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A Well-Built Minecraft Birthday Party

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Minecraft has captured the imaginations of kids around the world, making it an amazing party theme. Liezl Del Castillo, Professional Party Planner and photographer from Zelicious, put her own spin on decorations for this Minecraft birthday party. Planned for her son, Oscar, Liezl combined ideas for the dessert table, the birthday cake, party games, and favors to create one well-built celebration.

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Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

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Boys Minecraft party invitations

When it comes to building excitement for a party, Liezl knows it starts with the invitation. Designed by a close friend, the 3-D cube-style invitations were amazing! Who wouldn’t want to receive such a creative work of art?

Boys Minecraft party balloon decorations Boys Minecraft Birthday Party Balloon Decorations

On party day, the scene was set for pixelated partying! Enormous Minecraft-inspired balloon displays flanked each side of a visually appealing dessert table.

Boys Minecraft party table ideas

To bring in elements reminiscent of gameplay, the dessert table was set up on a black tablecloth with faux grass used as the runner.

Boys Minecraft Birthday Party Dessert Table Party Ideas

A printable Minecraft-inspired banner hung from the table front.

Boys Minecraft Birthday Party Donut Food Ideas

Marquee signs displayed birthday wishes and an invitation for guests to help themselves to the party treats and favors neatly displayed on trays and wooden crates.

Boys Minecraft Birthday Party Food Cookie Ideas

Desserts looked delicious and included chocolate and green tea matcha donuts, macarons, rum balls, jelly, cookies, and custom-wrapped chocolate bars. We love how colorful baking cups and cute toppers, labels, and custom-stamped utensils are added to the fun details.

Boys Minecraft Birthday Party Food Cake Ideas

The cake was a definite dessert table centerpiece and definitely looks like a labor of love. Look at all of the individual “pixels” of fondant used to create the Minecraft masterpiece!

Boys Minecraft Ice Cream Station Bar Ideas

Cake and ice cream go together well. So, in addition to the main dessert table, an ice cream bar was arranged for guests with a real, soft-serve ice cream machine. We love how the toppings were chosen to resemble Minecraft objects like sticks, coal, lapis lazuli, emeralds, and such. The pixelated signage helped to reinforce the theme in a creative way.

Boys Minecraft birthday party activities

Wondering how to entertain guests at a Minecraft party in unique ways? Guests at this party were challenged to build LEGO creations. What a fun, real-world building party activity. To keep the fun post-party, kids at this Minecraft birthday celebration received personalized Minecraft bags with Minecraft surprise mini figures. Well-built and loads of fun, this Minecraft birthday party showcased some unique and creative ideas, perfect for any Minecraft lover’s party!

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