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12 Of The Coolest Minecraft Birthday Cakes Ever Created

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Pig & Watermelon
  2. 2. TNT Cake
  3. 3. Three-Layer Minecraft Cake
  4. 4. Minecraft Sword Cake
  5. 5. Square Cake
  6. 6. Mini Squares
  7. 7. TNT
  8. 8. Square Minecraft Cake
  9. 9. Cake Tower
  10. 10. Crafting The Minecraft Cake
  11. 11. Multiple Tiers Cake
  12. 12. Original Homemade Cake
  13. BONUS: How To Make A Minecraft Cake
  14. More fun and cool Birthday Party Ideas:
  15. Don't miss out on these Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

In this cake round-up, you’ll find all sorts of Minecraft birthday cake inspiration. The designs run the gamut from simple decorations to quite intricate work but they’re all terrific ideas that would please a gamer. The creativity is amazing.

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1. Pig & Watermelon

Unless you love decorating cakes and are quite talented at cake construction and design, leave this Minecraft cake for an expert. Making the Minecraft pig and watermelon is definitely a very detailed and complicated process that requires many steps, carving the cake, building the levels, adding ganache, piecing fondant, and even using edible spray paint. The result is phenomenal.

A birthday cake with lit candles

2. TNT Cake

A red and black square TNT cake that used a sparkler instead of a candle must have been a good dose of excitement for the birthday girl or boy. It’s the perfect choice for a Minecraft birthday party. The fondant details are impressive.

3. Three-Layer Minecraft Cake

Guests at your Minecraft birthday party will go crazy over this triple-layer cake! It features three different layers in shades of red, yellow, and green that pay tribute to different elements of the Minecraft game. Instantly guests will recognize the TNT top layer and the Creeper-inspired bottom layer. The pixelated look of the fondant is a really awesome detail.

A cake sitting on top of a table

4. Minecraft Sword Cake

Check out this blog for three different, really nice interpretations of Minecraft cakes.

5. Square Cake

When it comes to designing a Minecraft birthday cake, think square! This large square cake is a great example. A chocolate brown cake is mostly exposed (looks like dirt), but a layer of green frosting grass covers the top to resemble the game. Fondant figurines of Steve, the Creeper, a pig, and TNT embellish the top of the Minecraft cake.

6. Mini Squares

Now here’s a creative take on a Minecraft cake! Make up a batch of green Rice Krispies squares, forming them into a Creeper cake, complete with black tinted details. Kids can take a mini square as their serving of “cake.”

7. TNT

Kids might explode with enthusiasm when they see this Minecraft birthday party TNT cake. Layers of square-shaped cake are covered in red, white, and gray fondant to create instantly recognizable TNT boxes from the game. Make the birthday candle your fuse and ignite the birthday chorus.

Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

8. Square Minecraft Cake

Transform a rectangular sheet cake into a Minecraft birthday cake by covering it in green frosting “grass”. Use Minecraft Legos to dress it up. Don’t Lego Steve and the Lego Creeper look cool? (Just a fun side note—the planners of this party hid foam blocks around the yard. Kids had to find a certain combo before they could get their cake – fun!)

9. Cake Tower

Sometimes simple is the only way to go when it comes to cake. While many Minecraft cakes feature squares of fondant, this cake does not. The birthday cake featured here is a simple round cake decorated in green frosting. Cupcakes displayed on lower tiers feature printable pixelated Minecraft toppers as a festive birthday embellishment.

10. Crafting The Minecraft Cake

Making fondant that tastes good and looks great isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. This awesome Minecraft cake utilizes homemade fondant. Thankfully, this baking Diva shares how she made the white fondant with red squares over the cake block – and she makes it sound easy. Serve up this Minecraft cake at your next Minecraft birthday party.

11. Multiple Tiers Cake

Everyone’s favorite pixelated game is now represented in cake form. This Minecraft birthday cake definitely features well-known square shapes and shades of green and brown with a small TNT on top. The fondant work is fantastic.

12. Original Homemade Cake

There are so many versions of Minecraft cakes, each with its own distinct details. This version has a lot to look at. The major Minecraft components are all here, but the cake does not look cluttered. Can you spot your favorite pixelated characters created in cake and fondant form?

BONUS: How To Make A Minecraft Cake

how to make a minecraft cake reardon

More fun and cool Birthday Party Ideas:

Don’t miss out on these Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

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