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15 Power Rangers Birthday Party Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Power Rangers Cupcakes
  2. 2. DIY Power Rangers Samurai Masks
  3. 3. DIY Power Rangers Pinata
  4. 4. How to Make a Power Ranger Cake
  5. 5. Power Rangers Cookies
  6. 6. Power Rangers Game - Punch Box
  7. 7. Power Ranger Cake Pops
  8. 8. Power Ranger Cupcakes
  9. 9. Power Rangers Party
  10. 10. Power Rangers Samurai Birthday Party
  11. 11. DIY Power Rangers Costumes
  12. 12. Rice Krispy Sushi Party Favor
  13. 13. Power Rangers Training Camp
  14. 14. Power Rangers Birthday Cake
  15. 15. Power Rangers Coloring Pages
  16. More Birthday Party Inspiration:
  17. Plus, take a look at these 10 Party Ideas Boys Will Love:

If your little one gets excited at the sound of “Go, go Power Rangers!”, chances are he will be even more excited about these 15 Power Rangers birthday party ideas we’ve put together.

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There is everything from party supplies such as DIY masks and costumes to super-clever party food like Rice Krispy sushi party favors.

There are even ideas for party decorations and party games/activities for a Power Rangers training camp — how cool.

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1. Power Rangers Cupcakes

From A Pocket Full of Sweetness, as seen on Spaceships and Laser Beams

Boring cupcakes just won’t cut it at a Power Rangers party. Kick your dessert table up a notch and combine two favorite characters with these LEGO Power Rangers figurine cupcakes.

Each character looks just like the superheroes and supervillains from the show, with brilliant details in the masks and costumes.

These amazing cupcakes are totally edible too, made with colored fondant and modelling chocolate.

2. DIY Power Rangers Samurai Masks

From Rebecca Autry Creations

This brilliant blogger used a Cricut machine to make these impressive and super fun Power Rangers Samurai Masks.

The masks are available in three different file types, then all you have to do is download them and use a Cricut machine to cut out. Once the machine is done, cut out two eye holes and glue the pieces together.

Pipe cleaners make the perfect tool to poke through the paper and wrap around party guests’ heads!


3. DIY Power Rangers Pinata

From Larcie Bird

Every fun birthday party needs a piñata! This amazing homemade piñata looks just like the gold Power Ranger mask, made with a balloon, basic papier mache process, and a few painted details.

Make sure to load the finished piñata up with your child’s favorite treats including candies, Power Rangers toys, and even confetti.

4. How to Make a Power Ranger Cake

From Good Food, Shared

You never know when you will need to make an extra cool Power Rangers cake like this one, so you better save this link right now.

Follow the super easy step-by-step instructions to recreate this cake modelled after Jayden the Red Samurai Power Ranger.

You won’t even believe how easy it is to sculpt and hand paint your own character cake.

5. Power Rangers Cookies

From sweetmom12, as seen on Instagram

If you are throwing a Power Rangers birthday party, these Power Rangers decorated sugar cookies are a must-have for your dessert table. This brilliant baker created cookies that look just like the six Power Rangers, pop-art style speech bubbles, the birthday boy’s age, and a few sweet birthday messages.

I can imagine all the party guests going crazy over these amazing, bright, and colorful cookies.

6. Power Rangers Game – Punch Box

From Copenhaven

Replace the classic piñata party activities with this wildly fun Punch Box made from a cardboard box and tissue paper.

I have seen this idea floating around Pinterest, and it is the perfect addition to a Power Rangers themed party.

This blogger made the box herself and then put little prizes and toys inside each circle. Each kid gets a chance to do a Power Rangers move as they punched into the circle to pull out the surprise.

7. Power Ranger Cake Pops

From QT Confections

Cake pops are always a fun addition to a party’s dessert table. They are pretty easy to make, can be decorated to fit pretty well any theme, and taste totally delicious.

These cake pops were dipped in red, black, pink, yellow, blue, and green melted chocolate and then decorated to look like the Power Rangers’ masks.

These would look so great displayed on a dessert table along with other brightly colored sweets and treats.

8. Power Ranger Cupcakes

From Pastrychik, as seen on Flickr

When cupcakes coordinate with the party theme, it is always a win.

These Power Rangers cupcakes are ultra-cool and made with fondant Power Rangers masks used as cupcake toppers. All of the rangers are represented with perfect recreations of the details in their suits.

Not only are these cupcakes totally cool looking, but they are also absolutely delicious! Dark chocolate cupcakes, vanilla buttercream, and sweet fondant toppers.

9. Power Rangers Party

From Violeta Glace V., as seen on Catch My Party

This Power Ranger’s themed birthday is giving us some serious party inspiration. It’s bright and bold, with the perfect mix of store bought decorations and DIY projects.

A bright red table cloth with a bright blue runner is the perfect base for the dessert table, topped with bunches of balloons and loads of treats.

Highlights include Power Rangers belt wrapped chocolate bars, Power Rangers decorated sugar cookies, and a fantastic fondant cake!

10. Power Rangers Samurai Birthday Party

From Balinha e Balao, as seen on Kara’s Party Ideas

There are so many cute ideas and wonderful details in this Power Rangers Samurai birthday party that are just too fun.

From the awesome two-tiered cake to the colorful cake pops decorated with the different rangers’ emblems, the dessert table spread is truly fantastic.

This party would look perfectly for any little one who loves the Power Rangers and guests will love these chocolate treats.

11. DIY Power Rangers Costumes

From Coolest Homemade Costumes

If your kids are avid Power Rangers fans, this DIY project is a must try.

Get your party guests and whole family geared up for your Power Rangers themed party with your own Power Rangers costumes made from everyday clothing and crafting materials you probably have on hand already.

A little bit of creativity and some crafty hands can transform street clothes into to a villain fighting suit.

12. Rice Krispy Sushi Party Favor

From Life is Beautiful

Send the guests at your party home with a sweet and on theme party favor to say thanks for coming.

These Rice Krispy Sushi favors are super creative and perfectly pair with the Power Rangers Samurai theme. Gummy candies and Swedish Fish are rolled with Rice Krispy treats and Fruit Roll-Ups.

Served in washed-out sushi trays, they look absolutely adorable and are sure to be a hit with the kids!

13. Power Rangers Training Camp

From Lauren G., as seen on Catch My Party

Train your future Power Rangers by putting them through the ultimate Power Rangers training camp. The ideas from this training camp themed party are fantastic, and so much fun for your little Power Rangers fans.

Guests at this party fueled up with sandwich-inspired sushi, juice boxes, and Power Rangers decorated cupcakes then geared up with Power Rangers t-shirts, golden belts, and pool noodle Samurai swords.

14. Power Rangers Birthday Cake

From Sweet Tooth Cakes and Cupcakes, as seen on Flickr

It may seem impossible to get guests even more excited about eating cake than they already are, but this Power Rangers cake may just do the trick.

This bright and colorful cake is complete with fondant Power Rangers masks and personalized details that add a special something.

The birthday boy’s name was spelled out with fondant letters and his age was added to the cake in a fun pop-art bubble.

15. Power Rangers Coloring Pages

From Mom Junction

Keep guests entertained with this fun pack of Power Rangers coloring pages, including an awesome cut-out mask coloring page.

They serve as a great party starting activity for kids to work on while other guests are still arriving, a smart way to fill time while you are cutting the birthday cake, or a thoughtful party favor to say thank you to your guests.

It would be so fun to send each mask coloring page home with a pack of crayons and length of string.

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Plus, take a look at these 10 Party Ideas Boys Will Love:

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