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A Police-Themed Lego Birthday Party

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This LEGO birthday party was inspired by a love for Legos and a fascination with being a police officer. Mom and party planner Carol Colon, of Partylicious, succumbed to her son’s wishes with this dual theme idea. As most professional planners will agree, planning a party around the guest of honor’s wants and wishes is always a win-win. Carol loved the unique twist on the LEGO birthday party theme and had fun dreaming up inventive ways for decorating the dessert table and planning activities and awesome party favors.

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Carol began preparations for this LEGO party by coming up with a super cool invitation. As Carol shared, she likes to include a “wow factor” with every invitation she sends. For this party, Carol researched how to create “bloom boxed” greeting cards and incorporated her newfound knowledge into a unique LEGO brick bloom box invitation. The finished product is amazing and it looks just like a LEGO. The colors used in her invitation design became the inspiration behind the whole party. Shades of red, blue, gray, black, and white are used throughout her styling.

As with all of Carol’s parties, she aims to impress guests with an over-the-top party backdrop. This time, Carol repainted the kitchen walls gray and affix plastic plates to create a faux Lego construction baseplate look and feel. Oversized replica characters representing a policeman and burglar were added to each side of the refreshment table to make guests feel like they had jumped into one of the LEGO cities. Imagine the little guest’s reactions.

To bring in more of the party colors, Carol ran a black and white striped table runner over a blue tablecloth and accented it with a fabric garland she made. Two large balloons were topped off with homemade tissue tassel garlands that helped finish off the party space.

Always impressive, Carol’s dessert table surely was a crowd favorite this time around too. She displayed another brilliant cake by Jovanna Valentine on top of a huge LEGO container — a perfect understudy for a cake stand. Jovanna’s skill in cake design is incredible as evidenced by the masterpiece she created depicting the guest of honor’s favorite LEGO toy; the police station. Isn’t that fondant police car so cool? We love the little burglar in his jail cell. Carol put some of her son’s toys to good use, finishing off the cake with LEGO mini figures and a helicopter. Don’t forget the coordinating cupcakes, topped with fondant LEGO-inspired designs, also by Jovanna.

In addition to the incredible cake, the dessert menu included LEGO cookies, French macarons, and coconut-walnut macaroons by Sugar Bliss by Mari. Each dessert was a work of art. Carol also contributed to the dessert menu by whipping up Jell-O, Nutella cheesecake, and lemon-raspberry cheesecake cutely served in mini dishes.

Because just about everyone loves candy, she also had gumballs, Sixlets, rock candy, chocolate kisses, lollipops, and LEGO brick candy for guests to enjoy too. Look closely: we love how Carol used LEGO baseplates as serving trays for many of her treats. Carol included two customized Lego heads for added interest on the dessert table.

As one of her many DIY details, she created facial expressions of a police officer and burglar and topped each with a coordinating hat. Carol also added custom details by creating dessert and candy labels, framing themed welcome and thank you signs, adding LEGO brick toppers to some of the treats, and personalizing wooden dessert spoons with LEGO pieces and washi tape.

Taking the details a step further, Carol added custom labels to water bottles and even embellished plates and centerpieces, plus the beverage dispenser had a Lego man embellishment. Details make such a difference and help drive a theme home.

If you aren’t already impressed by the attention to detail, just look at the small gift table Carol designed. Using a large letter M (her son’s initial), she used Lego pieces to create a mosaic. This provided a lovely accent piece for the table, and it will be reused in her son’s room as décor.

The gift table displayed moneybags and held props (mustaches, masks, glasses, money bags, and signs) for the LEGO-inspired photo booth, where guests could get their mug shots in front of a police lineup backdrop. Additionally, Carol’s son had requested a water slide and pool party, so the guests had fun getting wet and celebrating in the water too. Why choose just one theme when you can combine favorites? Police + LEGO = a double fun birthday party!

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