boys are requesting a way cool Minecraft party theme. Mare Romo, mom of birthday boy Carlos, produced a fabulous party based on ideas from the Minecraft computer game.

These party pictures come to us from Carol, of Partylicious. Although the paper products, stationery and just a few touches are Carol’s, she credits Mare with using the party supplies to build this party.

The party food ideas are genius for this theme– the cake squares, the decorations, dessert table, and the favors are really special — but my favorite is the way the guest table was executed. Come look!

Minecraft Birthday Party Decorations

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The wonderful foundation for the dessert table was crafted from pieced together, vinyl placemats. Carol says it was a little tricky to execute, but it looks terrific.

Perhaps foil wrapping paper could be used to achieve a similar effect? Simple cardboard boxes were also covered to be used as dessert displays. According to Carol, all of the patterns, graphics and fonts that resemble those in the game, are free to download online.

Minecraft Birthday Party Dessert Table Ideas

Instead of using (and needing to cut) a sheet cake, “bots: were created to hold the birthday greeting. The character mini cakes, made by Wanda Gonzalez, add a lot this Minecraft world dessert table.

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Minecraft Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Mare made the rest of the desserts herself (cookies, Jello, Rice Krispy treats and brownie push-ups). M&M’s, Kit Kats, Twizzler red licorice and rock candy were also included. The other main serving table was covered in artificial grass, in keeping with the theme.

Minecraft Birthday Party Supplies

At one end of the table is the favor box station where guests could choose what favors to take home. A beverage station is also included here.

Minecraft Birthday Party Decorations

Time to notice the guest table: isn’t it great?! I love all of that “grass.” It is composed of tissue grass mats, taped together.

The brown and green table service coordinates of course and the centrally located Minecraft characters are a wonderful exclamation point in the display. A green Minecraft character adds color on the back of chairs.

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