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15 Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Outdoor Toy Bins 
  2. 2. Covered Kiddie Parking Garage
  3. 3. DIY Outdoor Toy Storage Strategies 
  4. 4. Outdoor Toy Caddies 
  5. 5. Toy Parking Lot 
  6. 6. Large Toy Storage Bins
  7. 7. DIY Rolling Storage Cart 
  8. 8. All Access Toy Storage 
  9. 9. DIY Pool Towel and Toy Racks 
  10. 10. Garage Organization 
  11. 11. Bungee Cord Ball Storage 
  12. 12. Toy Storage Behind Garage Door 
  13. 13. Sandbox Toy Organization 
  14. 14. Fence Toy Storage 
  15. 15. DIY Pegboard Storage 
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Outdoor toys are always creeping their way out of the storage bin into the house or yard where they invariably get tripped over. There is no time like the present to get more organized and we have found some of the most organized backyard and outdoor ideas that we would like to share with you. This includes favorites like bins that hang off the fence, a parking garage for ride-on toys, really cool pool toy storage, pegboard storage for the garage wall, and clever ideas to keep the sandbox organized.

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1. Outdoor Toy Bins 

Plastic Outdoor Toy Bins are a great way to organize toys and are fantastic for the porch, garage, or backyard. Use stick-on chalkboard decals or make the labels yourself using some chalkboard paint. It also makes cleaning up easy for your kids.

2. Covered Kiddie Parking Garage

This Covered Kiddie Parking Garage is a great way to keep your kid’s toys out of your yard and packed away, but it’s also a great way to protect them from the sun, making them last longer. All you need to recreate this DIY parking garage are a few simple and inexpensive materials from your local hardware store. It would also be super fun to switch out the beige curtains for curtains in a fun color or pattern that matches the backyard.


3. DIY Outdoor Toy Storage Strategies 

Here are six great ideas and tips for DIY Outdoor Storage Strategies that will take your yard from messy to manicured. Our favorite idea is the hanging milk crates. It’s simple, cheap, and easy for kids to use. Getting the backyard toys off the ground and into child-height containers makes the yard look way tidier. An added bonus is that it is much easier to cut the grass!

4. Outdoor Toy Caddies 

Outdoor Toy Caddies are the perfect outdoor toy storage idea, especially if your kids are just learning to read. They can practice reading and cleaning up and organizing at the same time.

5. Toy Parking Lot 

Clean up the clutter of bikes and eclectic toys in your garage with this great outdoor toy storage idea. It would also work great on a front porch or back patio. The Toy Parking Lot is a great way to teach your kids organizational skills at a young age, which will serve them well into adulthood. Just use some duct tape or spray paint to mark parking spaces for each of your child’s ride-on toys.

6. Large Toy Storage Bins

Outdoor toys just keep piling up in our backyard. Between sports equipment, water guns, pool toys, and bikes our garage is looking more and more like an elementary school gym. Large plastic Toy Storage bins are a great storage solution for families. They make it easy to store bulky items while also keeping small toys organized and off the ground.

7. DIY Rolling Storage Cart 

Perfect for those who enjoy DIY, this Rolling Storage Cart is great for all kinds of outdoor toys and sports equipment. You can also customize it to suit your family’s personal storage needs. A large bungee cord compartment is perfect for various balls, the pegboard is a great spot to hang baseball gloves and helmets, and the shorter shelf is great for storing various smaller pieces. It’s a must-have for busy, athletic families.

8. All Access Toy Storage 

This is a great outdoor toy storage option for those who are not so DIY savvy. It’s great for sports equipment, and is perfect for kids, as they can see what’s in the boxes without opening them. You can see everything inside while it’s stored on the shelf, avoiding having to search through all sorts of bins for just one thing.

9. DIY Pool Towel and Toy Racks 

This is an awesome summer hack and will make poolside organization a whole lot easier. This DIY Pool Towel and Toy Rack will require some DIY skills, but it is definitely worth the work.

Happy & Organized Garage by Place Of My Taste

10. Garage Organization 

This is another idea for storing all your kid’s cars, bikes, etc. in your garage, integrating them into a larger garage storage and organization plan. This is the perfect thing if you’re trying to get a handle on a messy garage.

11. Bungee Cord Ball Storage 

This Bungee Cord Ball Storage is a fantastic way to keep organized if you have an active family, and it’s seriously cheap and easy to install.

12. Toy Storage Behind Garage Door 

Have some unused space in your garage behind the garage door? Here’s what to do with it — install these amazing shelving units, and say goodbye to outdoor toy clutter.

13. Sandbox Toy Organization 

There are so many great ideas for Sandbox Toy Organization and sandbox play ideas here, but our favorite is the idea of using old metal planters as storage containers for the sandbox toys.

14. Fence Toy Storage 

This is a wonderful way to keep outdoor toys stored and organized. Attach some bright and colorful hooks to your fence and hang plastic baskets from them. Make sure that they’re at a height that your kids can reach though, otherwise you’ll be stuck doing the cleaning up yourself.

DIY Garage Pegboard Outdoor Toy Storage Wall {The Creativity Exchange) ScotchBlue Tape

15. DIY Pegboard Storage 

This is an amazingly versatile storage system. You can decorate your pegboards with whatever colors you’d like, and organize your outdoor toys to suit your needs.


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