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13 Iron Man Party Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. Planning an Iron Man themed party and stuck for ideas? You won’t have to break into Stark Industries for any secret party plans!
  2. 1. How to Decorate Iron Man Cookies
  3. 2. Iron Man Mask
  4. 3. Iron Man Drink
  5. 4. Iron Man Cookies
  6. 5. Iron Man Birthday Party Treats
  7. 6. Iron Man Cake
  8. 7. DIY Iron Man Gloves
  9. 8. Iron Man Centerpiece
  10. 9. Iron Man's "Missile Launchers" Corn Dogs
  11. 10. Iron Man Word Search
  12. 11. Iron Man Cake Pops
  13. 12. Iron Man Dessert Table
  14. 13. Iron Man Pizza
  15. Suit up for your next super hero themed party with these super party ideas gathered by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams.
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Planning an Iron Man themed party and stuck for ideas? You won’t have to break into Stark Industries for any secret party plans!

Here’s a roundup of 13 Iron Man party ideas that you can get to work on today! Learn to decorate Iron Man cookies. Get inspiration on making an Iron Man cake or cake pops, party supplies and more.

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Find ideas for Iron Man dessert table treats and party food. And, check out a cool DIY for making your own Iron Man gloves and other fun party games!

Iron Man Birthday Party Ideas

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Iron Man Cookies

1. How to Decorate Iron Man Cookies

From Sweet Sugarbelle

The technique this blogger uses to create impressive decorated cookies is absolutely genius! She made these awesome Iron Man frosted cookies using a mini projector, tracing the basic outline of Iron Man’s mask and filling in the shapes with royal icing. The best part is that you don’t have to get hung up on tiny mistakes or color bleeds because they usually get covered by the piped outlines.

Iron Man Mask

2. Iron Man Mask

From Cutsey Crafts

Felt superhero masks are a great option for easy, inexpensive, and durable party costumes. They look amazing sewn, but for an even easier DIY project you can glue the felt pieces or use craft foam. Follow the detailed instructions and use the provided printable mask templates and you will have these made in no time!

Iron Man Drink ideas

3. Iron Man Drink

From The Cards We Drew

The idea for this drink is super simple and the finished product is totally delicious. Two drinks, cranberry juice and yellow Gatorade, gets layered on top of each other for a fun, gradient effect. It is the perfect festive drink for an Iron Man themed birthday party or Avengers themed bash. There is also a Captain America version that looks equally incredible.

Iron Man Hand Cookies

4. Iron Man Cookies

From Handmade by Rianna

Enjoy these amazing Iron Man cookies that make the perfect treat for a super hero themed birthday party. They are baked with colored dough so they look great without needing a rainbow of regal icing or a steady hand for royal icing flooding. Hand shapes are cut from red cookie dough, then layered with black and white circles to make the palm. Leave to cool and enjoy!

Iron Man Birthday Party Treats

5. Iron Man Birthday Party Treats

From 3 Little Greenwoods

Have you ever had to put a mom-guard next to the treat table at one of your birthday parties? Make these treats and I guarantee you are going to need one! Fun and easy Iron Man Birthday Treats take just minutes to make ad are fabulously scrumptious. They are perfect for an Avengers themed birthday party and are always a huge hit with kids. Along with simple supplies and this easy tutorial you can make your superhero’s day with these birthday treats.

Iron Man Birthday Cake

6. Iron Man Cake

From Sugar Rush Cakes

A birthday party isn’t a birthday party without a delicious cake! This amazing fondant cake has three layers of delicious cake decorated with fondant to look exactly like Iron Man’s suit. Iron Man’s mask is bursting right out of the top of the cake and the bottom layer uses an LED light to look just like Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor. Any superhero fan would go crazy for this impressive birthday cake.

DIY Iron Man Gloves

7. DIY Iron Man Gloves

From Totally the Bomb

Superhero costumes are a fun way for kids to show off their superpowers in pretend play, but store-bought masks and accessories for big characters can get so expensive. You can make DIY Iron Man gloves for less than five dollars using supplies from your local dollar store. The best part about them is that they ACTUALLY glow, just like Tony Stark’s high-tech gadgets from the movie.

Iron Man Centerpiecec

8. Iron Man Centerpiece

From Partylicious E, as seen on Catch My Party

Make your party tables pop with these comic book inspired centerpieces! These decorations would be so simple to recreate and I love the pop-art style details. Wrap a box with comic book graphics, fill with brightly colored tissue paper, and then top with a superhero graphic and pop art action bubble. Iron Man will come to fly and soar across your party tables.

Iron Man Corn Dogs

9. Iron Man’s “Missile Launchers” Corn Dogs

From Southern Revivals

I’m always looking for exciting and on-theme ways to serve up classic party foods and kids birthdays. With a simple tag decorated with Iron Man’s mask, this blogger transformed ordinary corndogs into Iron Man’s Missile Launchers. These delicious hand held treats are perfect for on-the-go partiers and superhero fans alike.

Iron Man Word Search

10. Iron Man Word Search

From Great Kids Birthday Parties

Word search printables are always popular with kids, especially if they go with the party theme. This printable Iron Man word search is a Marvel-ous way to entertain kids at your superhero party. Place them at the table for guests to work on as they arrive, keep them at a small table as a relaxed party activity, or roll them up to hand out as party favors. Get searching!


A glass of wine, with Party and Iron Man

11. Iron Man Cake Pops

From Cookies, Cupcakes, and Cardio

Desserts are always a good idea when planning your party. Between cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and cake pops, there is never a bad choice. But, these cake pops will make your party stand out! Made just like traditional cake pops, but these are coated in a red candy coating with a detailed Iron Man face on front. They are perfect for your super hero or Iron Man themed party.

Iron Man Birthday Party Dessert Table

12. Iron Man Dessert Table

From Sally M, as seen on Catch My Party

All of the details included in this Iron Man dessert display are amazing. The impressive backdrop would be simple to recreate, and makes it look like Iron Man is flying through the sky right into the party! Bright red and yellow cupcakes, a fantastic red and yellow punch, and armor rice krispies are among the tasty treats and Iron Man figurines hold all of the food tags.

Iron Man Pizza

13. Iron Man Pizza

From Will Cook for Smiles

Everyone’s absolute favorite party food has to be pizza. It is super easy to prepare, all party guests are sure to like it, and it is a hand held snack which means no utensils necessary! Play into the Iron Man theme by recreating this incredible Iron Man pizza using pepperoni and cheese. Just arrange the toppings to look like Iron Man’s mask and you have an easy, on-theme treat.

Suit up for your next super hero themed party with these super party ideas gathered by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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