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6 Lego Party Games and Activities

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Table of Contents
  1. Idea #1
  2. Idea #2
  3. Idea #3
  4. Idea #4
  5. Idea #5
  6. Idea #6
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LEGO are a super popular toy and make for an exciting party theme. But as many guests will tell you, a party is only as exciting as its games and activities. Here are some of my favorite LEGO party game and activity ideas that you can build on as you plan your next LEGO birthday party.

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Idea #1

Have a building station.

Kids love to build and could probably be entirely entertained at a free build station during the party. Section off an area and include buckets of LEGOs (making sure they are size appropriate for the ages of the guests) and many building surfaces. Let the kids use their imaginations to build anything of their choosing. Guests can rotate through this station, or this can be a free play station where children can spend as much or as little time as desired.

Idea #2

Have a free standing tower building contest.

Children love contests, especially when they get to compete against friends and family. Give each guest their own pile of LEGOs. Set a timer and pit guests against each other to see who can build the tallest tower using their given pieces without it falling over before the time expires. Have prizes for the winners.

Idea #3

Play a version of button, button who has the button?

Instead of using a button, use a LEGO. In this version, the children form a circle with their hands out and palms together. The leader takes a small LEGO and goes around the circle, putting their hands in everybody else’s hands one at a time. In one guests hands they secretly drop the LEGO. But, they continue to pretend to drop the LEGO in each additional guests hands so that nobody knows where the LEGO was actually dropped. The leader (or all the children in the circle) says “LEGO, LEGO, who has the LEGO?” and then each child in the circle guesses. Once the child with the LEGO is guessed, that child starts the new round.

Idea #4

Have a LEGO build challenge.

Set up several stations with small LEGO model kits. Challenge the guests to put them together as quickly as possible. Once finished, guests can take their creation apart for the next guest to build.

Idea #5

Find the missing LEGOs game.

Hide several LEGOs in a variety of colors and sizes around your party space. Assign a point value to each missing LEGO. Give each child a list of the missing LEGOs with their corresponding point value. Let the children loose to search for the LEGOs.

Idea #6

Play Bingo with Lego game markers.

Make up a Bingo style game card with pictures of different LEGO blocks. Create a master set of each LEGO to use when calling the game. Let each child mark of their Bingo cards with LEGO pieces.

With a few creative LEGO party game and activities in mind, you are ready to put together one exciting party for guests to enjoy!

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Plus, check out 57 Lego Themed Party Ideas

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