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19 Ideas For Lego Decorations

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Legos on Display
  2. 2. Personalized Name Plate
  3. 3. Lego Mini-figure Storage
  4. 4. Lego Wall
  5. 5. Lego Wall Decal
  6. 6. Lego Tree
  7. 7. Lego Kitchen Island
  8. 8. Lego Initials in Shadowbox Frame
  9. 9. Lego Name Wall Art
  10. 10. 3D Infographic Maps Built with Legos
  11. 11. Lego Bathroom
  12. 12. DIY Lego Lamp IKEA Hack
  13. 13. Lego Recycling Bins
  14. 14. Lego Brick Spice Rack
  15. 15. Lego Picture Frame
  16. 16. Lego Clock
  17. 17. Lego Bedroom Wall Mural
  18. 18. Lego-themed Bedroom
  19. 19. Lego People Wall
  20. Decorate your home with these awesome Lego themed ideas gathered by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams.
  21. Check out more great Lego inspiration perfect for Lego fans of all ages.
  22. Plus, check out 18 Lego Hacks We Are Obsessed With...

If your house is anything like mine, it’s covered in Legos. I’ve decided to just embrace it and start decorating with LEGOs.

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As you’ll see in this round-up, the simplest thing you can do is just let your boys put their LEGOs on display in their bedroom or playroom.

Another great way to decorate those rooms is with the LEGO Wall Decal, Tree, Name Lego Wall Art, or Bedroom Wall Mural. The LEGO Name Plate and LEGO Initials in a Shadowbox Frame are super ways to incorporate your boy’s name into the décor.

There are even some great, unconventional lego room decor ideas. Check out the LEGO Wall, 3D Infographic Maps Built with LEGOs, LEGO Bathroom, DIY LEGO Lamp IKEA Hack, Picture Frame, and Clock.

Boys would love having their LEGO figures on display with the Mini-figure Storage and LEGO People Wall.

What do you think about using LEGOs in the kitchen, like these suggestions – LEGO Kitchen Island, Recycling Bins, and LEGO Brick Spice Rack? Ahh, LEGO what did we do without you?!

1. Legos on Display

From I am Momma Hear Me Roar

Are you on the hunt for a fabulous idea for decorating with Legos? You can take photos of your child’s favorite Lego pieces, print them out as black and white poster prints and hang them on the walls of your child’s bedroom or playroom. Check out this post which includes info on taking the photos, printing the posters, and preparing them for hanging. The result is awesome!

2. Personalized Name Plate

From South Shore Mamas

One way to add a personalized Lego inspired decoration element to your home is by creating a name plate spelling out your Lego-lovers name! Use green Lego base plates as the foundation. Create the letters for the chosen name out of Legos. Stand them up on your base plate to display them in your chosen space.

3. Lego Mini-figure Storage

From Clean and Scentsible

Using an IKEA frame, 4×2” Lego bricks, glue, and chalkboard vinyl or black paint, you can create a visually pleasing display that also functions as Lego mini figure storage! Get those tiny characters off your child’s floor! Not only will this artwork idea look awesome on his/her walls, it will help keep the things he/she creates tidy! The mini figures are temporarily stored via the attached Lego blocks, so they can easily be removed for creative play!

4. Lego Wall

From Design Milk

You may just win parent of the year in your child’s eyes if you install a Lego wall in his/her bedroom. Children who love to build will consider this a dream-come-true space with endless possibilities for creating. Imagine the thrill of Lego baseplates covering a bedroom wall from the ceiling to the floor. Children can build directly on the wall!

5. Lego Wall Decal

From Popsugar

If you don’t have the time or talent to paint Lego building blocks on your walls, don’t fret! Now you can purchase a Lego wall decal that can be hung in minutes! What a fun and easy way to decorate with Legos!

6. Lego Tree

From Busted Button

Do you need some Lego inspired artwork to hang in your home? Decorating with Legos is especially fun if you share a home with a Lego lover. This Lego tree is created from paint, art canvas, and Legos! Simply paint a tree scene on the appropriately sized canvas for your space, and glue on Lego bricks as the leaves!

7. Lego Kitchen Island

From Munchausen via Recyclart

You might have to be at an obsessed level when it comes to Legos to even consider this next way of decorating with Legos, but the result is pretty cool! Using a wood kitchen island and 20,000 Legos, you can DIY your own Lego kitchen island. Consider it your most epic Lego build of all time! This is one way to add some color to a boring kitchen!

8. Lego Initials in Shadowbox Frame

From Bitter Store

If you’re looking for a unique piece of home décor for your Lego lover, consider making Lego Initials in shadowbox frames. You can create any letter of the alphabet in any Lego colors of your choosing. Mount and frame the desired letter in a black 8 x 10 shadow box. Display the Lego initials in a playroom, bathroom, or bedroom.

9. Lego Name Wall Art

From Apartment Therapy

Adding personalization to a bedroom in the form of name art is a great idea! We love this creative Lego name art wall! Have some fun building your child’s name out of Legos to match the colors in their room and give a much needed pop to their décor. Display it on the wall, and everyone will know whose room they have entered.

10. 3D Infographic Maps Built with Legos

From Samuel Granados via Information Aesthetics

Get ready to create some amazing wall decorations for your home out of Legos! Not only are these 3D infographic maps visually awesome to lookout, they can actually be constructed to display geographical data in 3D physical reality. The volume of the pieces can be used to show various data! How cool is that?

11. Lego Bathroom

From Shaped by Grace

You’ll be amazed at this Lego bathroom transformation that costs less than $40 and is largely DIY. From wall shelves that display Lego creations to a DIYd Lego framed mirror to a child made Lego toothbrush holder, there is plenty of creativity to imitate and build on for your own Lego inspired bathroom.

12. DIY Lego Lamp IKEA Hack

From Impatiently Crafty

If you’re looking for a super easy, but creative DIY décor project especially for Lego-lovers, take a peek at this DIY Lego Lamp IKEA hack! The supply list is minimal, only requiring E6000 glue, hot glue gun & sticks, a big assortment of Legos, and the IKEA Alang adjustable height lamp. Most of the project involves keeping the core Lego design square, and occasionally adding glue to keep the design intact. Involve your whole family (if you want), in the building process. They will have fun adding to the overall core structure.

13. Lego Recycling Bins

From LECO via Dude I Want That

Now here’s a fun way to decorate with Legos and be active in an eco-conscious world—Lego themed recycling bins! The four polymer containers connect together just like the toy bricks. The green is for collecting glass, blue for aluminum, white for paper, and yellow is for plastic. Each is color coded and front-loading to make use easier.

14. Lego Brick Spice Rack

From By SHIFT! via Instructables; Conceived by Dave Delisle

We’re pretty sure that nobody you know has a Lego brick spice rack. You can add this unique display to your kitchen. Not only is it functional, but it will certainly be a conversation piece. It is certainly not a quick build and can be made by following a detailed tutorial, but if you like DIYing things and have a particular affinity for Legos, this project will bring you plenty of satisfaction. You’ll need chipboard, paperboard, masking tape, red spray paint, and 8 similarly sized spice containers. Plus, the following tools will help you as well: kitchen scissors, tacky glue, wood glue, and a computer printer.

15. Lego Picture Frame

From Dad vs Wild

Chances are good that you know someone who would love to display a handcrafted Lego picture frame in their home. That someone may even be you! You can create the perfect frame for displaying a 3 x5” photo out of a variety of Lego pieces. You’ll need some flat rectangle pieces to create the base. Then, you’ll use the thin 1 x 4” and 1 x 6” pieces to create an inner border. The combination of Lego pieces helps to secure the photo in place. Twenty minutes is all you’ll need to create this cool Lego frame.

16. Lego Clock

From Sustainablog

Here’s a fun and simple way to decorate with Legos! Make a Lego clock! You’ll need a square Lego base plate to act as your clock face. Pick up a standard DIY clock kit from your local craft store. This will include the clock hands and mechanism. Gather 12 different colored square bricks to use in place of the standard numbers seen on clocks. What a fun addition to a children’s playroom or bedroom.

17. Lego Bedroom Wall Mural

From Musings, Flor’s Blog on Design

Your Lego-loving child will definitely enjoy this Lego bedroom wall mural. What an impressive addition to a Lego-themed bedroom. If you possess artistic talent you can DIY this wall mural or hire someone to paint a fun Lego design for you.

18. Lego-themed Bedroom

From Houzz

For the Lego obsessed, why not create an entire Lego-themed bedroom? Lego baseplates can be used like wallpaper or bead board to decorate a section of the wall for Lego play. Vinyl Lego figures can be a border. A Lego brick inspired light fixture can be hung from the ceiling. Throw pillows can be sewn to look like Lego bricks and added to a colorful bed. Painted bricks can make for an eye-catching wall.

19. Lego People Wall

From Acrylicize via My Modern Met

Round up all of your children’s Lego mini figures for an epic Lego people wall! Hang them in columns and rows as a creative Lego installment. Depending on how you attach them, they can still be removable and used for play! What a fun way to decorate a space with Legos.

Decorate your home with these awesome Lego themed ideas gathered by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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Check out more great Lego inspiration perfect for Lego fans of all ages.

Plus, check out 18 Lego Hacks We Are Obsessed With

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