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17 Ways to Play with LEGO

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Five Ways to Play with LEGO and Water
  2. 2. Free LEGO Summer Day Camp Ideas
  3. 3. LEGO Ice Excavation
  4. 4. Eight DIY LEGO Travel Cases for Road Trips
  5. 5. Balloon Powered LEGO Car
  6. 6. Build a Landmark Building Challenge
  7. 7. Build a Simple LEGO Catapult
  8. 8. Make a LEGO Zip Line
  9. 9. Create a LEGO Hot Air Balloon
  10. 10. LEGO Volcano
  11. 11. LEGO Clean Mud
  12. 12. LEGO Zip Line
  13. 13. LEGO Car Ramp Painting
  14. 14. Watermelon LEGO Snack
  15. 16. Play Dough LEGO Minifigures
  16. 17. Mini Figure Parachute
  17. Check out these great Lego supplies your kids will love:
  18. Don't miss more great ideas for Lego fun:
  19. Plus, don't miss 20 Ways to Learn with Lego...

Sam and I have already spent a lot of time playing with LEGO. I can’t even begin to count the number of times we have built and taken down what he calls “LEGO City.”

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I swear he’s trying to put in a 40-hour work week with the stuff.

Given his love for all things LEGO, I wanted to look for some games and activities that would be fun to do.

I’ve found some great ones including balloon powered LEGO cars, a catapult, volcano, parachute, zip line, LEGO play dough mat, activities for playing with LEGO in water as well as freezing it in water and excavating it.

I’ve even found a great tutorial for creating a watermelon LEGO. You’re going to want to GO and do these right away!

See Also

1. Five Ways to Play with LEGO and Water

From Fun at Home with Kids

With summer upon us you are going to want to check out these five fun ways to play with Lego bricks and water.

All of these ideas are great ways to beat the heat while also incorporating sensory play and fine motor skills.

Go for a blindfolded Lego search and find in a big tub of water, excavate Legos from ice using water and salt, or explore colors by adding a little bit of food coloring to the water.

2. Free LEGO Summer Day Camp Ideas

From The Tutor House

Adrianne from The Tutor Coach created this wonderful LEGO Summer Day Camp for her LEGO loving boys.

They worked together to develop a series of LEGO themed activities that all kids are sure to go crazy for.

The summer day camp resource includes a bunch of exciting build challenges including a LEGO pinball board and a LEGO marble maze!

3. LEGO Ice Excavation

From Lemon Lime Adventures via Spaceships and Laser Beams

LEGO is the magic words for kids and adults alike. Dayna, a former teacher turned homeschooler, came up with this cool learning activity that combines LEGO and science.

The ice excavation experiment challenges kids to free their mini figures from an icy trap while engaging them in a hands-on science lesson.

4. Eight DIY LEGO Travel Cases for Road Trips

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

What boy likes to sit still, be quiet, and do nothing? Whether he is travelling or waiting for an appointment, a fella just needs something to do which means you need these DIY LEGO Travel Case ideas to keep you organized.

Eight clever moms made travel kits out of baby wipe cases, empty cheese boxes, metal lunch boxes, and more.

You can recreate them yourself with their easy tutorials. It will keep your little guy busy no matter where you are.

5. Balloon Powered LEGO Car

From The Crafty Mommy

A rainy afternoon and a restless little boy make the perfect conditions to create a balloon powered LEGO car. The idea is simple and the challenge is great for kids of all ages.

Incorporate a balloon into your LEGO car so that when you blow it up and let it go, the air makes the car roll.

It is the perfect opportunity to teach your kids a little lesson on energy and movement, too.

6. Build a Landmark Building Challenge

From Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Challenge your kids to build a landmark from your neighborhood or city out of LEGO bricks!

Whether it is a man-made building or natural landmark like mountains and waterfalls, they will have a blast creating their favorite piece from the community.

You could even encourage your kids to work together to take on a bigger construction project. It is simply amazing what kids can make with LEGO.

7. Build a Simple LEGO Catapult

From Mama.Papa.Bubba

Learn how to build a simple LEGO catapult with this easy tutorial perfect for teaching your kids about simple machines and physics.

It is a great afternoon project to work on together, and a fun one at that. After your catapult is complete you can have tons of fun flinging pompoms across the room.

If you are looking to take this project one step further, you could even build a LEGO catapult target.

8. Make a LEGO Zip Line

From Atta Girl Say

This LEGO Zip Line is sure to be a hit on any rainy day (or sunny one)!

Hang up a string or wire, build the LEGO carrier, and away it can go.

Try putting the zip line in different places around the house and at different angles to see how fast your LEGO creation can zip down from top to bottom.

9. Create a LEGO Hot Air Balloon

From All for the Boys

Give your LEGO character a lift by sending them up, up, and away on their very own hot air balloon!

It’s easy to create a few of these floating discs. With some items you can find around the house, you can have your LEGO characters floating around the room in no time.

Have a competition to see how far they can go or how long they stay in the air!

10. LEGO Volcano

From Little Bins for Little Hands

I bet you have never thought to pair your LEGO with a cool kitchen chemical reaction science experiment. I didn’t either until we found this awesome idea to build a LEGO volcano complete with a baking soda and vinegar eruption.

Use your imagination to build a LEGO volcano surrounding a plastic test tube with plenty of red and orange bricks for lava. Add your baking soda and vinegar and then watch the volcano erupt.

11. LEGO Clean Mud

From Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Combine LEGO engineering and sensory play with this LEGO Clean Mud. Clean mud is easy to make and kids will love finding new ways to play with it.

If you have never played with clean mud before, check out the pictures to see what this magical concoction is all about.

All it takes to make it is a few squirts of baby wash, hand soap, toilet paper, and water. It’s a no-mess sensory activity that will keep your kids busy for hours.

12. LEGO Zip Line

From Little Bins for Little Hands

LEGO is pretty cool and great for STEM based activities. Challenge your kids to use their engineering and science skills to create a homemade LEGO zip line inside your house or across the backyard.

This is truly the perfect way for kids to look at ordinary items in new ways and invent something different with them.

Let them try different concepts and tweak their ideas until the zip line succeeds.

13. LEGO Car Ramp Painting

From Toddler Approved

This super simple painting activity is definitely messy, but totally fun for the kids to try out. It also allows parents the perfect opportunity to have a little science lesson about gravity, forces, and weights.

Let your little ones build a bunch of LEGO cars, dip the wheels in washable paint, and then launch them off a cardboard or paper ramp.

While flying down the ramp the wheels will make rainbow designs!

14. Watermelon LEGO Snack


Kids would go wild for these carved watermelon LEGO snacks, especially for a LEGO themed birthday party or fun family afternoon.

Follow these instructions to see just how easy it is to transform watermelons into classic LEGO bricks, decorated with some of your kiddo’s favorite mini figures.

Simply cut your watermelon into a rectangular block and then use a round cookie cutter to make the pieces on top.

15. Ice Bowling with LEGO

From Lemon Lime Adventures

One of this blogger’s goals in the summer was to create simple summer fun for her kids that incorporated learning, exploring, and sensory play.

Out of this, LEGO Ice Bowling was born! Use your favorite ice mold to freeze some ice balls in your freezer, then build some LEGO or DUPLO bowling pins.

Take turns bowling the ice balls down the sidewalk to knock down as many pins as possible. This activity just screams summer fun.

16. Play Dough LEGO Minifigures

From Lemon Lime Adventures

With a template of the LEGO Minifigures and some play dough, creating the character of your dreams is easy!

Base it off of an already existing character or create your very own, the options are truly endless as long as you have enough play dough.

See who can make the most creative LEGO Minifigure!

17. Mini Figure Parachute

From Little Bins for Little Hands

There really are so many fun ways to play with LEGO that don’t involve building sets. This LEGO mini figure parachute activity is an awesome indoor play time activity that works great as a mini science lesson too.

Send you kids on a mission to create a parachute for their favorite mini figure using only dental floss and paper coffee filters.

Would a bigger or smaller parachute make a difference? Try a cupcake liner or paper plate.

Check out these great Lego supplies your kids will love:

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  • Colorful Lego Blocks Pattern Shower Curtain
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  • Lego Brick Pattern Silicone Ice Cube Jello Tray Maker
  • LEGO Kids’ Watch With Minifigure
  • The LEGO Ideas Book
  • LEGO Star Wars R2-D2 Key Light
  • I Love Ice Candy Molds & Ice Trays

Don’t miss more great ideas for Lego fun:

Plus, don’t miss 20 Ways to Learn with Lego

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