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26 Circus Birthday Parties

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Table of Contents
  1. 26 Circus Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Boys
  2. 1. Vintage 1st Birthday Party
  3. 2. Vintage Circus Party
  4. 3. Monster Circus Party
  5. 4. Circus Birthday Party
  6. 5. Carnival Party
  7. 6. Saleh's Birthday
  8. 7. Delightful Circus
  9. 8. Big Top Circus
  10. 9. Circus Dessert Table
  11. 10. 1st Birthday Circus
  12. 11. Vintage Circus
  13. 12. Backyard Circus
  14. 13. Circus Spectacular
  15. 14. Circus Extravaganza
  16. 15. Carnival Themed Dessert Table
  17. 16. Colorful Circus
  18. 17. Circus Party
  19. 18. Circus Birthday Party
  20. 19. Circus Dream
  21. 21. Vintage Circus Party
  22. 22. Circus Party
  23. 23. Carnival Fun Party
  24. 24. Circus Party Ideas
  25. 25. Boy's 1st Circus
  26. 26. Fun Circus Birthday
  27. Plan your own circus birthday with these great ideas gathered by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams.
  28. Check out even more great circus birthday party ideas.
  29. Don't miss out on 30 Circus Birthday Party Cake Ideas...

Have you gotten lots of party ideas this week? Well, are you ready to plan a circus themed birthday party yet? Every age responds to the color and festivities at the circus.

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Today we have a boy’s circus birthday party round-up that will spark your imagination for sure.

Awesome dessert tables, cakes, decorations, entertainment; it’s almost as good as going to a real circus.

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26 Circus Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

1. Vintage 1st Birthday Party

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

his party is proof that you can create a stylish party in a short amount of time with the help of some printable party decorations and items from your local grocery stores and bakeries.

The vintage circus theme radiated through the dessert table with a variety of fun patterns and colors. One of my favorite parts of this party turned out to be the chevron backdrop made with wrapping paper.

Along with some adorably decorated clown cupcakes and brightly colored treats, this party screams fun.

2. Vintage Circus Party

From Quilted Polka Dot via Kara’s Party Ideas

Come on in and step right up! It is so fun to see a vintage take on such a popular party theme. This vintage circus and carnival party perfectly combines new and old decorations along with unexpected additions like deconstructed book serving pedestals and elephant medallion wreaths. Vintage snack machines like a carnival popcorn maker and bubble gum machine add so much fun to this festive themed table.

3. Monster Circus Party

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

Take a fun twist on the classic circus party theme with this awesome monster circus party. Each treat featured on our fantastic monster circus dessert table was inspired by a different circus act.

You will find stilt walking marshmallow pops, strongmen barbell cake pops, and a high wire act strung up across the cake.

Party guests also got to take home their own cotton candy monster, complete with plastic eyeballs.

4. Circus Birthday Party

From The Sweet Society via Amy Atlas

Circus meets chic in this fabulous circus party filled with old fashioned machinery and some serious vintage vibes. Melissa’s son loved the Bozo the Clown book, so the party was inspired by different elements of the story. Sweet treats on the dessert table included a clown harlequin cake, clown cakepops, star cookies, and circus popcorn. I am also loving the creative clown nose cookie pops that guests took home as party favors.

5. Carnival Party

From Eve Greendale Photography via Kara’s Party Ideas

Each and every inch of this carnival party was filled with creative homemade decorations and party touches. After being greeted by a wonderful welcome sign directing traffic, party guests made their way to the colorful space decorated with red and white polka dotted table clothes and pennant banners. I especially love the fun table centerpieces made out of tickets, peanuts, cracker jack boxes, and carnival character toys.

6. Saleh’s Birthday

From Q Favors via Catch My Party

You are sure to find inspiration from this over the top adorable carnival party. Extremely colorful and wildly fun, this party offered party guests the chance to win prizes at bunch of different DIY carnival games, fill their tummies with an impressive spread of carnival themed treats, and walk into the party through an impressive popcorn balloon arch.

Be sure to check out the DIY acrobatics act with decorations made with dolls and hoola hoops.

7. Delightful Circus

From Simply Sienna via Spaceships and Laser Beams

One creative mom captured all of that Big Top excitement in this extraordinary first birthday circus celebration. Eye candy, real candy, and the most amazing cake star on a dessert table that would fascinate a birthday boy of any age.

Cheery red and yellow are combined with accents of blue on the darling table covered with a canopy of red and white stripes, red scalloped edging, and mini pompoms to finish it off.

8. Big Top Circus

From Bird’s Party Blog

Bird designed this amazing big top circus party for her own two kids, born on the same day in different years! Classic and colorful decorations, an impressive spread of circus themed treats, and cool party activities were perfect for children of all ages. The dessert table itself was covered with a DIY circus tent, made using a simple system of PVC pipes and red and white striped fabric Any kid would love this colorful celebration.

9. Circus Dessert Table

From KLM Events via The Party Wagon

Welcome your guests to the big top celebration with ideas from this super sweet circus party filled with adorable and playful details. Front and center on the dessert table were three wonderful fondant cakes topped with circus characters and displayed with cookies spelling the birthday boy’s name. And look at those amazing ice cream cone cookies made by stacking three colorful cookies on top of a sugar cone.

10. 1st Birthday Circus

From GreyGrey Designs

Right from the front door you know that this circus themed first birthday party will be a blast. After entering through the ticket booth decorated with balloons, party guests found a real live circus tent filled with circus goodies and a homemade side show! This party is also filled with great ideas for circus themed party food that little ones and adults alike will love. Try serving up some corndogs, popcorn, and pretzels at your party.

11. Vintage Circus

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

The ideas we used for a food buffet and dessert table could work for so many different special occasions.

Check out the adorable printable decorations labelling various party foods, complimented with a bunch of colorful flowers and adorable stuffed animals.

12. Backyard Circus

From Brenda via Catch My Party

Everyone loves a carnival, and during the warmer months a backyard carnival is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday.

Sticking to a tight budget, this family transformed their yard into a brilliant space with dollar store and yard sale finds.

Guests arrived at the front door ticket booth to receive their “Carny Starter Kits” stuffed with fake moustaches, chewing gum, a temporary tattoo, and game tickets too.

13. Circus Spectacular

From Partylicious

Inspired by the adorable clip art on their homemade invitations, these party planners used beautiful balloon decorations and fun patterns to create a color party space. Enter the DIY circus complete with tasty circus themed treats. Popcorn and peanut centerpieces, and tons of fun games for party guests to participate in. My favorite part of this party is the party favor stand displaying circus themed toys and decorated with fun colored paper tassels.

14. Circus Extravaganza

From Chakoda Design

Fabulous backdrops, a great collection of life-size (plus) animals, vintage toys and musical instruments plus a marvelous cake make this a party to remember.

15. Carnival Themed Dessert Table

From Buckets of Grace via Spaceships and Laser Beams

I love this party set up! The dessert table looks absolutely fabulous decorated with bold red and white patterns with fun pops of turquoise blue.

The birthday boy’s monogram was hung in the middle and the table was filled with sweet treats including cotton candy, sugar cookies in the shape of the birthday boy’s initial, and carnival candies.

If you think the detail in this dessert table is amazing, check out the full post to see the rest of the party.

16. Colorful Circus

From The Well Heeled Hostess via Amy Atlas

Crisp white table clothes and clear glass serving dishes add a level of fresh, modern flare to this beautiful circus elephant themed party. Pops of bright color are found throughout the dessert table, and fun printable decorations pull the whole theme together. Guests were welcomed to fill their white paper bags with gumballs, salt water taffy, lemon heads, and other sweets displayed at the candy buffet.

17. Circus Party

From Mae Armstrong Designs via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Aqua blue and orange partnered in this party for a fresh take on circus brights. This first birthday party was filled with adorable handmade details and tasty treats all decorated to match the color theme. On the dessert table, a beautiful fondant cake was surrounded by homemade pompom party hats, jars filled with goldfish crackers and animal crackers, and repurpose baby food jars filled with jelly beans.

18. Circus Birthday Party

From Claudia R. via Catch My Party

There are too many fun and festive aspects of this wonderful circus party to note! Bright colors and fun patterns decorated the space, along with creative touches that pulled together the circus theme. Upside down plastic clown hats were used for serving food, colorful pennants circles guest tables, ribbon topiaries hung from the trees, and the entire cast of the circus show sat atop the fondant cake.

19. Circus Dream

From Ali Wood Photography via The TomKat Studio

Have you ever thought about inviting a monkey to your party? This family did it! Along with the super fun party entertainment, they created a beautiful circus themed space with colorful décor and creative touches. Decorative hat box cake arrangements make wonderful table centerpieces and miniature animal cages added an element of fun to the dessert table.

20. From Patricia Swolensky via Hostess With the Mostess: D.J.’s Circus Clowns on stilts, clowns juggling, balloon sculptures, treats and design details galore!

21. Vintage Circus Party

From Deliciously Darling Events via Spaceships and Laser Beams

This cool customer used our printable decorations and teamed them up with her son’s favorite Madagascar characters. The result is a unique character party that doesn’t break copyright laws and looks absolutely amazing. Desserts were displayed in a repurposed yellow wooden cupboard decorated with colored paper fans and printable decals. I especially love the colorful cake topped with Madagascar characters!

22. Circus Party

From Brunna Scisinio via Kara’s Party Ideas 

Whenever I think of the circus I think of fun, which is exactly what this clown themed circus party brings to the table. The whole party space is decked out with beautiful decorations in vibrant blues, reds, and yellows with happy clowns scattered throughout. The impressive dessert table featured a three-tiered fondant circus cake, darling fondant circus character toppers, and sugar cookies decorated with the birthday boy’s age and initial.

23. Carnival Fun Party

From Petit Delights via Anders Ruff

Here is another carnival themed party chock full of wonderful and creative party ideas. Party guests entered through a giant balloon archway to be welcomed by giant clown balloons, a stilt walker, and more! The backyard looked like a real carnival, complete with a bouncy castle merry-go-round, juggling acts, and an over the top dessert table filled with sweet treats.

24. Circus Party Ideas

From Laura’s Little Party via Catch My Party

This wonderful mom used plenty of fun patterns and bold colors to decorate her son’s rocking circus themed birthday party.

Bright colors and fun circus printable decorations were used all over the party to create an extremely fun party space.

Step right up to the dessert table to find delicious cupcakes and generous party favors including bubble gum machines, bubbles, and pinwheels.

25. Boy’s 1st Circus

From Tania via Spaceships and Laser Beams 

It’s a traditional American circus for the special baby boy’s first birthday celebration.

This mom created a number of vintage style party elements when ready-made versions didn’t fit her vision.

Red, white, and blue were used to create a lot of happy circus hurrah in stripes and polka dots. The ribbon tent constructed over the food buffet sets the light-hearted tone for this darling celebration full of fun.

26. Fun Circus Birthday

From LeeLaaLoo via Hostess With the Mostess

If you’d like a guide for how to arrange a dessert table symmetrically, you’ll see it here.

Plan your own circus birthday with these great ideas gathered by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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Check out even more great circus birthday party ideas.

Don’t miss out on 30 Circus Birthday Party Cake Ideas

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