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20 Ways to Learn With Legos

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I’ll go ahead and assume if you’re a regular reader of Spaceships and Laser Beams, you definitely have a house full of LEGOs.

I’ve found some great ways to use LEGOs in learning that are sure to be a big hit. Your kids will be eager to learn using Math with LEGOs: Preschool Roll and Count; LEGO Math: Skip Counting; Using LEGO to Build Math Concepts; LEGO Math Worksheets; LEGO Math for Elementary School; and Hands-on Multiplication with LEGOs.

When they outgrow the Duplo blocks, there are some great learning toys you can turn them into: Multiplication Grouping with LEGOs; Geometry; Bar Charts; Challenge Math Activity; How to Teach Numbers with LEGOs; and Snapping Numbers – Composing and Decomposing Numbers.

Not only are LEGOs great for math problems, but also check the Learning Patterns with LEGO, LEGOs Kindergarten Printables, Alphabet LEGO Cards, LEGO Solar System, Preschool Science – How Long Will a LEGO Boat Float?, DIY Spinny Spellers, and Classification and LEGOs.

Your guys are going to love bringing history to life with Learning Classical Conversations History Sentences with LEGO!


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Learning Patterns with LEGO ideas for Kids

1. Learning Patterns with LEGO 

From Learn with Play at Home

Lego is a great way to learn patterns! Use a lego mat and create patterns with a missing spot, then have your kids figure out which piece is missing from the pattern! You can use colors, sizes, even lego people to create the patterns, all with different amounts of elements!

2. Multiplication Grouping with LEGOs 

From School Time Snippets

Using legos to group multiplication amounts creates an easy visual way to see how multiplying increases your total number of lego pieces! Use a piece of paper to write down how many groups of each number you would like your kids to group, then have them group them and count the total number of lego pieces!

Lego Geometry Ideas for Kids

3. LEGO Geometry 

From E is for Explore

To get your kids interested in area and perimeter, use some graph paper or the printable included here! Have your kids create shapes and areas using lego pieces, then find the area of their lego creations, and the perimeter of them in units. If the legos don’t line up with the paper, have them round up!

Kids LEGO Bar Charts Idea

4. LEGO Bar Charts 

From Science Sparks

Recording data is essential to anything that involves science. This activity introduces your kids to creating bar charts to organize their data, using LEGO! Using a pegboard, create an x and y axis and have your kids record their data by 1’s, 2’s, and 3’s!

Math with LEGOs - Preschool Roll and Count Ideas

5. Math with LEGOs: Preschool Roll and Count 

From Frugal Fun for Boys

This activity is pretty simple, grab a 12 sided math die, a pile of 1×1 LEGO bricks, and a base plate. Have your kids roll the die and build a tower with that number of bricks! If you are doing this with younger kids, using 2×2 blocks may be easier for them!

LEGO Math- Skip Counting Kids Ideas

6. LEGO Math: Skip Counting 

From Kids Activities Blog

LEGO always makes learning to count fun for kids. Lego math can help kids to count by skipping numbers and counting the lego pieces! Conduct a search through your LEGO pieces for a starting piece, count how many will be on the next piece, and search for that! Each time, talk about how you are adding the next number and why.

7. LEGO Challenge Math Activity 

From Buggy and Buddy

This activity comes with a free printable to help your kids with their math! It helps them to show them how they can use their LEGO pieces to create different shapes such as letters and numbers! It also shows your kids how to create tall and short structures using the pieces given to them.

Using LEGO to Build Math Concepts Learning Ideas for Kids

8. Using LEGO to Build Math Concepts 

From Scholastic

This instructable shows you various ways to use LEGO pieces to your mathematical advantage! It shows you how to teach your kids addition, multiplication, square numbers, as well as work with fractions, and even working with mean, median, mode, and range!

LEGO Math Worksheets Ideas for Kids Learning

9. LEGO Math Worksheets 

From The Kent Chronicles

These free printable LEGO math worksheets are perfect for in or out of the classroom! They feature photos of lego pieces and require your kids to add and subtract the pieces. If you’d like, pull out your own LEGO stash to make them even more interactive, and have your kids place the lego pieces on the photos!

10. LEGOs Kindergarten Printables 

From 1+1+1=1

These printables are the perfect way to show your kindergarteners how to work with number lines, greater than and less than signs, and even identifying coins! They even include basic fractions, sorting, odd and even numbers, rhyming words, and even basic reading!

How to Teach Numbers with LEGOs for Kids

11. How to Teach Numbers with LEGOs 

From Teachers of Good Things

This tutorial shows you how to teach your kids numbers using LEGO pieces. Having a hands-on approach to learning is always beneficial to teaching your kids. Use a permanent marker to write words, numbers, and dots on each block. Then, have your kids match them! You can easily remove the permanent marker with a magic eraser if you’d like to reuse the blocks for something else.

12. Alphabet LEGO Cards 

From Wildflower Ramblings

These printable cards show how to build different uppercase letters to your kids, so they can have some fun in building the letter shapes on their own! They make great tutorial cards, and even flashcards!

LEGO Solar System ideas for Kids

13. LEGO Solar System 

From Kitchen Counter Chronicles

This interactive project is the perfect way to teach your kids about the solar system! Use different colors for different planets and the sun, and have them build each planet. Then, find some space and have them set up the solar system in order! This tutorial even comes with some fun facts about the planets that you can share with your kids!

14. LEGO Math for Elementary School 

From Little Bins for Little Hands

This link includes some amazing printables to give to your kids that will teach them multiplication, fractions, and graphs.. all with LEGO! Bring out your real LEGO pieces to add an even more interactive learning experience for your children!

Hands-on Multiplication with LEGOs for Kids Learning Ideas

15. Hands-on Multiplication with LEGOs 

From Frugal Fun for Boys

This project creates a 3D tower that your kids can create using LEGO pieces! Have them create them on a baseplate taped to the table with the numbers 1-5 written on the tape. The different colors and ways of looking at the pattern will help to cement the mathematical concept into your kids’ brain!

16. Preschool Science – How Long Will a LEGO Boat Float? 

From JDaniel4’s Mom

This interactive experiment involves creating lego boats in various shapes and testing out how long they will float for! Then, add weight to the boat using pennies and observe how the boat sinks as the weight is added!

Learning Classical Conversations History Sentences with LEGO

17. Learning Classical Conversations History Sentences with LEGO 

From Homegrown Learners

This tutorial shows you how to teach your kids important historical sentences using LEGO pieces as a visual representation of the historical moment! Have your kids write the sentences down or say them aloud to help them retain the information.

18. Snapping Numbers – Composing and Decomposing Numbers 

From The Kindergarten Smorgasboard

This instructable shows you how to teach your kids how to create a number out of other ones (addition) and how to create two numbers out of one (subtraction) using LEGO pieces. It’s a great way to break down the ‘why’ of the mathematical procedures in an easy way to understand!

19. DIY Spinny Spellers 

From Filth Wizardry

These DIY projects are perfect for kids who are just learning how to put letter combinations together to create words. Tape the letter combinations onto lego blocks or write them directly onto them using a permanent marker. Then, have your kids create as many words as they can with them!

Classification and LEGOs for Kids

20. Classification and LEGOs 

From The Homeschool Post

This tutorial shows you how to use LEGO pieces to teach your kids how to classify different colors, numbers, shapes, and uses. It helps you to teach them the 4 proper classification groups: kingdoms, phylums, classes, and orders!

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