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8 LEGO Ideas For Easter

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Lego Easter Egg Tattoos
  2. 2. Lego Print Easter Egg Cards
  3. 3. Lego Easter Eggs
  4. 4. Lego Egg Racers
  5. 5. Lego Easter Egg Instructions
  6. 6. Candy Free Egg Hunt
  7. 7. Easter LEGO Building Blocks
  8. 8. Lego Easter Bunny Picture
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LEGOs have moved from the toy box to the Easter basket! Your LEGO-loving kids will think these Easter-themed ideas are awesome. Just like there are LEGOs for every age, there are also LEGO Easter ideas for every age. Make an adorable LEGO bunny or a bunny picture. There are LEGO Easter eggs, LEGO print Easter egg cards, LEGO egg racers, and LEGO Egg Tattoos. There’s even an idea for modeling the Easter story with LEGO. Better get hopping… Easter is on its way.

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Easter eggs decorated with yellow lego minifigs

1. Lego Easter Egg Tattoos

Easter eggs are a staple of Easter traditions. Dying eggs can become quite a hassle when your kids become a part of the mix. These LEGO easter egg tattoos are the perfect way to decorate Easter eggs without the mess of dyes. All you have to do is print these designs onto temporary tattoo paper, cut them out, and have your kids choose which ones they’d like. Then, transfer them onto your Easter eggs, and voila.

Print Easter eggs with Lego Duplo

2. Lego Print Easter Egg Cards

These awesome easter egg cards are a fun way to create some Easter art with your kids. Using the pegs on top of LEGO pieces dipped into paint, all you have to do is stamp them onto your egg cutouts. The result? Beautifully stamped easter egg cards that can be used to create awesome cards for your loved ones. This project can be a little messy, so make sure you put a tablecloth down before the paint comes out.

3. Lego Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are often fragile and tough to get right without cracking the whole bunch. We love this idea of creating colorful easter eggs from LEGO pieces to decorate your house with. For an added effect, create a little LEGO basket to place these bad boys in. For an added touch, you could even easily customize these with various patterns, faces, and colors to create awesome personalized eggs. Your kids will love them.

4. Lego Egg Racers

These races are the perfect STEAM learning project to do with your kids this Easter holiday. Create and decorate their “racers” out of easter eggs, and have your kids create little box cars out of LEGO pieces. Have your kids race them afterward for a fun competition and see who wins. This project will help your kids learn about how vehicle engineering will work, by having them create these safe and fast LEGO vehicles for their eggs. Awesome and fun learning idea.


5. Lego Easter Egg Instructions

These awesome instructions teach you how to make LEGO Easter eggs in various patterns. These projects make great table pieces for an easter party, or even to scatter across the lawn to have your kids search for. These would definitely make the Easter Bunny Proud. You can easily change up the colors on these Easter eggs to match the theme of your morning. Stick them in a basket or scatter them around your house or lawn, and you are ready to celebrate Easter.

6. Candy Free Egg Hunt

Egg hunts are an important part of any kid’s Easter celebration. Putting candy throughout the lawn is a definite way to get ants, and no one wants ants. This awesome tutorial shows you how to create a candy-free egg hunt so you can hand out the treats later and still give your kids a great egg hunt this Easter holiday. The idea to number the eggs before hiding them is an awesome way to ensure you don’t miss any eggs once they are hidden. 

7. Easter LEGO Building Blocks

This educational idea is a great way to teach your kids why we celebrate Easter. Using LEGO pieces, you create the different important moments of the last supper, the garden prayer, Judas betraying Jesus, the crucifixion, and the empty tomb. The interactive aspects of building this with LEGO pieces will definitely help the project resonate with your kids this Easter holiday.

8. Lego Easter Bunny Picture

This adorable LEGO Easter Bunny Figure is something that you can make at home, and your kids will absolutely love. The design was created firstly on a square paper, then transferred onto a pegboard. Your kids will love to recreate these themselves and have a cute little bunny to join them while they hunt for Easter eggs on the big morning. The background colors can be easily customized for this awesome craft.

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