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Vintage Circus Boys Birthday Party: Under the Big Top

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  1. Love the look of the vintage circus party? Get it with these items we've sourced for you.
  2. Plus, get more party inspiration with these great ideas.
  3. Don't miss out on 26 Circus Birthday Parties...

A vintage circus boy birthday party is one of my favorite themes. Heather and Jason, of Hello My Sweet, have done a masterful job in creating an especially interesting savory/dessert table combo for their son’s second birthday. They always have great ideas! Today they share how they came up with the theme and how they used common supplies for great, uncommon party decorations. They make it look as easy as-cake! {If you love this vintage circus party, you can purchase their printables here.}

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A random hunt through the bargain bin of a local craft store netted the lion and zebra masks; and that was the initial inspiration for the theme. How simple was that?! Once they had decided to go that direction, food choices were easy: it had to be traditional snack food! Some of the menu choices guests enjoyed included deep fried dogs (corndogs), soft pretzels, sodee pop (Coca-Cola), popcorn, cotton candy, elephant feed (peanuts) lion tamer whips (black licorice) and cupcakes.

Part of what makes Jason and Heather’s displays so pleasing is their careful attention to detail. This party presentation is done symmetrically and the party is very cohesive, but everything is not identical. The tight color palette of red, white and black looks terrific. Red and white stripes are repeated on the popcorn containers, straws and food labels.

I love the fonts that were used for the printables they created. Notice how the food labels are attached by simple, weathered clothespins. Elephant feed (peanuts) looks party ready in simple brown lunch bags that were cut down with scalloped scissors.

Twine and circus tickets jazz up the offering. More tickets and miniature circus animal figures add to the table décor.

Some of the display pedestals were DIY projects. The wooden risers are reminiscent of the spectator stands you’d find at a circus. Plates were glued to wooden candlesticks for some pedestals. The unique scalloped-edged piece is a Jason project, too. He used a wooden tray, candlestick, wood block and wooden craft sticks with a little glue and paint to construct the darling “tacky taffy” display. Real vintage circus posters were enlarged at a local print shop to create a terrific backdrop. The red crepe paper “tent” was a happy second choice that worked well when the first idea didn’t. Balloons and curling ribbon add a lot to the party focal point.

Hello My Sweet has created another party that captures the imagination and creates a fun party atmosphere! To see more of their work, check out their Pinterest.

Love the look of the vintage circus party? Get it with these items we’ve sourced for you.

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Plus, get more party inspiration with these great ideas.

Don’t miss out on 26 Circus Birthday Parties

A birthday cake made to look like a train

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