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13 Christmas Crafts for Kids

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Is the holiday excitement swirling at your house? Bet you’ll like these Christmas crafts for kids the ideas will keep them happily busy!

The Hand Print Wreath is an especially charming version and the boys will love getting their hands and feet dirty making the Candy Cane Craft, Penguins, and Super Sweet Snowman Feet!

Reindeer Drink Stirrers will spruce up your Christmas party eggnog.


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Check out the ornaments kids can make, too! There are Paper Straw Christmas Trees, Yarn Ball Ornaments, and Snowman Ornaments.

The other cute ideas in this post include an Egg Carton Reindeer Craft, Winter Luminaries, Paper Plate Elf Craft, Snowman Gifts in a Jar, and a delightful Christmas Kindness Countdown Chain.

If you’re looking for a new Christmas season tradition, Grow a Candy Cane is such a fun idea.

Ho-ho-ho! Christmas just got merrier!

Hand Print Wreath Kids Crafts for Kids

1. Hand Print Wreath 

From My Name is Snickerdoodle

Who knew tracing your child’s hand print on shades of green cardstock could result in this adorable and sentimental hand print wreath? Now, you do!

winter luminaries

2. Winter Luminaries 

From Crafts by Amanda

Using snow texture paint you can make these gorgeous winter luminaries that look like they are covered with freshly fallen snow. They are perfect for decking your holiday halls and are simple to make!

Kids Penguin Footprint Art Craft Idea

3. Penguin Footprint Art 

From Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Perfect for kids of all sizes and ages, this darling penguin footprint art project does require a little bit of adult supervision and some basic craft materials like black paint. But isn’t the result worth it? So cute!

Super Sweet Snowman Feet Kids Party Craft Idea

4. Super Sweet Snowman Feet 

From House by Hoff

Gift these super sweet snowman feet canvases to family members! They will love looking back at the tiny toes turned snowmen! Supplies are pretty simple, but the impact grand!

Reindeer Drink Stirrers Party Craft Idea for Kids

5. Reindeer Drink Stirrers 

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

Don’t you just love easy and inexpensive Christmas crafts? These reindeer drink stirrers incorporate products that can be found at your local dollar store and can be assembled in minutes! Score!

Egg Carton Reindeer Craft for Kids Christmas Party

6. Egg Carton Reindeer Craft for Christmas 

From Crafty Morning

Yarn Ball Ornaments for Kids Christmas Party Idea

7. Yarn Ball Ornaments 

From By Stephanie Lynn

Children will love DIYing their own yarn ball ornaments!  Some yarn, a foam ball, plus a few simple embellishments and instructions later and they’ll be adding a cute yarn ball to your Christmas tree!

Snowman Ornaments for Christmas Kid party Craft Idea

8. Snowman Ornaments for Christmas 

From Crazy Little Projects

Start saving all of those baby food jars (or get your friends with babies to save them for you)! You’ll be amazed how cute these snowman ornaments are made from the baby food jars and a little acrylic paint and a piece of ribbon for hanging!

Paper Plate Elft Craft for Kids to Make at Christmas

9. Paper Plate Elf Craft for Kids to Make at Christmas 

From Crafty Morning

Who doesn’t love a good paper plate and tissue paper art project? Kids will love crafting elves using glue, tissue paper and construction paper!

Grow a Candy Cane Kids Party Craft idea

10. Grow a Candy Cane 

From Growing a Jeweled Rose

A cup of coffee on a table, with Craft and Snowman

11. Snowman Gifts in a Jar Ideas 

From Repeat, Crafter, Me

Repurpose old lidded glass jars into these adorable snowman gifts in a jar! A simple sparkly snowman playdough recipe and a few craft supply embellishments later and you have a darling gift for your children to give to their friends!

Christmas Kindness Countdown Chain Party Craft Idea for Kids

12. Christmas Kindness Countdown Chain 

From Coffee Cups and Crayons

Help your children get into the true spirit of Christmas by downloading, printing and assembling this Christmas kindness countdown chain. Doing daily acts of service in the month of December is a great way to celebrate the season!

Kids Decorative Paper Straw Christmas Tree Ornaments Party Craft Idea

13. Kids Decorative Paper Straw Christmas Tree Ornaments 

From Simple As That

Grab your cute paper straws and get crafting these paper straw Christmas tree ornaments with your kids! This craft does require a bit of supervision because hot glue is involved.

Celebrate the holiday spirit with these festive craft ideas gathered by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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Check out more great holiday DIY ideas to keep you and your kids busy.

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