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9 DIY Alternatives to Halloween Candy

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Scary thought: Halloween will be here before you know it! Are you ready?

With all the candy neighbors will be handing out to the kids, I am sharing some simple DIY ideas for alternatives to Halloween candy. These are also fun projects you can prepare ahead of time for Halloween party decorations or even a monster themed boy’s birthday party. I think kids would also really enjoy crafting these items themselves as take-home party favors. Supplies needed for each of these crafts are helpfully listed within the link.

Get to crafting something monstrous— today!

DIY Alternatives to Halloween Candy Kids Craft Ideas

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Plan the ultimate Halloween party for kids with these craft supplies:

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Don’t miss these great ideas for more Halloween DIY Craft fun.


Plus, check out 14 Halloween Handprint and Footprint Crafts…

Kids Halloween Party Craft Hand print and Footprint

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