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Halloween Party Food Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Butterscotch Pumpkin Cake Truffles
  2. 2. Chocolate Brains
  3. 3. Halloween Ghost Cake Pops
  4. 4. Creepy Cupcake Cones
  5. 5. Strawberry Ghosts 
  6. 6. Monster Doughnuts
  7. 7. Lady Bug Crackers
  8. 8. Clementine Pumpkins
  9. 9. Pumpkin Mac-N-Cheese
  10. 10. Crescent Mummy Dogs
  11. 11. Pear Ghosts
  12. 12. Vintage Horror Movie Dessert Table
  13. 13. Tombstone Cookies
  14. 14. Candy Corn Cheesecake
  15. 15. Skeleton Cupcakes
  16. 16. Marshmallow Witches
  17. 17. Pumpkin Veggie Tray
  18. 18. Scary Skull Sandwich
  19. 19. Halloween Spider Cupcakes
  20. 20. Skeleton Bone Easy Halloween Appetizer 
  21. 21. Halloween Mummy Spinach Dip
  22. 22. Halloween Chocolate Cake
  23. 23. Easy Halloween Cupcakes
  24. 24. Chocolate Pumpkin Halloween Cookies
  25. 25. Skeleton Cupcakes
  26. 26. Pumpkin Rice Balls
  27. 27. Frankenstein Cupcakes
  28. 28. Pumpkin Fruit Cups
  29. 29. Zombie Marshmallows
  30. 30. Bat Oreo Truffles
  31. 31. Vampire Caramel Apples
  32. 32. Halloween Hot Chocolate
  33. Get more Party Inspiration from these great party ideas:
  34. Plus, don't miss out on 9 Creepy Halloween Party Treats

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Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or creating homemade gifts for teachers or prizes for Halloween games, here are some of our favorite Halloween food ideas.

Monsters, witches, skeletons, and bats also all show up for the party. Click on each link for recipes and instructions for the most ghoulish of treats, just perfect for decorating your Halloween season dessert table. You’ll want to greet your guests to the party with these hauntingly awesome Halloween door decorating ideas!


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Butterscotch Pumpkin Cake Truffles by #recipes #pumpkin #Fall

1. Butterscotch Pumpkin Cake Truffles

A Halloween recipe inspired by everyone’s fall favorite—pumpkin spice—is definitely a great dessert choice for a Halloween party. These delicious butterscotch pumpkin cake truffles are already party pretty, but reverse the icing colors and add a pretzel stem to morph them into little pumpkins, and they become especially perfect for their Halloween party debut.

Creepy Chocolate Brains - main image for website of brains with spider on them

2. Chocolate Brains

Edible brains are the perfect creepy Halloween party food! Making these chocolate brains couldn’t be easier. Add them to your Halloween dessert table, and watch guests go mad over them!

3. Halloween Ghost Cake Pops

Create this army of no-bake ghost cake pops (or ghost cake truffle balls) for your next Halloween party without any fear or trepidation. No cake pop sticks are involved, which removes most of the fear of messing up the dipping process!

4. Creepy Cupcake Cones

Feature the Bride of Frankenstein, Frankenstein, the Wolf Man, and Dracula in an edible form on your Halloween dessert table. You’ll use colored ice cream cones to make these special monster-faced treats. You actually bake the cupcakes right in the cone using these step-by-step instructions. In addition to a cake mix and the colored cones, you’ll need chocolate and white frosting, edible eye candies, red frosting, green jelly beans, and assorted candies and sprinkles.

Strawberry Ghosts

5. Strawberry Ghosts 

Give a quick little edible costume coating to your strawberries this Halloween. You can dip strawberries to look like Halloween ghosts. Add a pair of mini chocolate chip ghosts, and you’ve got an adorable Halloween party treat! Display them in mounds of crushed Oreo dirt for a clever “ghosts in the graveyard” dessert display.

plate of monster doughnuts 2

6. Monster Doughnuts

You are only 3 supplies away from this genius Halloween party treat idea. Grab glazed ring donuts, plastic vampire teeth (enough for one set of teeth per donut), and chocolate chips for eyes (one pair per donut). In two quick steps, you’ll be serving up monster donuts. You’ll never look at a doughnut in the same way again.

Adorable birthday party for your little ladybug!

7. Lady Bug Crackers

Hearing “Go eat a bug,” wouldn’t be so bad if it was one like this savory appetizer. Serve up bugs at your next Halloween party to give your food a creepy twist. These bug crackers are an easily assembled appetizer using round crackers, olives (head), chives, (antennae), quartered cherry tomatoes (wings), and a seasoned cream cheese mixture.

8. Clementine Pumpkins

Halloween is a holiday filled with loads of sweets and treats. This idea for clementine pumpkins is adorable and provides an idea for healthy Halloween party food. You’ll not only love how cute they are but also how easy they are to make, After peeling each clementine (substitute small oranges if that is all you have), simply insert a one-inch piece of celery into the top to create a pumpkin stem.

9. Pumpkin Mac-N-Cheese

Creative Halloween party food isn’t just about the food. Sometimes it is about the presentation. Don’t overlook the display power of your pumpkins. Mr. Pumpkin is not just a pretty face-he’s a useful serving dish too! Can your guests stomach this mac ‘n cheese display?

10. Crescent Mummy Dogs

Hot dog! These crescent mummy dogs make a great addition to your Halloween party menu. Preparation is easy. Cut strips out of store-bought crescent roll dough and mummy wrap your favorite brand of hot dogs in the crescent roll strips prior to baking. Add freaky mustard eyes to scare up some screams at dinner.

Pear Ghosts from Diethood

11. Pear Ghosts

Turn those leftover pears into a spooky Halloween treat! You’ll give the pears a little white chocolate bath until coated. Then add dark chocolate chips for the eyes. Insert a Popsicle stick and you’ve got one yummy pear ghost for your Halloween party. Duplicate the number of Halloween party guests on your list, and you’ll have a spooky treat that guests will be excited to try.

12. Vintage Horror Movie Dessert Table

All the classic movie monsters join us for this vintage horror movie monster mash bash! Dracula, Frankenstein, the Wolfman, and even The Creature from the Black Lagoon is included. From monster printables, to terrifying treats like a jelly eyeball and gummy worm-topped cupcakes and impaled apples, this dessert table is staged to frighten.

13. Tombstone Cookies

Rest easy; your guests will love Tombstone Cookies. If you’re a Halloween fanatic, make an entire Halloween dinner with inspiration from this post!

Halloween Candy Corn Cheesecake image number 0

14. Candy Corn Cheesecake

Two favorites collide –cheesecake and candy corn—to create one awesome Halloween-inspired treat—candy corn cheesecake. This recipe utilizes a checkerboard cake pan which allows 3 different colors of batter to bake all at once! Treat your Halloween party guests to this rich-tasting cheesecake!

15. Skeleton Cupcakes

The only bone Halloween party guests will have to pick with you will be about not sharing the recipe for these skeleton cupcakes with them sooner. You’ll start with some basic white frosted cupcakes. Add sprinkles if you wish. Next, be sure you have these supplies on hand to create your edible skeleton toppers, and follow the simple assembly instructions: white chocolate-covered pretzels, large marshmallows, lollipop sticks, and food writer (or black icing).

Marshmallow Witches

16. Marshmallow Witches

These perfect no-bake witch hats are cute and easy to make. Gather your little boo crew and get an assembly line going. Kids will love helping you prep these marshmallow witches for a Halloween party treat or a great gift! You can whip up a batch of a dozen in about 30 minutes.

17. Pumpkin Veggie Tray

Here’s a great way to serve veggies for your Halloween party. A little creativity turns carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, and veggie dip into a pumpkin-shaped veggie tray masterpiece. The carrots are used to create the pumpkin shape with a cucumber smile and ramekins filled with dip as the eyes and nose. The pumpkin is topped off with a broccoli stem.


18. Scary Skull Sandwich

An everyday sandwich shows up at the party, looking like death warmed over. No special skills are required to recreate this scary skull sandwich. Imagine a whole platter of these spooky sandwiches served up on a platter for your Halloween party!

Halloween Spider Cupcakes - These easy spider cupcakes are a must this Halloween, and such a fun way to get the kids in the kitchen!

19. Halloween Spider Cupcakes

Be prepared for these Halloween spider cupcakes to creep and crawl right off your Halloween party table and onto dessert plates. Because of how easy these cupcakes are to make, you can even have kids help with this Halloween treat. You’ll need basic cupcake and glaze ingredients, plus chocolate sprinkles, candy eyes, and black licorice laces.

Skeleton Bone Easy Halloween Appetizer

20. Skeleton Bone Easy Halloween Appetizer 

This cream cheese and pepper jelly dip skeleton bone Halloween appetizer is about to become your go-to dish to serve at or take to your next Halloween party (or should be). You’ll only need to pick up 3 items—a block of cream cheese (to form into a bone shape), pepper jelly dip (to pour on top of the bone to look like blood/guts), and crackers! “Bone appetite”!

21. Halloween Mummy Spinach Dip

Get creative with your Halloween appetizer! This Halloween mummy spinach dip idea is a creative appetizer and is sure to be a great Halloween party crowd-pleaser!

22. Halloween Chocolate Cake

If you love to bake, this Halloween chocolate cake recipe is for you. It’s sure to be the star of your dessert table. Plus the spiderweb frosting really drives home the spooky Halloween look.

23. Easy Halloween Cupcakes

Get creative with this year’s Halloween cupcakes. It’s easy to decorate adorable owls, mummies, and tombstone cupcakes, especially with these tips and tricks. Guests will feel treated by your creativity and culinary skills.

24. Chocolate Pumpkin Halloween Cookies

Spend an afternoon looking for new ways to use holiday cookie cutters and you might have come up with this idea for chocolate pumpkin Halloween cookies all by yourself. This idea takes a gingerbread man cookie cutter plus this yummy chocolate pumpkin recipe and you’ll have yourself some mummy cookies to serve up come Halloween.

25. Skeleton Cupcakes

Whether you make them silly or spooky-faced, you must make these skeleton cupcakes this Halloween. This festive Halloween party food idea pairs made-from-scratch mini cupcakes with big cupcakes. To create the skeleton and his face, you’ll need white jelly beans, brown M&Ms, chocolate wafer cookies, and strands of black licorice. Or, feel free to get creative and use other edible embellishments to create your skeleton’s face.

26. Pumpkin Rice Balls

Festive Halloween food isn’t limited to just the dessert table! Serve up a side of pumpkin rice balls with your favorite entrée. 

27. Frankenstein Cupcakes

A Halloween party is the perfect place for showing off these spooky Frankenstein cupcakes. The green frosting creates Frankie’s face, and sprinkles are the perfect edible hair. Follow the photos and text tips for adding the eyes and bolts which make Frankenstein really come to life!

These Halloween fruit cups make an adorable pumpkin patch, perfect for bringing a healthy prepackaged snack to school that's as cute as homemade treats. From

28. Pumpkin Fruit Cups

Easy to put together and super cute? Sounds like a winning Halloween party food idea to me. Create these pumpkin fruit cups for your upcoming Halloween party! You’ll need a permanent black marker to draw jack-o-lantern faces to the front of your fruit cups. This makes a great healthy option for your Halloween party refreshment table.

29. Zombie Marshmallows

Party guests will die over the creativity behind these zombie marshmallows. You’ll need marshmallows, light corn syrup, large confetti sprinkles, black and red food coloring pens, and a toothpick! Prepare for amazement from your Halloween party guests.

30. Bat Oreo Truffles

Add something adorably sweet to your Halloween plans this year. These bat Oreo truffles make a great handmade dessert for a Halloween party table or a fabulous gift for teachers, friends, and neighbors. This is a no-bake dessert, and only seven materials are needed: chocolate, Oreos, cream cheese, edible eyes, mini chocolate chips, wax paper, and a Ziploc bag.

vampire apples

31. Vampire Caramel Apples

Now here’s a treat your Halloween party guests will be excited to sink their teeth into—vampire caramel apples. Follow these tips and tricks for making a quintessential fall treat favorite—a perfect addition to any Halloween party dessert table.

32. Halloween Hot Chocolate

Warm up your Halloween party guests with a warm mug of Halloween hot chocolate. This takes a great warm autumn beverage and gives it a creative Halloween twist. This recipe features white hot chocolate that is transformed into a hauntingly hot Halloween beverage using a little food coloring and edible googly eyes.


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Plus, don’t miss out on 9 Creepy Halloween Party Treats

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