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18 Christmas Handprint & Footprint Crafts

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Christmas Handprint Reindeer 
  2. 2. Painted Placemat Table Runner 
  3. 3. Handprint Snowmen Ornament 
  4. 4. Baby Footprint Ornament 
  5. 5. Reindeer Footprints
  6. 6. Reindeer Christmas Cards & Ornaments 
  7. 7. Handprint Angel Craft 
  8. 8. Holiday Handprint Charms 
  9. 9. Grinch Handprint Craft 
  10. 10. Thumbprint Christmas Lights 
  11. 11. Footprint Penguin
  12. 12. Christmas Footprint Art 
  13. 13. Handprint Candy Cane Craft 
  14. 14. Handprint Snowmen 
  15. 15. Snowman Feet 
  16. 16. Footprint Sleigh & Thumbprint Santa Christmas Scenes
  17. 17. Salt Dough Santa Hand Ornaments
  18. 18. Handprint Snowman Ornaments 
  19. Check out these great holiday DIY ideas to keep you and your kids busy:
  20. 11 DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids

These Christmas Handprint and Footprint Art ideas make adorable crafty gifts. What little boy or girl doesn’t love sticking their hands in something colorful and messy in the name of art?! Unleash their inner artist with these fun ideas for Christmas Handprint and Footprint Crafts. There are plenty of cute ornament ideas too, like the Handprint Snowmen, Baby Footprint, Salt Dough Santa Hand, and Reindeer Christmas Cards and Ornaments. The kids will love helping you create homemade decorations for your Christmas party with these ideas!

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Handprint Reindeer Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids- Such a special keepsake! ~

1. Christmas Handprint Reindeer 

Fun for kids and easy for adults to pull together, this handprint reindeer craft is the perfect choice for Christmas! Plus, the supplies can easily be found at the dollar store.

Footprint and handprint turkey art

2. Painted Placemat Table Runner 

Handprint and footprint crafts definitely carry sentimental value! This painted placemat table runner incorporates both and is the perfect gift for parents and grandparents. Snowman feet and handprint trees? Adorable!

DIY snowmen handprint ornament

3. Handprint Snowmen Ornament 

If you need a quick and personalized gift for a loved one, this handprint snowmen ornament idea is adorable! It’s definitely a keepsake!

4. Baby Footprint Ornament 

There is nothing quite like a baby’s first Christmas! This baby footprint ornament made from clay celebrates that special first year and is a great gift for special relatives.

5. Reindeer Footprints

A child’s foot, a little brown paint, some google eyes, and a red pom pom nose later and you’ve got yourself one darling reindeer footprint! Cut them out and turn them into awesome gift tags!

6. Reindeer Christmas Cards & Ornaments 

No need to spend a lot to have a meaningful gift! These reindeer Christmas cards and ornaments are big on the heart, but low on spending!

7. Handprint Angel Craft 

Relatively mess-free, this handprint angel craft doesn’t require paint! Simply trace your child’s hands-on paper prior to cutting them out, and add some additional paper details, as well as a hand-drawn face.

8. Holiday Handprint Charms 

These holiday handprint charms use Shrink Plastic and are easy to create with just a few supplies. They make perfect ornaments for decorating your tree and also work as charms for necklaces and key chains!

Grinch Activities-Fun ideas for Grinch family movie night or classroom Grinch Day

9. Grinch Handprint Craft 

Go green for this Grinch handprint craft! Coat your child’s hand with green paint and stamp it on paper before adding in some Grinch face details with markers!

10. Thumbprint Christmas Lights 

No electricity is required for these Christmas lights, just some paint, thumbprints, and paper! Kids will love dipping their thumbs in a variety of paint colors to create a festive strand of Christmas lights!

Keepsake Footprint Penguins of your family! A Perfect Family Craft featured on Design Dazzle.

11. Footprint Penguin

If the shape of these adorable penguins looks familiar, you probably realized they are made from children’s footprints! This is such a great and inexpensive craft to do and makes a great gift!

12. Christmas Footprint Art 

Add some Christmas footprint art to your holiday décor this year! A white footprint can easily be transformed into a snowman for a nice wintry scene.

13. Handprint Candy Cane Craft 

Candy canes mean sticky handprints! What better way to decorate a plain white candy cane than with red handprint stripes?

14. Handprint Snowmen 

A painted handprint with penned details can create a whole family of adorable snowmen!

A child's artwork, her feet turned into snowmen.

15. Snowman Feet 

Make the perfect winter artwork by creating snowmen from painted footprints on canvas! Add cute paper or washi tape scarves for some extra cute details!

Easy Footprint Sleigh Craft and Thumbprint Santa & Reindeer Christmas Scenes

16. Footprint Sleigh & Thumbprint Santa Christmas Scenes

Create the perfect Christmas Eve scene for Santa with a painted footprint sleigh and the cutest thumbprint reindeer!

17. Salt Dough Santa Hand Ornaments

One thing is for sure, Santa looks good and made into a salt dough ornament! This cute idea proves that! Children will love transforming their handprint into a cute Santa ornament to hang on their tree!

18. Handprint Snowman Ornaments 

These little handprint snowman ornaments are made on mini canvases and are the most adorable, sentimental works of art perfect for hanging on your tree!

Check out these great holiday DIY ideas to keep you and your kids busy:

11 DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids

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