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25 LEGO Crafts We are Obsessed With

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. How-to Build a Lego Candy Dispenser
  2. 2. Legos in a Mint Tin
  3. 3. DIY Lego Soap
  4. 4. Lego Catapult
  5. 5. Lego Toy Zip Line
  6. 6. Lego Marble Run
  7. 7. Lego Travel Cases
  8. 8. Lego Rubber Band Powered Car
  9. 9. Lego Wall Hanging
  10. 10. DIY Lego Magnets
  11. 11. Lego Ice Experiment
  12. 12. Lego Matchbox Bed
  13. 13. Lego Friendship Bracelets
  14. 14. Lego Lamp
  15. 15. Mason Jar Lego Guy
  16. 16. Stamping with Legos
  17. 17. Balloon Powered Lego Car
  18. 18. Lego Chess
  19. 19. Lego Belt Buckle
  20. 20. Lego Ping Pong
  21. 21. Lego Key Holder
  22. 22. Lego Clock
  23. 23. Lego Notebook Cover
  24. 24. Lego Table
  25. 25. Key Organizer
  26. Don't miss these Lego themed ideas hand picked by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams...
  27. Check out more Lego inspiration perfect for Lego lovers of all ages.
  28. Plus, check out 18 Lego Hacks We are Obsessed With...
  29. Don't miss How to Make Lego Soap Party Favors...

No matter the weather, LEGO are ALWAYS in season! If the guys in your household are ready for a new build challenge, show them this post.

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There are toys such as a balloon or rubber band powered car, a catapult, marble run, zip line, and a chess set. Lego as functional art is featured on a clock, a belt buckle, a friendship bracelet, a wall hanging, a lamp, a table, as magnets, on a notebook and a key holder.

Make any table ready for a round of ping pong with Legos. Store Legos in a Mason jar Lego head or take them with you in a handy travel case. Use them instead of a paint brush, do an experiment or form them into a candy dispenser.

You can even wash your hands with Legos. Play fair. Be square. Yea for Lego!

See Also

1. How-to Build a Lego Candy Dispenser

From Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Have some M&M’s or Skittles laying around the house? Add a little creativity to your kids’ sugar high with this fun Lego project. The Lego candy dispenser uses pieces that are pretty easy to find so you will probably already have everything that you need to make it.

Pull out the Lego brick on the side of the dispense, open the front door and out comes the candy.

2. Legos in a Mint Tin

From Mommo Design

Transform an old mint tin into a cute, little carrying case for your children’s Legos. Mint tins are the perfect size. They fit a few favorite Lego guys and some bricks.

It is the perfect thing for moms to keep in their purse for when there is a long wait at the doctor’s office or for lengthy car rides.

To decorate just hot glue a few Lego pieces to the lid of the tin, or let your kids create their own design.

3. DIY Lego Soap

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

Legos may be some of the most played with toys around and we parents can definitely use that to our advantage. These homemade Lego soap bars are going to have the kids begging to wash their hands again and again just for the pure fun of it.

Micro mini Legos are placed in bars of olive oil soap that will leave your hands squeaky clean. Plus, your kids get little prizes the more they wash.

4. Lego Catapult

From Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Lego Building Challenge: Build something that will launch a ping pong ball! Your future engineers and builders will love being challenged to design and create their very own ping pong ball catapult.

Follow the basic instructions then let your kids experiment with the catapult’s position and size to get the most power.

5. Lego Toy Zip Line

From Little Bins for Little Hands

Lego is a great building material for STEM based projects and activities. This cool zip line project provides an awesome opportunity for your little ones to explore different science concepts through hands on play.

Challenge them to get a Lego person safely down the zip line made of parachute cord from one floor to another or even down a set of stairs. Be sure to talk about slopes, gravity, and force!

6. Lego Marble Run

From The Crafty Mummy

Build a Lego marble run with your crafty kids and see who can get the marble through the maze first.

To move the marble, you hold the tray and gently tilt it back and forth so that the marble rolls around and navigates through the twists and turns. All you need are some basic Lego pieces and a bit of creativity.

7. Lego Travel Cases

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

Whether travelling, waiting for an appointment, or sitting in the car, these DIY Lego Travel Cases are sure to keep your kids busy.

These clever moms made travel kits out of a baby wipe case, a metal lunch box, wooden craft boxes, and leftover fabric.

All of these DIY projects are super simple and easy to throw in your purse so that you have it handy whenever it’s needed.

8. Lego Rubber Band Powered Car

From Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Here’s a fun contraption to build out of Lego bricks with your children – a rubber band powered Lego car. The two different versions of a self-propelling car will inspire the Lego builders at your house to create their very own.

It would also be a wonderful project for Lego clubs, scout groups, or even a Lego themed birthday party.

9. Lego Wall Hanging

From My Life of Travels and Adventures

This DIY Lego Letter is a fantastic piece of room décor for a child’s bedroom or playroom. It is a fun and playful project with an extra special personalized touch.

Glue the completed Lego letter to painted canvas then set in a simple frame to hang on the wall. For your little Lego fans at home, this is the best way to decorate a bare wall.

10. DIY Lego Magnets

From One Perfect Day

A few Lego bricks, some hot glue, a couple of magnets and voila! Instant color and fun for the fridge.

These DIY Lego Magnets have to be one of the easiest crafts out there but they are such an awesome addition to the kitchen fridge or family whiteboard.

They are sure to be a huge hit with all the little Lego fans in your house.

11. Lego Ice Experiment

From Lemon Lime Adventures Via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Keep your kids busy with this awesome Lego Science ice excavation experiment. Freeze some water in a large ice cube tray, place a Lego person inside, then freeze over night to transform your Lego figure into a fossil just waiting for an archaeologist to find him.

Let your kids chisel away at the frozen glacier to unearth the surprises inside. You can also let them experiment with different solutions like salt and hot water.

12. Lego Matchbox Bed

From Molly Moo Crafts Via Kids Activities Blog

Lego figures must get so tired with all that standing around, so help them out by popping them into one of these Lego Matchbox Beds to rest. Matchboxes make the perfect size and all you have to do is dress the beds with a printable Lego quilt and felt sheets.

If you have Lego crazed kids at home, you have to try this adorable DIY.

13. Lego Friendship Bracelets

From Create. Celebrate. Explore. via The Centsible Life

If you are looking for a last-minute homemade gift idea for your kids, an easy gift for Friendship day, or even a fun activity for a Lego themed birthday party, these Lego friendship bracelets are just the thing you are looking for.

It’s super easy to drill through flat Lego bricks then braid some embroidery thread to made the band of the bracelet. These friendship bracelets are sure to be loved by anyone who receives them.

14. Lego Lamp

From RecyclArt

It turns out that everyone’s favorite building blocks also make for excellent lamp shades that cast fun patterns of shadows and light onto the walls.

These fascinating features would be so easy to recreate with spare Lego bricks and a thrifted or upcycled floor lamp.

It would be great for a kid’s bedroom or playroom to add some fun, kid-inspired décor.

15. Mason Jar Lego Guy

From Candy Galaxy Via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Don’t you just love Mason jars? They are such a great material for crafting and DIY projects. This tutorial also shows you how to create a Lego head using a Mason jar.

These Lego heads would be so fun to use for decorating a Lego themed party or to use as a piggy bank in a kid’s room.

Whether you fill it with candy, spare change, or your kid’s Lego collection, this easy DIY is going to be a household favourite.

16. Stamping with Legos

From Filth Wizardry Via Fun Family Crafts

Lego fans will love stamping with their favorite bricks to create interesting patterns or unique scenes. Learn the secret to get clean, complete stamps with Lego bricks.

It’s a creative way to get your kids to experiment with geometric shapes on the tops and bases of all the different Lego pieces.

The great thing about this method is that the kids can color in their creations with pencil crayons after.

17. Balloon Powered Lego Car

From The Crafty Mummy

A rainy afternoon and some restless kids stuck in the house makes a perfect day for creating this balloon powered Lego car. The idea is simple and fun for kids of all ages.

Incorporate a balloon into your Lego car so that when you blow it up and let it go, the air makes the car roll. There’s a little bit of a science lesson in there too.

Have fun racing your balloon powered cars!

18. Lego Chess

From 100 Directions

Sort through your tub of Legos to find the necessary pieces for this DIY Lego chess game board and pieces.

Turn it into a fun family project that your kids can customize over and over again. Just make sure that the pieces on opposite sides match and all the players on one team coordinate in some way.

This family gave their Lego mini figures matching hats in blue and red!

19. Lego Belt Buckle

From Delia Creates Via KoJo Designs

Turn your children’s Lego obsessions into something they can wear with this super cool Lego belt buckle. This is a quick and easy design that will take no time to make. You can skip the belt making part and just add the belt buckle to one of your kid’s belts in just five minutes.

To involve your kids in the project you could even get them to design the belt buckle themselves. Fun!

20. Lego Ping Pong

From ModFrugal

Even if you have never played Ping Pong before, you know you have to try it out with your kids. Put them to work and create a Lego Ping Pong table to use right on top of your kitchen table.

All you need to do is buy a set of paddles and some Ping Pong balls and you have an instant game zone set up right in your dining room. When it’s time to clean up, simply move the Lego net and you are ready to go.

21. Lego Key Holder

From Pequeocio

With just three easy to find Lego building pieces, you can make this fun Lego Key Holder for your house. Leave it by your front door to store all of your family’s keys, or hang up in your kid’s room for other nick knacks.

If your kids carry house keys for after school, this is also a great reminder for them to grab their key on the way out the door in the morning.

22. Lego Clock


You could make this Lego clock easily using any standard clock DIY kit. They are easy to find at craft stores or online and make a super fun project for kids.

Using Lego colored bricks in place of numbers is a really cute idea and uses up spare Legos lying around your house. Take your own spin on this clock DIY and add more details or make it even bigger.

23. Lego Notebook Cover


These DIY Lego Notebook Covers are too cool! Large, square Lego bricks become waterproof covers for little, spiral bound notebooks.

It’s not hard to do yourself with a small blowtorch or drill to make the holes, which you probably have on hand if you are any kind of crafter.

These can be reuse and filled with more paper as needed, plus they are a great way to motivate your kids to do their homework!

24. Lego Table


I think you could make an entire house full of furniture build with Lego bricks. This table has a really cool look and it would be a fun addition to a children’s playroom.

It would be great to get your kids involved and let them help design and build their new piece of furniture. What other pieces of furniture could you create with Legos?

25. Key Organizer

From Felix Grauer Via ManMade DIY

Dig through your bin of standard Lego pieces and find the bricks you need to build this nifty Lego Key Organizer for your front hallway or mudroom.

A brick is added right onto the keychain of your keys, so it is super easy to attach them back to the base when you get home. Never lose your keys again!

Don’t miss these Lego themed ideas hand picked by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams…

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Check out more Lego inspiration perfect for Lego lovers of all ages.

Plus, check out 18 Lego Hacks We are Obsessed With

Don’t miss How to Make Lego Soap Party Favors

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