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25 Awesome Backyard Activities

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Do you have plans for making this the best summer yet? I’m fantasizing about outdoor projects and play spaces for my boys and their friends. This list of awesome backyard ideas is full of ways to make our yards kid-favorite spots—no boredom allowed!


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Find inspiration for a simple treehouse, a backyard movie theatre, a flower pot fire pit, a climbing wall, kidlet rockers, a mud pie station, an outdoor music station and a chalkboard. Add fun, giant-sized games, too: Jenga, Twister, Scrabble, Bananagrams, Ker-Plunk, Match Game, Cornhole and Urban Horse Shoes. Giant bubbles, water balloon piñatas, splash pads and a water blob, an obstacle course and pool noodle games round out the fun. Come on, sunshine!


1. Backyard Movie Night :: Giver’s Log

backyard ideas - treehouse how-to
2. How-to Build a Simple Treehouse :: Apartment Therapy

3. Backyard Scrabble :: Sunset

backyard game ideas - bananagram
4. Backyard Bananagrams :: Constantly Lovestruck

kids' backyard game-twister
5. Backyard Twister :: You Plus Me Forever

backyard games - ker-plunk
6. Backyard Ker-Plunk :: All Parenting

7. Giant Matching Game :: Studio DIY

giant backyard jenga game
8. Giant Backyard Jenga :: A Beautiful Mess

9. HOW-TO Obstacle Course Party :: Martha Stewart

10. Pool Noodle Backyard Games :: Parents

backyard fun ideas water blob tutorial
11. Water Blob Tutorial :: Clumsy Crafter

12. Giant Bubbles :: Spaceships and Laser Beams

backyard fun water pinatas
13. Water Balloon Piñata :: Scrap Happy Heather

backyard fun outdoor word game
14. Supersized Outdoor Word Game :: Better Homes and Gardens

cloth picnic games
15. DIY Cloth Picnic Games :: Say Yes

easy backyard splash pad idea
16. Easy Backyard Splash Pad :: 1 Little Dude and 3 Little Ladies

diy-backyard climbing wall idea
17. Climbing Wall :: One Crazy House

kids' backyard play ideas
18. Kids’’ Tire Rockers :: According to Boyle

backyard fun - mud pie station
19. Mud Pie Station :: My Small Potatoes

backyard music station ideas
20. Outdoor Music Station :: Child Central Station

backyard games - washers
21. Urban Horse Shoes :: Ecab

22. Backyard Cornhole Set :: DIY Network

23. Outdoor Chalkboard :: Spaceships and Laser Beams

24. Flower Pot Fire Pit :: The Blue Eyed Dove

25. 5 Fun Outdoor Games :: Spaceships and Laser Beams

Gear up for the great outdoors with these sources gathered by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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