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12 Kid’s Play Tents {Indoor & Outdoor}

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. My DIY Kid Play Tent
  2. 2. Fort Making Kit
  3. 3. Hello Summer Outdoor Reading Tent
  4. 4. DIY Tablecloth Play Tent
  5. 5. Collapsible Fabric Play Tent for Kids
  6. 6. Teepee DIY
  7. 7. DIY Tee Pee Tent
  8. 8. Fort Building
  9. 9. DIY Play Tent
  10. 10. DIY Canvas Tent
  11. 11. DIY Kids Tent
  12. 12. Easy Peasy DIY Tot Teepee
  13. Plan your own amazing adventure with these great play tent ideas gathered by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams.
  14. Don't miss these great camping party ideas for your next indoor or outdoor camping themed party!
  15. Plus, you wont want to miss 23 Awesome Camping Party Ideas...

Did you ever play in a tent when you were little? I did. I loved the cozy fun. My cousin and I made simple tents outside by pulling sheets over the clothesline. I made myself a tent nest in a backyard tree once by nailing my Gram’s quilt to the tree (wish I had that old quilt now why did Gram let me ruin it?!).

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I made tents inside, too, but none of my tents looked as cool as the variety in this round-up. Some are for outside, some are for inside but they’re all made for childhood fun. Ask nice and I bet the kids will let you crawl in and play, too.

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1. My DIY Kid Play Tent

From My Creative Green Living

I love this play tent because it is super portable and sets up in less than three minutes, which means you can bring it with you on your travels or easily store it away when it is not being used! The frame is made from two wood strips and the cover is made from two twin size flat sheets found for a really cheap price at Walmart. This tent is totally kid approved, too. What little kid wouldn’t want their very own tent to crawl through?

2. Fort Making Kit

From How To Have It All

If you know any outdoor fanatics or fort making engineers, this homemade fort making makes an amazing gift for birthdays or holidays. This kit will make it easy for your kids to make forts inside or out, letting their imaginations run wild. Each kit includes a flat sheet, suction cups, clothes pins, bungee cords, rope, and a flash light. All of the supplies necessary for making an impressive fort and having a fun-filled afternoon.

3. Hello Summer Outdoor Reading Tent

From Design Dazzle

How adorable is this “hello summer” outdoor reading tent? It would be so nice to have a spot in the backyard to curl up and spend time together reading a new book in the summertime. Inspire future readers with a tent of their own, made with a few pieces of wood and some colorful blankets. Spruce up the space with a handmade wooden sign and a reading reward chart. I just love this idea!

4. DIY Tablecloth Play Tent

From Centsational Girl

My kids have been making tents out of tabletops for years, but this playhouse table cloth takes it to a whole new level. This DIY version with a twist is outfitted with windows, curtains, and a top-secret entrance! The window panels are expertly made from kitchen towels and the rest of the tablecloth is made using inexpensive white fabric. This tabletop play tent is so adorable and would definitely be a hit with the kids.

5. Collapsible Fabric Play Tent for Kids

From Make It & Love It

Let their imagination run wild with a space to play of their own. Grab an old sheet and some wood to create this collapsible play tent perfect for kids. Using just a couple of 1×2 wood planks, fabric or a sheet, a wooden dowel and some ribbon, this play tent will make a perfect hideaway or far away land for little ones. Set outside in the yard or in the room, so easy to move around for hours of play.

6. Teepee DIY

From Merry Thought

I’ve been dreaming of making a little teepee in my living room forever and this crafty little teepee looks like the most magical place to play and read. Gathered saplings make up the frame of the tent and a simple painter’s canvas drop cloth hangs over top. Follow the incredible and easy to follow tutorial to make your own relaxing space for the little ones.

7. DIY Tee Pee Tent

From My Poppet

This teepee is a fun weekend project that can be used indoors on a rainy day or in the backyard when the sun is out. To save money, use some old and colorful bed sheets to create the tent! This project requires some basic sewing skills, but do not be intimidated by all of the measurements and charts. Each part of the tutorial has helpful pictures and instructions to make this teepee superbly easy to create.

8. Fort Building

From How To Have It All

Lug out all of your blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals for a fun afternoon of fort building with your little ones. Allow your kids to camp out in their fort overnight for an extra exciting weekend activity! Use the fort kits above or pull out the necessary supplies from the linen closets for hours of fun. Let your kids get creative, too! The best forts are always a wild combination of laughter and craziness.

9. DIY Play Tent

From Christina at 2 Little Hooligans via The Creative Girl

Who knew that a hula hoop and three flat sheets could create such an adorable play tent for your backyard! This in-depth tutorial gives you all of the information you need to make one yourself to give your kids hours upon hours of fun outdoor play time. I love that the tent houses fabric pockets for storing toys and ties to hold back the curtains.

10. DIY Canvas Tent

From Merry Thought

For those of you who want a camp experience without having to venture further than your backyard, this DIY canvas tent is perfect for creating that cozy camp feel. It’s pretty quick and simple to put together and set up. And it can be stored really easily as long as you have room somewhere for the tall branches. I absolutely love the cozy outdoor space this tent creates and could easily spend hours laying under the tent with a good book!

11. DIY Kids Tent

From Pink Oatmeal

I used to make tents with sheets all the time when I was little. Inspired by kid’s tents from across the internet, this DIY Tent is perfectly sturdy and will provide your kids with hours upon hours of fun. Set this tent up indoors or outdoors to create a fun and cozy space where children can play pretend or curl up with a good book.

12. Easy Peasy DIY Tot Teepee

From Confessions of a Refashionista

Can you guess what this blogger upcycled to make that uber fancy munchkin tent? I guarantee you will be able to make your own easy peasy DIY teepee for your tots in less than an hour with one item likely lurking at the back of the closet. The simple sewing project is the perfect way to transform any indoor or outdoor space, making a cozy hangout spot for the kids (and dog).

Plan your own amazing adventure with these great play tent ideas gathered by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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  • Firetruck Play Tent
  • Foldable TeePee Play Tent
  • Rocket Foldable Playhouse
  • Ball Bit Tunnels and Play Tent
  • Over The Bed Tree House Tent
  • Adventure TeePee Tent
  • Camo Fort Tent

Don’t miss these great camping party ideas for your next indoor or outdoor camping themed party!

Plus, you wont want to miss 23 Awesome Camping Party Ideas

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