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9 Free Back to School Signs

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Have you been thinking you’ll take a picture of your child on the first day back to school? You’ll need a first day of school sign! Here’s a collection of FREE, printable signs and a few DIY ideas for the young scholars to hold while they smile for posterity.

Back to School Signs

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Has school already started—and you forgot the picture? Aww, it’s not too late. Take one anyway!

1. Exclusive First Day of School Signs

From How Does She?

They have every grade covered with stripes and polka dots for Pre-K through 12th grade. Also notice the lunch box notes that are available.

2. K-12 First Day of School Signs

From Nest of Posies 

Whether you need a printable for P-K through 12, Kellie has it covered with a variety of colors and a collection of patterns, including chevron, checks and dots.

3. First Day of School Signs and Photos

From The Suburban Mom 

Pre-K through 12, school house writing grid paper serves as the official backdrop for these signs.

4. Colorful First Day of School Free Printables

From I Should Be Mopping the Floor 

Primary colored borders outline each Pre-K through 12 sign.

5. Chalkboard First Day of School Signs

From That’s What She Said 

From Preschool through 12th, these chalkboard style signs might be more of what you’re looking for.

6. Apple First Day of School Signs

From L. Olson Designs 

A bright red apple on a subtle black with grey chevron makes a great back-to-school sign for Preschool through 12. There are also cards to use for thanking teacher any time of year.

My First day of School Chalkboard
7. First Day of School Chalkboard Fill In Favorites Sign

From The Shady Lane 

More printable chalkboard style signs—love the colorful flags.

My 1st Day of School Lunchbag
8. First Day of School Photo Ideas

From Fiskars 

There are five inspiring ideas to make here: a newsprint banner, oversized pencil, Styrofoam frame, apple-on-a stick, or conversation bubble.

9 1st Day of School Signs
9. First Day of School Signs

From Teachers Pay Teachers 

Colorful pencils embellish these freebie signs for Pre-schoolers through 2nd graders.

Planning a back to school celebration with these great ideas put together by the Spaceships and Laser Beams crew:

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