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20 Glow in the Dark Party Ideas

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Want to add a little glow to your next celebration?

Include a bit of magic with these awesome glow-in-the-dark party ideas.

Toast your guests with glowing beverages in glowing cups, and then eat glowing cake, cupcakes, Jello and cotton candy…by the light of a glow stick chandelier!

Use glow bracelets for tic-tac-toe, ring toss, hopscotch or bowling and make a way cool glowing chain decoration with glow necklaces.

The shine continues with glowing ice paint or glowing bubble paint, glowing playdough, and even glowing bugs. Learn how to write a message that glows and discover a glow-in-the-dark paint technique that will make anything glow.

You’ll be amazed at what a little light can add to your party–get ready for the “oohs” and “ahhs”!

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Glow in the Dark Chandelier

1. Glow in the Dark Party Chandelier

From Grey Grey Designs via Home Design Inspired

Move over paper lanterns, glow stick chandeliers are here.

This super cool way to use glow sticks is easy to make and looks awesome strung up at parties.

Choose whichever colors you like and hang them in multiple tiers for a neat, glow in the dark decoration.

Glow in the Dark Drinks

2. Glow in the dark drink

From Our Best Bites via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Want in on the top secret ingredient for creating glow in the dark drinks? Tonic water!

It has quinine in it, which magically glows when exposed to black light.

Add a little Crystal Light drink mix with tonic water, turn the lights off and the black light on for a super fun and non-alcoholic children’s party drink.

Glow in the Dark necklaces

3. Glow in the Dark Décor from Glow Necklaces

From Active Dark

Those glow necklaces that your party guests are wearing can also double up as cool glow rope decorations by stringing and looping them all together. It’s an affordable, easy, and quick way to create some bright and colorful party decorations.

Glow in the Dark Cups

4. Glow in the Dark Cups

From Mommy Savers

Turning a pack of glow bracelets from the dollar store into these super fun, glow in the dark cups couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is sandwich a bracelet in between two plastic cups and voila, an awesome party cup with serious glow factor.



5. Glow in the Dark Cotton Candy

From My Little Cottage

This cotton candy will most definitely be the highlight of your dessert table! With some glow sticks that are safe for food, this cotton candy is sure to delight your party guests. Try out this fun addition at your next gathering!

Ring Toss

6. Glow stick ring toss

From Momma Did It via BuzzFeed

Glow necklaces or bracelets make the perfect ring for this party game. The glowing makes this game way more fun at night. Make teams by giving everyone their favorite color and see who can make the most!


7. Glow stick hopscotch

From Momma Did It via Listotic

Another fun outside game, only made better by glow sticks! Use glow sticks to light up the path for a fun game of hopscotch. Change them around every so often to keep the game interesting and more challenging!

Glow in the Dark Bowling

8. Glow in the Dark Bowling

From Instrucables

Take this game outdoors by creating your own glowing bowling pins. Simply fill some empty water bottles with a little sand to weigh them down and a glow stick to make them shine. This simple take on bowling with be a fun addition to any summer night!

Letter Writing

9. Write Any Message

From Smile and Wave

Welcome your guests to the glow in the dark party with this fun, neon-inspired sign made completely from glow sticks! Personalize the message to say whatever you like, then hang it on an outdoor wall or fence for all to see. You could also recreate this inside in a dark room.

Cups and Candlesticks

10. Glowing Cups and Candlesticks

From Martha Stewart

Amp up your food table with these glowing cups and candlesticks. The painting technique used will work for any and all types of serving dishes, including dollar store and craft store finds. With just a few coats of paint you can create a seriously fun glow in the dark party food table.

Play Doh

11. Glowing Play Dough

From Tinkerlab

What’s better than play dough? Glow in the dark play dough!

This is one of the coolest ways to switch up your regular play dough for a party activity or family fun.

The secret ingredient will take your play dough from fun to absolutely awesome, and your kids are sure to get a kick out of it!

Bubble Painting

12. Glowing Bubble Painting

From Growing a Jeweled Rose

Kids will be blown away playing and exploring with this glowing bubble recipe.

Concoct the glow in the dark bubble solution with the super simple recipe and only a few ingredients. Blow mountains of bubbles in a bunch of different colors and press with paper for the coolest bubble-patterned prints.

For an even better glow, try this activity with a black light. Tic Tac Toe

13. Glow in the Dark Tic-Tac-Toe

From Coffee Cups and Crayons

Play one of your favorite childhood games with glow sticks.

Follow the instructions to easily construct your x’s and o’s out of glow sticks from the dollar store, then create an outdoor tic tac toe game board for hours and hours of fun.

Sensory Bags

14. Lava Lamp Sensory Bags

From Growing a Jeweled Rose

These lava lamp sensory bags are perfect for tiny tots to explore.

All you need to make them is baby oil, plastic baggies, clear packing tape, and the homemade neon watercolor recipe.

Mix it all together, seal the bag, and it’s time to play!

Glowing Ice painting

15. Glowing Ice Painting

From Growing a Jeweled Rose

This simple glow in the dark ice painting activity takes only minutes to set up and is so much fun.

All you have to do is freeze glow in the dark or fluorescent paint in an ice cube tray, pop a glow stick in the top and let freeze.

Once frozen you will have a variety of fun colored, glow in the dark paints to create your own art.

16. Neon Cake

From Frosted Insanity


17. Ghoulishly Glowing Cupcakes

From Recipe Snobs

The perfect mix of gelatin and tonic water make these ghoulishly glowing cupcakes the coolest glow in the dark dessert around.

You can make a variety of colors to dip your frosted cupcakes in, then place them under a black light for the ultimate glow.

Glow in the Dark Jello

18. Glow in the Dark Jello

From Mom Advice

Wow your kids (and adult friends, too!) with this fantastic glow in the dark JELL-O recipe.

It is a fun and easy craft that gives you a great opportunity to talk a little bit about the awesome science behind it.

Star Jello

19. Star Jello

From Our Best Bites

The secret to glow in the dark food is none other than tonic water. Fun, right?

These glow in the dark JELL-O stars use tonic water to make a fun treat for your kids.

Add a little bit of tonic water and a little bit of juice to make these deliciously glow-y treats.

Glow in the Dark Photo Booth

20. Glow in the Dark Photo Backdrop

From Unforgettable Events via Pretty My Party

This glowing backdrop would be perfect for capturing all of the fun happening at your party! Set it up and let people create tons of memories in front of it throughout the night. Find some fun glowing photo booth props for some laughs too!

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