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Delightful Boy’s Circus Themed First Birthday Party

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  1. Plan a circus themed birthday party with these party supplies:
  2. More circus party ideas:
  3. Don't miss out on 26 Circus Birthday Party Ideas...

One of the most consistently appealing ideas for a boy’s first birthday party is the circus theme. Bright colors, exotic animals and happy clowns combine readily to create an energetic party. Rita, of Simply Sienna, has captured all of that Big Top excitement in this extraordinary first circus birthday celebration!

Eye candy, real candy and the most amazing birthday cake star on a dessert table that would fascinate a birthday boy of any age. Balloons, face painting, a photo booth and party games set the stage for fun; step right up and see how this charming circus of delight came together!

boy's circus first birthday party ideas

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boy's circus first birthday party dessert table

Bright red and yellow are combined with accents of blue on the darling dessert table. Rita built a circus-inspired tent canopy of red and white stripes over the table; red scalloped edging and mini poms are really cute finishing touches.

By also using stripes over the photobooth and gift table, Rita created a three-ring circus effect.

boy's circus first birthday photo booth

The cake takes center stage; a fondant elephant performs under a mini pennant banner on top of his cake platform of stripes and polka dots, while a couple of circus buddies wait their turns. 

boy's circus first birthday party cake

MelinArt Cakes outdid themselves on the adorable treats. Stars, scallops, fun shapes and colors make the cookies remarkable.

boy's circus first birthday party cupcakes

Notice the cupcakes, too. Some look delicious with their mounds of sprinkled frosting; others are used to create a secondary circus vignette in front of the cake.

 I love how Rita arranged fondant animal topped cupcakes on small pedestals. The center pedestal is a spool of tickets;  nice detail!

boy's circus first birthday party cake pops

Cakepops add to the focal point display; they look like miniature works of art, but are entirely edible.

boy's circus first birthday cookies

Traditional circus food, such as candy apples, popcorn and a variety of candies fill the table. The arrangement of fancifully shaped apothecary jars, wearing pom collars, is especially appealing.

boy's circus first birthday party candy apples

The food labels look terrific; the curlicue font is the perfect choice for a circus theme.

boy's circus first birthday party popcorn

Rita carried the circus theme right onto the guest tables, too. Each one has a centerpiece with a picture of the birthday boy, a container of popcorn, tasseled balloons, miniature gumball machines and a treat box filled with lollipops,.

By elevating the gumball machines on upturned glasses (in fun stripes), Rita gave a better balance to the displays; that’s a small point, but all of those seemingly insignificant details add up to one big result!

boy's circus first birthday party guest tables

A circus-themed first birthday party is a fabulous way to celebrate that milestone event. Simply Sienna has produced another lovely birthday display, which is just what weve come to expect of her!

Plan a circus themed birthday party with these party supplies:

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More circus party ideas:

Don’t miss out on 26 Circus Birthday Party Ideas


A birthday cake made to look like a train

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