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Gingerbread Man Craft

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Ho-ho-ho and merry, merry! Has the Christmas countdown begun at your house yet? In our home, big brother and Dad are already getting a little tired of little boys waking up every morning asking, “How many days left until Christmas?” To make peace, this year for sure we will have an advent calendar—but it’s too soon for that! I do have a cute and simple Christmas craft to stoke their holiday excitement. It would also be a fun craft idea for a Christmas party or a boy’s holiday season birthday party or even for a play-date activity.


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All of this early morning, pre-Christmas frenzy is my own fault, really. I LOVE the Christmas holiday season and I’m already thinking about it as soon as summer is over!  My sweet husband, Domingo, is ever-so-patient, but after a couple of years together he made me promise I would not start playing Christmas music until October first. I comply. With regrets. But that doesn’t mean I have to stop thinking about it. This cute little gingerbread man craft idea is just one way to add to the seasonal merriment.  You probably already have most of the needed items.

Download the pattern here, or freehand it if you’re artistic. Depending on the ages and abilities of your kids, trace the pattern on brown cardstock, butcher paper or even cardboard (but that’s a little tougher to cut out). Obviously they can cut the shape out themselves if they’re old enough. Otherwise, Mom to the rescue.


Set up some small piles of embellishments. Rick-rack, washi tape, buttons, scraps of colored paper or left over fabric snips, craft jewels, sequins, yarn and feathers are a few of the possibilities. You’ll want glue-sticks for each child. Trust me on that one. Sharing and caring is certainly part of the Christmas spirit, but they will not care to share when they have to wait!


The finished gingerbread men look great…and I can just imagine an entire army of them hanging from the kids’ tree. Ho-ho-ho!


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