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25 Awesome Backyard Activities

Table of Contents
  1. 1. Backyard Movie Night
  2. 2. How-to Build a Simple Treehouse
  3. 3. Backyard Scrabble
  4. 4. Backyard Bananagrams
  5. 5. Backyard Twister
  6. 6. Backyard Ker-Plunk
  7. 7. Giant Matching Game
  8. 8. Giant Backyard Jenga
  9. 9. HOW-TO Obstacle Course Party
  10. 10. Pool Noodle Backyard Games
  11. 11. Water Blob Tutorial
  12. 12. Giant Bubbles
  13. 13. Water Balloon Piñata
  14. 14. Supersized Outdoor Word Game
  15. 15. DIY Cloth Picnic Games
  16. 16. Easy Backyard Splash Pad
  17. 17. Climbing Wall
  18. 18. Kids' Tire Rockers
  19. 19. Mud Pie Station
  20. 20. Outdoor Music Station
  21. 21. Urban Horse Shoes
  22. 22. Backyard Cornhole Set
  23. 23. Outdoor Chalkboard
  24. 24. Flower Pot Fire Pit
  25. 25. Five Fun Outdoor Games
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  27. Check out more great ideas for fun outdoor play time ideas.
  28. Plus, check out 10 Outdoor Party Ideas We Love...

Do you have plans for making this the best summer yet? I’m fantasizing about outdoor projects and play spaces for my boys and their friends.

This list of awesome backyard ideas is full of ways to make our yards kid-favorite spots—no boredom allowed!


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Find inspiration for a simple treehouse, a backyard movie theatre, a flower pot fire pit, a climbing wall, kidlet rockers, a mud pie station, an outdoor music station and a chalkboard.

Add fun, giant-sized games, too: Jenga, Twister, Scrabble, Bananagrams, Ker-Plunk, Match Game, Cornhole and Urban Horse Shoes.

Giant bubbles, water balloon piñatas, splash pads and a water blob, an obstacle course and pool noodle games round out the fun. Come on, sunshine!


1. Backyard Movie Night

From The Garden Glove

Grab your blanket and pillows and a big bowl of popcorn and head outside for an awesome backyard movie night. Hang some lights and lay out under the stars and watch your favorite movies in your own backyard. Set up a “concession stand” full of your favorites sweets and treats and of course you can’t forget the popcorn.

backyard ideas - treehouse how-to
2. How-to Build a Simple Treehouse

From Apartment Therapy

Grab some wood and supplies and build a simple treehouse in your backyard. Simple is key, but it will not lack in imagination. Sail on a pirate ship or hangout, make it a club house, a castle, the possibilities are endless. It may take a few hours to build but the memories will last a lifetime.

3. Backyard Scrabble

From Sunset

Bring your favorite family board game outside with this backyard scrabble game. Set it up in your yard or patio and grab some friends and have a blast. With giant wood letter tiles set onto a lifesize game board, it’s a perfect addition to your garden or yard.

backyard game ideas - bananagram
4. Backyard Bananagrams

From Constantly Lovestruck

Keep your family having fun for hours with this DIY backyard bananagrams. Made from large 12 by 12 hand painted tiles, this backyard game can be played in your yard, your family’s yard, at the beach, at the park, anywhere you want to play. It’s not only fun, it also helps kids with spelling and learning new words. Talk about a win-win!

kids' backyard game-twister
5. Backyard Twister

From You Plus Me Forever

Twister is a classic game played over the years that everyone loves. Take the game up a notch with this backyard version. Create the colorful circles by using a cardboard stencil and some spray paint and grab the spinner from the actual game, or create a new one, to set this diy game up for hours of play time.

backyard games - ker-plunk
6. Backyard Ker-Plunk

From All Parenting

Ker-Plunk is such a fun game that can be played by all ages. It’s not very physical and very little skill needed to play which makes it perfect for families with young kids. Plus, it’s even simpler to create. Made from a wire cage with sticks holding up lots of colorful balls. The object is not to drop any balls, or drop the least amount, while pulling out the sticks.

7. Giant Matching Game

From Studio DIY

Who doesn’t love a great memory matching game?!?! Bring this classic game to life with this giant match game that is perfect for an afternoon of play. Simply paint simple icons or images onto large, painted corkboard tiles using a DIY stencil and you have your game pieces. Don’t forget to paint the backs your of your cards as well.

giant backyard jenga game
8. Giant Backyard Jenga

From A Beautiful Mess

Jenga is a perfect game to get the family together and have a great time. Plus, it’s so easy to make. Just grab some 2×4’s pieces of wood and cut to size, stack and build. Make it your own by painting the ends in fun and bright colors. These giant Jenga games are perfect for picnics, BBQ’s, gatherings and just because.

9. HOW-TO Obstacle Course Party

From Martha Stewart

Create an outdoor obstable course by using wood to create balance beams and pillows for added safety. Create fun games around the course like who can run the fastest or make it an adventure by crossing the “bridge”, let their imagination run wild and the possiblities will be endless.

10. Pool Noodle Backyard Games

From Parents

Pool noodles don’t have to be just for the pool. There are literally tons of backyard games you can play using pool noodles. Create a ring by using an empty toilet paper roll tube, duct tape, and a pool noodle. Then use your ring as a ring toss, frisbee, catch, hide and seek, and anything else you can think off. It’s perfect to use in the pool and in the backyard.

backyard fun ideas water blob tutorial
11. Water Blob Tutorial

From Clumsy Crafter

Looking for a fun water activity for kids but doesn’t make a mess, or get you wet? This simple water blog blob tutorial can provide hours of fun without ruining your yard or soaking your clothes. Plus, it’s perfect for kids, and adults, of all ages. Made from only 2 items, plus water, it’s a perfect way spend your summer or any season for that matter since no one actually gets wet. Jump on it, roll around, slide on it, even use it to learn about waves and motion.

12. Giant Bubbles

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

Bubbles are a staple in kids’ summer activity kit. They are made simply from soap and water but keep kids busy for hours. Even older kids love playing with bubbles. Whether a small wand or a machine, bubbles create a fun time. But, what’s better then regular bubbles? How about giant bubbles! With a few extra ingredents and a DIY giant bubble “wand” made from wood dowels and a cotton cord, everyone will love making these giant bubbles.

backyard fun water pinatas
13. Water Balloon Piñata

From Scrap Happy Heather

You’ve seen pinatas at birthday parties, but have you seen these water balloon pinatas??? Make it a fun game during the warmer months by testing out your pintata swinging skills by tying up water filled balloons from a playground or other elevated space.

Let kids take turns giving it their all. Instead of sweet treats and prizes, kids will get wet and soaked. Perfect for water playtime or just a fun way to cool off.

backyard fun outdoor word game
14. Supersized Outdoor Word Game

From Better Homes and Gardens

Oversized games make for better play time because it gets people involved and lets them be active in the entire game, not just by sitting at a table. This helps kids stay focused because they can get up and move around more often. This outdoor word game not only uses your mind to help spell words but it’s perfect for family game night.

cloth picnic games
15. DIY Cloth Picnic Games

From Say Yes

Don’t you just love picnics? Whether you head to your local park or just set up in the backyard, picnics are tons of fun. These DIY cloth picnic games make for a great addition to your day. Use some scrap cloth or fabric and with some fabric paint, create a tic-tac-toe game and a square game.

Use elements like toothpicks and flowers or small rocks for game pieces. They fold perfectly in your picnic basket for easy transportation and on the go.

easy backyard splash pad idea
16. Easy Backyard Splash Pad

From 1 Little Dude and 3 Little Ladies

Keep kids busy, and cool, this summer with a simple DIY backyard splash pad that is perfect for little ones. With a tarp, a premade sprinkler game, and a water hose, you can create a backyard splash pad to keep little ones busy and entertained this summer without worrying about the dangers of a pool.

diy-backyard climbing wall idea
17. Climbing Wall

From One Crazy House

Do you have a child that loves to climb and explore? Check out this DIY climbing wall that is perfect for your backyard.

Just add some climbing handles to your fence or blank wall, to allow them to climb and play outside in a safe enviornment. That way they wont climb on your furniture anymore.

A blue frisbee sitting on top of a grass covered field
18. Kids’ Tire Rockers

From WikiHow

Have some spare tires laying around that you’re not sure what to do with? Why not create this fun kids’ rocker for hours of fun in your own backyard. Just cut one tire in half (it’ll make two), paint it and add a wood top. Let your kids decorate it to make it their own. What a fun craft project that you can do with your family.

backyard fun - mud pie station
19. Mud Pie Station

From My Small Potatoes

Kids loves getting messy and playing in the mud. Create a mud pie station to keep that creativity flowing. With a big pot of dirt set under the table, water filled cans nearby, and pots, pans and bowls to help create the best mud pies around. Aprons are kept nearby to keep clothes, and clothes only, clean. This mud pie station is perfect for hands on play.

backyard music station ideas
20. Outdoor Music Station

From Child Central Station

Bring music outdoors with this outdoor music station. Perfect for learning and playing any time of year. It will also make a perfect addition to your yard or garden. Old or young, kids will love playing and creating great music.

backyard games - washers
21. Urban Horse Shoes

From Ecab

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or time to create fun backyard games for the family. This urban horse shoes game is made from washers and an empty can. The wooden box can be a great DIY project or simply get creative and find another great resource around the house. The object of the game…toss the washers into the can.

22. Backyard Cornhole Set

From DIY Network

Bean bag toss games are so much fun. This backyard cornhole set is a great way to get family and friends together for some friendly competition. It’s such a simple game with simple rules that makes it a perfect game for everyone to play.

It’s called corn hole because the bags were traditionally filled with corn and tossed into the hole. You can purchase pre-made bean bags from the store or online.

23. Outdoor Chalkboard

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

Chalk time is so much fun and outdoor chalktime is even better! But, in the summer time the ground can get really hot and is not safe for kids to lay on to create chalk-filled masterpieces.

Create an outdoor chalkboard on your fence to create a perfect space to draw, color, and chalk it up all day long. Just primer and paint a piece of plywood and attach to your outdoor fence. So simple and easy.

24. Flower Pot Fire Pit

From The Blue Eyed Dove

Backyards are perfect for roasting marshmallows and hot dogs over the fire. But, if you have kids, a large fire pit may be a bit scary and dangerous. So instead, grab a flower pot and create a flower pot fire pit that will set on top of a table with ease.

Made with chafing fuel, river rocks, and a ceramic flower pot, this fire wont break the bank and can provide lots of night time fun all summer long.

25. Five Fun Outdoor Games

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

Kids love outdoor time. In the age of technology, it is important to keep them engaged and entertained as much as possible while outside.

From games and activities as simple as ring toss or playing in the sand to a game of badminton to keep them active and moving, outdoor games are only limited by how far your imagination will take you.

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Check out more great ideas for fun outdoor play time ideas.

Plus, check out 10 Outdoor Party Ideas We Love


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