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35 LEGO Themed Birthday Party Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Lego Inspired 7th Birthday Party
  2. 2. Lego Cake Pops
  3. 3. Lego-Themed 5th Birthday Party
  4. 4. Lego Party 
  5. 5. 4th Birthday Party-Lego Theme
  6. 6. 8th Lego-Themed Birthday Party
  7. 7. Kid's Lego Party
  8. 8. Party Time With Lego
  9. 9. Lego Construction-Themed Birthday Party
  10. 10. Lego Party
  11. 11. Kid's Birthday Party With Lego
  12. 12. Build A Lego Party
  13. 13. Lego Birthday Party How-To Ideas
  14. 14. Lemon Lime Adventures
  15. 15. Lego Bingo
  16. 16. Easy Lego Games For Kids
  17. 17. Lego Race Game
  18. 18. Lego Sculpturades
  19. 19. Lego Man Cookies
  20. 20. Lego Grab Bag
  21. 21. Lego Minute To Win It 
  22. 22. Lego Head Bowling
  23. 23. Ninjago Birthday Party - Amazing Race Games
  24. 24. Lego People Door Hangers
  25. 25. Pin The Helmet - Lego Clone Wars 
  26. Lego Printables
  27. 26. DIY Lego Game 
  28. 27. Create Your Own Printable Lego Mini Figures
  29. 28. Free The Lego Movie Printable Pack
  30. 29. Lego Cupcakes
  31. 30. Lego Building Block Cakes 
  32. 31. More Lego Cake
  33. 31. Lego Cake Ideas
  34. 32. Lego Fondant Cupcake Topper Tutorial 
  35. 33. Marshmallow Lego Head Cupcakes
  36. 34. Lego Topper Cupcakes
  37. 35. Lego Superhero Cake
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If your little boy or girl has their heart set on a Lego-themed birthday party, you’ll love this roundup of Lego party ideas. You’ll see entire party set-ups, a variety of birthday cake styles, game and activity suggestions plus free party printables to help you create your own Lego celebration. Yeh, love makes the world go round but evidently, it takes square Legos to build it.

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See Also:

1. Lego Inspired 7th Birthday Party

This unique party combines Legos and an Asian theme for the coolest party. Everything from the dessert table to decorations around the party encompasses the idea of this party. You’re sure to find some amazing inspiration from all of the great ideas featured at this party. Your little ninjas will love this theme.

A group of plastic bottles
2. Lego Cake Pops

The backdrop behind the dessert table at this party is so cool and would be easy to create your own version! Not only is that eye-catching, but all of the details on the desserts and even the little food labels are perfect. This party spared no detail when it came to ensuring everything was perfectly themed.

3. Lego-Themed 5th Birthday Party

Legos, Legos, Legos! If you are in need of a party theme that screams Legos, this is the one to get inspiration from. With Lego-themed place cards, food labels, and desserts, you will definitely find something to fit your Lego-themed party needs here.

4. Lego Party 

The invitations for this party are adorable! They would be so easy to make with some sheets of construction paper. This party doesn’t forget the Legos when it comes to decorations. Spell out the birthday girl or boy’s name with them for a fun surprise!

5. 4th Birthday Party-Lego Theme

This party not only has some fantastic ideas, but also a free party activity printable! Keep the kids busy by letting them design their very own Lego mini-figure. Not only is this fun activity mentioned, but it also includes some other activities that will keep everyone at your party busy such as pinning the pants on the Lego man. How fun is that?!

Lego birthday party, Lego gummies, Lego pizza, Lego party food

6. 8th Lego-Themed Birthday Party

If you’re in need of some fun ideas for party activities, this has a few to choose from. Pick a few of these to keep all the kids at your party busy the entire time. You’ll also be able to find some cute dessert ideas here as well.

7. Kid’s Lego Party

This fun-filled party has a great idea for a Lego-building contest. This would be a fun way to see who can make the biggest or most creative Lego figures. Pick out some small prizes to give out for some extra fun too.

8. Party Time With Lego

The DIY coloring book featured here would be a fun party favor to send each guest home with. Simply put the book together and hand it out as guests leave. Include a little pack of crayons as a little something extra. This will also give you some great inspiration for decor throughout your party and dessert decorations!

9. Lego Construction-Themed Birthday Party

The color theme for this Lego party is different, but still looks amazing! This party uses yellow, black, and grey that goes together perfectly. Instead of the super bright primary colors featured in other parties, this one takes a turn from the regular. If you’re looking for something a little different, be sure to check this out!

10. Lego Party

These party invitations are so adorable. With the little circles that pop right off the page, they’re memorable and fun. The cuteness doesn’t stop with the invitations though–there are tons of fun and adorable ideas here to pick up inspiration from. From decorations to desserts, pick your favorites and get started!

11. Kid’s Birthday Party With Lego

This party focuses not only on the Legos but also incorporates the classic block shapes of the building block. The decorations throughout the party are mostly square, including the table settings. This party is also full of fun and bright colors that would be appealing to just about anyone attending.

12. Build A Lego Party

This cake is nothing short of amazing! The sides of it done to look like a wall of brightly-colored Legos are fun, and I’m sure delicious as well. The characters on top look like they’re hard at work putting together their very own creation. If you’re looking for a cake to blow everyone away, then this is it.

13. Lego Birthday Party How-To Ideas

This lists a ton of ideas to create your perfect Lego birthday party. Pick from tons of ideas for snacks, desserts, decorations, and activities. The hardest part about any of these ideas will be picking out your favorites for your own party!

14. Lemon Lime Adventures

This would be a fun experiment for any curious and creative boys out there. Simply freeze a Lego Minifigure into an ice cube and let them chip away or watch it melt. It could be fun to color the water for some extra brightness too!

15. Lego Bingo

Who doesn’t love a good game of bingo?! Just print out the cards for this game and gather up the Lego pieces included on the cards. Use those to call out each piece. Also, you can use little Lego bricks to mark off which ones have already been called. This definitely incorporates Legos all over the place.

16. Easy Lego Games For Kids

If you’re in need of some Lego-themed games for your birthday extravaganza, look no further! This includes three super fun games that kids of all ages would have a blast playing. Play the relay race game after dessert so they can run out all of that sugary energy!

17. Lego Race Game

Get everyone involved in this game for some friendly competition! This fun and unique game with have all the kids working together to see who can figure out the most creative way to get their Legos through the tube the fastest. Find some small Lego-themed prizes to give out at the end such as a small Lego set or maybe some ribbons for first, second and third!

18. Lego Sculpturades

Everyone loves charades, but this puts a Lego-themed twist on the classic game making it perfect for your party. Instead of acting something out, all the kids can work together individually or in small teams to build it! If someone can guess what they’re building, then they get a point. This would be a fun way to put your kid’s creativity to the test.

Lego Man Cookies

19. Lego Man Cookies

These Lego Man cookies are so sweet! Made to look like Lego bricks and character pieces, they are adorable. With some icing, you can get the same look and wow everyone at your party when they step up to the dessert table.

20. Lego Grab Bag

Push all your party guest’s creativity to the limit with this Lego grabbag game! Fill up a solid-colored bag with an assortment of random Lego pieces. Each party guest grabs a bag and from there they have to build something including all the pieces within the bag. Make it a friendly competition and create different categories such as the tallest creation or the most creative!

21. Lego Minute To Win It 

If you can’t simply pick one game, go with a few! This kid-friendly version of “Minute to Win It” will test just how fast they can make their own Lego creations. Make small teams or let them compete individually. This also has directions on how to create some decorations just for these games!

22. Lego Head Bowling

This would be a fun activity during a summer party. Grab nine yellow plastic or paper cups and draw on faces that resemble the ones found on Legos. Stack them up in a pyramid and kick or throw a ball to see how many everyone can knock down!

23. Ninjago Birthday Party – Amazing Race Games

Put together your own Lego version of The Amazing Race! All of the different activities will keep kids busy all throughout the party, so no need to worry about planning a ton of activities for your party. All of the activities are Lego Ninjago-themed, but you can always switch them up or make up your own to fit your own theme.

24. Lego People Door Hangers

For a fun party activity and one that works for party favors as well, let everyone create their own Lego door hangers! Cut out the bits and pieces from a scrapbook or patterned construction paper. Everyone will be able to give their door hangers a bit of personality and let their creativity run wild! They’ll end up with a party favor they’ll love and you’ll have a great party activity.

25. Pin The Helmet – Lego Clone Wars 

For a Lego-themed version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, try out this twist on the classic party game. This is sure to have kids laughing as they take their turn to place the helmet in the correct spot. If you wanted just a regular Lego theme, then simply print a regular Lego Minifigure rather than the Clone Wars one.

Lego Printables

26. DIY Lego Game 

What’s better than a classic board game? Create this board game with the included free printable and some construction paper. This will keep kids busy for hours and wanting to win.

27. Create Your Own Printable Lego Mini Figures

Print these out for some creative fun at your party. Each kid can create their very own mini-figure with this free printable. See who can make the most creative mini-figure with this fun coloring page!

28. Free The Lego Movie Printable Pack

This pack is bursting with fun and free printables, some of my favorite things! These would be great for a party with a lot of Pre-K attendees. Not only would they find them fun and exciting, but it would help sharpen their skills in cutting or letter identification as well.

29. Lego Cupcakes

These adorable Lego cupcakes look fancy, but wouldn’t be too difficult to make! You can have professional-looking cupcakes on your dessert table easily with these.

30. Lego Building Block Cakes 

These little cakes are so much fun! They’re easy to put together. Frost them in bright primary colors to get that signature Lego look on your cakes.

31. More Lego Cake

Make the entire cake look as if it was made of Legos! This will look stunning sitting on your dessert table. It may take some time to get all the little pieces on there, but it will look amazing and the birthday girl or boy will be sure to love it.

31. Lego Cake Ideas

This cake also looks as if it’s been built out of Legos! The little Lego figurines on top add an extra special touch along with the name of the birthday kid. This is sure to bring delight to your party.

32. Lego Fondant Cupcake Topper Tutorial 

Don’t want plain, boring cupcakes, but can’t find quite the right decoration? Make your own! These little Lego cupcake toppers are adorable and add a sweet touch to your already sweet dessert.


33. Marshmallow Lego Head Cupcakes

Looking for something simple to put on top of your cupcakes? Their Lego head toppers are perfect! Made from marshmallows covered in bright yellow, they will add a pop of color and look great.

34. Lego Topper Cupcakes

These Lego toppers would also be an easy way to add a colorful and fun touch to your desserts. Simply using melting chocolate and a Lego mold, you can pop these Legos out in no time. They look like they could be taken right off the cupcake and used to build something!

35. Lego Superhero Cake

What more could boys love other than Legos and Superheroes? This cake combines them all into one! This Lego Batman cake looks amazing! With all of the little details on the face and the utility belt, this cake has it all.

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