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Cheesy Bread Recipe

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Don’t you just love homemade bread? It’s delicious any time of year but it seems like my urge to nest, bake…and eat!… gets stronger the lower the temperature dips. With the arrival of autumn, fresh baked, fragrant bread is high on my list of culinary delights. I recently discovered this bread recipe and it takes no yeast, no rising, no kneading—no kidding! It is DELICIOUS! It’s a moist, quick bread that tastes like a combo of bread and a cheesy tea biscuit.

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Mike, Sam and I finished off a loaf of this in nothing flat—but since it only takes about ten minutes to mix up this recipe, no problem!

The recipe from Kraft includes a gluten free version and there is also a non-alcoholic variation, too.

Ready to bake bread now? You’ll find the directions here: Kraft Canada

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Do you have a favorite bread recipe to make at home?

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