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10 Amazing Super Bowl Party Decorating Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Water Bottle Wraps
  2. 2. Bleacher Cupcake Stand
  3. 3. Football Field Pennant
  4. 4. Super Bowl Food Table
  5. 5. Gameday Party
  6. 6. DIY Football Field With Goal Posts
  7. 7. Chalkboard Scoreboard
  8. 8. Football Mason Jar Mugs
  9. 9. Mock Concession Stand Sign
  10. 10. DIY Football Cascarone
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Are you getting excited about the Super Bowl? We have some terrific party ideas to help you plan a football celebration. Leading up to the big week, we are going to show you ideas for a great Super Bowl party: decorations, food ideas, games, and crafts. Today, the focus is on the party decorations (fun stuff!). Whether you are a real sports fan, a commercial gawker, a foodie, or if you just enjoy the party, you won’t want to miss our ideas for a Super Bowl party celebration and ideas!

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Quick and cute Super Bowl party ideas from Spaceships and Laser beams. Dress water bottles in refs' uniforms!

1. Water Bottle Wraps

Mimic a ref’s uniform and customize your party to the smallest details.

Make your own bleacher cupcake stand for your next Super Bowl bash!

2. Bleacher Cupcake Stand

It’s a great way to display any treat. Check out the step-by-step tutorial as it’s a lot easier than it looks!!!

DIY Super Bowl party pennant

3. Football Field Pennant

Why not make a coordinating pennant while you’re at it? Use white duct tape and green outdoor carpet to make this cool version.

4. Super Bowl Food Table

If you want stylish and sporty, this gorgeous party provides plenty of inspiration.

Use props to give your Super Bowl party authenticity.

5. Gameday Party

Bring in props such as football helmets and foam fingers like the talented BellaGrey Designs did in this setup.

The whole family can play backyard football at your next Super Bowl party with this DIY mini-football field.

During DIY backyard football, create team spirit by spray painting the teams' logos on the grass.

6. DIY Football Field With Goal Posts

Guests can play a quick game of touch football during halftime. Extra points for spray painting your team’s logo on your lawn.

Take your backyard football to the next level with this chalk scoreboard!

7. Chalkboard Scoreboard

Extra, extra bonus points if you create a chalkboard scoreboard like this one.

Quick and easy football-themed drink-decor from Spaceships and Laser beams!

8. Football Mason Jar Mugs

Add white electrical tape to mason jar mugs, as we did here, to create themed glassware without having to buy anything new!

Bring the stadium to your home with a mock-concession stand sign.

9. Mock Concession Stand Sign

Announce the menu for the day with this fun concession stand sign.

10. DIY Football Cascarone

These DIY football cascarone (confetti-filled eggs) will help you celebrate each touchdown.  

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