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17 Minecraft Party Supplies We Love

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Table of Contents
  1. If you're preparing for a Minecraft themed boy's birthday party, you'll love these great party supplies
  2. Minecraft Birthday Party Supplies We Love
  3. Plus, you don't want to miss 22 Minecraft Birthday Parties for Boys...
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If you’re preparing for a Minecraft themed boy’s birthday party, you’ll love these great party supplies

With its increasing popularity, a Minecraft party is becoming a regular staple for birthday boys. These ideas will help make sure your party is a success that everyone loves.

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Minecraft Birthday Party Supplies We Love

1. Foil Gold Bar Favor Boxes Party Accessory

Filling up these 12 foil gold bar favor boxes with treats or trinkets makes for a great Minecraft party favor! Iron and diamond pickaxes aren’t needed to mine these  3” x 1.5” x 0.75” blocks of gold made from gold shiny boardstock paper! Simple assembly required.

2. Royal Blue 25 Carat Acrylic Diamonds

While diamonds in Minecraft are rare, you can sprinkle some of these 36 royal blue 25 carat acrylic diamonds around your Minecraft party space as an exciting décor element. The blue diamonds could also make for an awesome Minecraft inspired treasure hunt!

3. Grass Tablecover Party Accessory

A Minecraft party should incorporate the look of a lot of natural elements, as seen in the game! A plastic grass tablecover party accessory would be a perfect scene setter for a party or dessert table in lieu of real grass or expensive artificial grass. This one measures 54” x 108”.

4. Minecraft Rubber Bracelet Green Creeper

Grab a bunch of these inexpensive Minecraft silicon rubber bracelets featuring the 8-bit Creeper face. Available in medium and large sizes, you can send them home with guests for a cool Minecraft party favor!

5. Minecraft Diamond Wrapping Paper

Quickly bring in the look of the Minecraft world with this diamond ore wrapping paper. With 3 – 24 x 36” sheets, you can cover boxes to use as Minecraft party décor or wrap up the guest of honor’s gifts. This pixelated paper is perfect!

6. Minecraft Papercraft Animal Mobs Set

Now you can craft your very own Overworld using this Minecraft papercraft animal mobs set! The set includes over 48 pieces!

7. Minecraft Pin 4 piece Set by Jinx

Pins are a fun way to represent your favorite Minecraft video game. This 4 piece plastic & metal pin set includes Creeper, Pig, Steve and Dirt Block.

8. Tnt Pinata Handcrafted Custom

Instead of blowing up a virtual Minecraft world with TNT, incorporate this 10” x 10” x 10” TNT Pinata into your party plans! Let kids take a whack at the TNT piñata for an explosion of fun and 3-5 lbs. of goodies (not included)!

9. Minecraft Papercraft Shelter Set

Add this Minecraft Papercraft shelter set to your party décor! This miniature Overworld pairs well with the character and animal sets. Fill the boxes with treats and let them double as party favors!

10. Miner Birthday Party Supplies Set Plates Napkins Cups Kit

This miner birthday party supplies set includes square green pixel inspired plates, green cups and black napkins for 18 guests, plus 2 Creeper stickers! Combine the products to create a cool Minecraft party table!

11. Official Minecraft Steve & Creeper Exclusive Head Costume Mask

Party guests will love seeing their favorite Minecraft characters at your Minecraft party! These cardboard Steve and Creeper masks can be used as party décor or make for a fun photo booth opportunity!

12. Official Minecraft Dirt Block Sticker

Add this dirt block sticker to favor bags, boxes, and more to create a fun and personalized birthday party favor idea.

13. Jinx Boys’ Minecraft Creeper Glow in the Dark T-Shirt

This black t-shirt boasts a glow-in-the-dark Minecraft Creeper! Let the birthday boy wear this for his Minecraft party!

14. Minecraft Core Steve Action Figure with Accessory

Bring the beloved Minecraft character, Steve, to your Minecraft party! Steve comes with a pickaxe and coal ore box! These would make fabulous decorations for a party or dessert table.

15. Minecraft Core Creeper Action Figure with Accessory

If you’re looking for the perfect accents for your Minecraft party, this 2.75” Minecraft Core Creeper action figure with TNT accessory is awesome! Plus, use it after the party to decorate your child’s room.

16. Minecraft Creeper Head

Invite the Minecraft Creeper to your Minecraft party! This 12 x 12” cardboard Minecraft Creeper head is the perfect party costume!

17. Minecraft Papercraft Overworld Deluxe Set

Now you can conquer the Minecraft craft world with this awesome Minecraft Papercraft Overworld deluxe set. With over 90 pieces, this would make a fun craft activity for a Minecraft party.

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