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14 Games to Play at Your Super Bowl Party

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How do you keep energetic kids happy when all the adults who want to really watch the Super Bowl are hushing them? Plan Super Bowl fun geared toward the younger set. Everyone will thank you! This round-up of activities should help inspire anticipation instead of groans when the Super Bowl is mentioned. Some of these game ideas are for adults; most activities are geared for the kids. They all look FUN!

14 Games to Play at Your Super Bowl Party

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From She Knows

Rather than have non-fans spend the whole event at the snack table rolling their eyes, get them in on the fun with this printable bingo game. Each party guest gets their own bingo card once they get to the party, then place bingo markers in the squares as the party goes on. The first person to connect a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line is the big winner!


From Play.Party.Plan

Here is another fun bingo option for your Super Bowl party! It’s a great way to get everyone involved, even the people who may not be the biggest football fans. Just print out the cards, hand them out to everyone at the party, and enjoy the best commercials of the year. Keep your eyes out for commercials for specific candies, new movies, celebrity endorsements, and more.


From Studio DIY

There are a lot of people out there that really only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials – myself included. These free printables from Studio DIY are a fun and more formal way for Super Bowl party guests to voice their opinions on those commercials. Rate commercials one through five or just a question mark for those that you really have no idea what they were advertising.


From Moms and Munchkins

At your next Super Bowl party, get your friends and family together to play some football trivia! Choose from two awesome trivia games. The first game has your party guests match the NFL team to their mascot, making it great for kids to play too. The second game is more traditional trivia style with a series of questions about Super Bowl history.



Host a kid-friendly super bowl party with this list of crafts, games, and food ideas that all of the little ones in your life are sure to love. Warmup with DIY team flags or paper pom-poms, play I Spy during the game, whip up some delicious Sunday sundaes, and set up a homemade pizza bar for the party guests.


From Playtime With Mommy

Save you Costco boxes because with some crafty hands your little Super Bowl guests are going to have the most fun at your football party. Decorate your biggest box using tape, paper, and printed signs to look like a football field and goal post. Then cut a hole between the goal posts to create a fun football bean bag toss game. If you are feeling extra creative you could even make some football shaped bean bags.


From Rust and Sunshine

Pin the football for a field goal! The classic game of pin the tail on the donkey gets a football inspired makeover with this fun DIY party game. Make a quick goal post with painter’s tape and then cut a bunch of footballs out of brown construction paper. Blindfold the kids, give them a spin, and send them on their way. Any football that makes it between the uprights earns a prize.


From The Teachers Corner

This website makes it super easy to create your own word scrambles with custom words and terms. Choose the football words you want the kids to look for and this scramble maker will do the rest of the work for you. The best part is that it is totally free and the word scrambles are printable. I would love to have these on hand for the kids at our next party!


From We Grow by our Dreams

There is nothing better than a little football craft to keep the kids busy at your Super Bowl celebration. And this is a really quick and easy one. Gather up some simple supplies before the party so the kids can make these felt football coasters for everyone. Crating is a great way to occupy the kids and add a little extra fun to the party.


From DLTK Crafts for Kids

Get your game face on! Follow this simple tutorial to make your very own football player paper plate craft for the kids at your Super Bowl party. Simply cut holes instead of using the template eyes to convert this football player craft into a mask. Attach a paint stir stick or tongue depressor to allow your child to hold it up to their face.


From Lady and the Blog

Football is a sport the whole family can enjoy, but sometimes the kids in the house can get a bit bored while the parents are preoccupied. This list has three brilliant ideas for keeping your kids entertained while you host your Super Bowl Sunday party. Make your own festive noisemakers with colored rice in Mason jars, pin the pigskin for a field goal, and make your own “Go Team” poster station.


From Fun Family Crafts

Test your aim with this miniature football goalpost made with simple materials that you likely already have in your craft bin. One pencil and a few bendy straws make the goalpost and a few extra materials turn them into a fun game. To play, try swinging the football through the uprights to score a field goal!


From No Time for Flash Cards

Football themed crafts are one of the best ways to celebrate the Super Bowl season. Get the craft supplies ready before hand so kids can make these adorable paper footballs at your football party. Transform a paper grocery bag and some crumpled newspaper into a DIY paper football with a little bit of white glue, brown paint, and creativity.


From Mom on Time Out

Are you ready for some football? Football crafts that is! This football craft project requires very little in the way of materials and can be completed by almost any age group. This would be the perfect project for a group of kids that are attending a football party. It keeps little hands busy and the final result is a fun-tastic football! Make the footballs in your team colors for added fun.


From She Knows

Hosting a Super Bowl party this year? Little ones aren’t always as into the game as Mom and Dad might be. Keep the kids occupied and part of the action with these fun Super Bowl crafts for kids. Try your hand at making a popsicle stick field goal with paper football, a paper plate sewn football, construction paper football jerseys, or felt football pennants.


From DLTK Crafts for Kids

This cheerleader toilet paper roll craft makes a great project to keep the kids busy while watching the game. Use the black and white version to color in your favorite team colors or add a few extra marker details to represent your favorite team. It is a super simple craft that the kids will love making and will add a little extra fun to the festivities.


From The Sewing Rabbit

Making these fabric pomp oms couldn’t be any easier. In fact, this would be a great project for your kids to help you with! Simply take a rectangle of fabric and cut it into strips, then follow a few simple steps to secure them with an elastic and you are finished. The kids are sure to love them and it would be so much fun to have them out at the game for cheerleading!

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