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27 Circus Birthday Party Decorations

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Table of Contents
  1. Get inspired to set up your own circus birthday party by looking at these fun party decorations
  2. 25+ Circus Birthday Party Decoration Ideas
  3. 1. Vintage Circus First Birthday Party
  4. 2. Vintage Circus Birthday
  5. 3. Under The Big Top
  6. 4. Benjamin's 2nd Birthday
  7. 5. Circus Party
  8. 6. Circus Lights
  9. 7. Circus Carnival Birthday
  10. 8. Whimsical Circus
  11. 9. Vintage Circus
  12. 10. Vintage Circus Birthday Party on a Budget
  13. 11. 1st Birthday Circus Party
  14. 12. Colter's Circus
  15. 13. Circus Party Ferris Wheel
  16. 14. 1st Birthday Circus
  17. 15. Jordan's Traveling Cicrus
  18. 16. Oliver's Great Circus
  19. 17. Sweet Little Circus
  20. 18. Colorful Elephant Circus
  21. 19. Vintage Carnival 3rd Birthday
  22. 20. Funky Circus
  23. 21. Vintage Circus Themed Party
  24. 22. Circus Favor Bags
  25. 23. Welcome to the Circus
  26. 25. Big Top Circus
  27. 26. Circus Party on a Budget
  28. Check out more great ideas to plan a fun circus themed birthday party with these sources gathered by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams.
  29. Plus, check out more awesome circus party ideas.
  30. You don't want to miss out on 26 Circus Birthday Parties...

Get inspired to set up your own circus birthday party by looking at these fun party decorations

You will still come up with unique party decoration ideas, even using the same supplies as someone else, IF you apply your imagination.

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There are some familiar components to a boy’s birthday party that’s done with the circus theme but the details can make a huge difference.

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25+ Circus Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

1. Vintage Circus First Birthday Party

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

This party is near and dear to my heart with the bright colors and fun printables we created. What could be more special than a first birthday party?!

With all of the animals, performers, and the lovely color scheme, I’m not sure this party could be any more adorable.

2. Vintage Circus Birthday

From Hello My Sweet via Spaceships and Laser Beams 

If you’re hoping for more of an authentic circus vibe, be sure to study the layout on this dessert table. The decorations are perfect for communicating “circus”.

If you’re looking for some food inspiration for your circus party, then this is also the perfect place to take inspiration from. This has all of the classic circus foods such as corn dogs and popcorn.

Perfect party treats!

3. Under The Big Top

From Brittany Harmom via Design Dazzle

A welcome sign that looks like an entry ticket and special water bottles that declare “youth tonic elixir” are unique touches.

4. Benjamin’s 2nd Birthday

From Catch My Party

Whimsical cut-outs that represent all the classic circus acts add a lot to the party. The animal acts would make fun table-toppers and centerpieces. This party’s super brights reds, blues, and yellows ensure that the party is colorful and exciting.

5. Circus Party

From Karo’s Fun Land via Mimi’s Dollhouse

Twin cakes for twin boys and double fun ideas all around! The dessert table backdrop idea is one you could replicate to ramp up the party style.

You could also use the backdrop as a photo wall with some fun circus-themed photo props to make some fun party memories.

6. Circus Lights

From Making a House Home via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Ever wonder how to make the marquee lights that add so much to the circus vibe? You can DIY your very own circus lights with a few simple items.

Make them to match your party colors and spell out the birthday girl or boy’s name. They’re sure to love that special, personalized touch!

7. Circus Carnival Birthday

From Kiira via Catch My Party

Large yarn pom garlands in rainbow hues, a rainbow of popcorn balls, rainbow cake, rainbow jello — is there a theme going on here?! The rainbow colors and the circus theme go together perfectly.

Also, I absolutely LOVE the chalkboard on the wall in it’s unique and fun frame. That would be something easy to create and would make for a fun centerpiece.

8. Whimsical Circus

From Teacups and Trucks via Anders Ruff

No circus is complete without somewhere to perform! This big top is easily put together with a striped cloth. What a great and simple way to get that big top look with little effort! This party is full of adorable ideas, from invitations to snacks.

9. Vintage Circus

From Dolce Francesca via Kara’s Party Ideas

Puppets, unusual color choices, vintage furniture plus interesting animal and clown statues uniquely decorate this party.

This party uses more subdued pastel colors for a cooler color scheme, and they work perfectly. Every element of this party comes together perfectly to successfully create a vintage circus vibe.

10. Vintage Circus Birthday Party on a Budget

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

Lots of delicious food, bright colors and easy DIY touches make this a party to remember. Still go all out, but remain in your budget with these ideas. A lot of this party is put together with adorable printables, which makes it easy to label and create decor.

11. 1st Birthday Circus Party

From Tania via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Traditional circus colors of red and white with hints of blue and yellow, make this 1st birthday party stand out. This party is bright and busy, full of fun and beautiful hand-made decorations. There are also lovely party foods that are perfect for a circus theme.

12. Colter’s Circus

From Laura L. via Catch My Party

See three especially cute cut-outs at this party: unicycle riding bear, strongman and an elephant. These cut-outs would not only be adorable decor at your party, but could be fun for photos too! The dessert table here was beautifully decorated with stripes, polka dots, and fun candies.

13. Circus Party Ferris Wheel

From Estefi Machado via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Here’s a DIY for a simple cardboard ferris wheel. Paint and embellish to your heart’s content. Use this as a centerpiece on your dessert table for a fun way to serve up small treats!

14. 1st Birthday Circus

From Sweet and Clever via Hostess With the Mostess 

Check out the dessert table for display ideas. There’s also another cardboard Ferris wheel, wrapped in yarn, along with a cute carousel. The clown cupcake toppers are also fun with their bright colors! There’s also a variety of animal and other circus themed cupcake topper ideas as well.

15. Jordan’s Traveling Cicrus

From Laura’s Little Party via Catch my Party

The birthday boy enjoys trains and elephants so this clever mom combined the favorites into a traveling circus theme. The two combine perfectly and are represented well in this party. From the conductor hats and train whistle party favors, to the adorably decorated and brightly colored dessert table, you’ll find the perfect mix of both.

16. Oliver’s Great Circus

From A Little Glass Box

Golden giraffes in bow ties, golden elephants in top hats, yeah, this party has some decorations that deviate from the norm. The gold and blue together are elegant and unique from the bright reds and yellows in other parties. Find some beautiful inspiration here!

17. Sweet Little Circus

From Mandi via Spaceships and Laser Beams

My favorite detail here (aside from the tiny strongman!) is the collection of colorful bowties. What an adorable party favor! The pastel stripes throughout this theme are perfect for a little circus party.

18. Colorful Elephant Circus

From Well Heeled Hostess via Amy Atlas

This party is all about the elephants, and it is cute! A collection of bright colors and darling elephants make this party an eye pleaser. The big top canopy decoration handing over the table really takes the cake and really completes the look of this party.

19. Vintage Carnival 3rd Birthday

From Lush Parties via Kara’s Party Ideas

I like the favor station ideas here, party guests can pick and choose their favor in an adorable way. A wood backdrop with marquee lights calls attention to a miniature ferris wheel holding buckets of surprises. This would make for a really cool photo backdrop as well.

20. Funky Circus

From Canadian Hostess via Spaceships and Laser Beams

These great ideas were submitted as party of our Boy Bash on a Budget Challenge. I love the unique way Vania created a fun party setting without breaking the bank. Take these ideas and put your own spin on them, making them perfect for your very own circus party.

21. Vintage Circus Themed Party

From The Sweet Society via Spaceships and Laser Beams

The details on the custom cookies are amazing plus the vintage circus signs add a nice touch. The table decorations with full popcorn tubs, party hats, and place settings are lovely as well.

Bright colors throughout this party really pull it together and create the perfect circus theme.

22. Circus Favor Bags

From Vixen Made via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Whatever you have setting out will become part of your décor. This simple favor bag idea is brilliant! Simply pop a red clown nose on it for some extra fun. Fill it with things such as animal crackers, or little toys that kids will love.

23. Welcome to the Circus

From While Wearing Heels

For a guest book, this hostess made an awesome elephant print: guests made “balloons” with their thumbprints.

25. Big Top Circus

From Cakes by JoAnne Charmand via Kara’s Party Ideas

This is a lovely party around, but the concession stands are especially appealing. For drinks, party favors, and snacks galore, these concession stands add something unique to this circus party. The dessert table is beautifully decorated with bright colors, ferris wheels, and perfectly-themed desserts to round it out.

26. Circus Party on a Budget

From Jennifer Stafford Events via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Check out this party if you’re looking for something budget-friendly, but without sparing any detail. This party shows the budget breakdown as well as clever display ideas. The trunk full of goodies is an adorable idea for a dessert table!

Check out more great ideas to plan a fun circus themed birthday party with these sources gathered by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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Plus, check out more awesome circus party ideas.

You don’t want to miss out on 26 Circus Birthday Parties

A birthday cake made to look like a train

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