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14 Mason Jar Craft Ideas We Love

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Mason Jar Lego Guy
  2. 2. DIY Toy Animal Jars
  3. 3. Glow in the Dark Glitter Jars
  4. 4. Gooey Slime In A Jar
  5. 5. Mason Jar Piggy Bank
  6. 6. Mason Jar Party Favors
  7. 7. Mason Jar Photo Display
  8. 8. Mason Jar Moss Terrarium
  9. 9. Mason Jar Monogram Light
  10. 10. Mason Jar Time Capsule
  11. 11. Mason Jar Bird Feeder
  12. 12. Gifts In A Mason Jar
  13. 13. Caramel Apple In A Jar
  14. 14. Mason Jar Snowman
  15. Check out these craft ideas your kids will love creating with you.
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Mason jars are so cool. They’re good for many things besides food storage — they are awesome to craft with. We thought some of the craft ideas were pretty good and wanted to share a whole lot of new inspiration.

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1. Mason Jar Lego Guy

Whether you are crafting up decorations for a Lego-themed party or just want a decked-out Mason jar for saving money, this Mason jar Lego guy is one for the books! Gather these materials: a Mason jar, yellow Spray paint, a black Sharpie marker, and some black stickers to be used for the eyes and mouth. Attach a cute tag, and you are golden!

2. DIY Toy Animal Jars

Add a toy animal to just about anything, and excitement will ensue. These DIY Toy animal jars are awesome and can double as décor and party favor! You’ll need a Mason jar, glue, various miniature animals, and spray paint.

3. Glow in the Dark Glitter Jars

Kids will be fascinated by these glow-in-the-dark glitter jars! Moms will love that the supply list is simple: paintbrush, paint tray, clear liquid glue, glow-in-the-dark glitter, and jars.

IMG 11934. Gooey Slime In A Jar

If you want a fun, interactive way to keep your children entertained for hours, make gooey slime in a jar. The recipe is easy, combine glue, food coloring, and water! When those few ingredients are mixed, a solution of Borax mixed with water is added to achieve the right consistency. Combine glue, food coloring, and water in a bowl, then pour in borax mixed with water.

mason jar piggy bank

5. Mason Jar Piggy Bank

Need to save for your next vacation or a rainy day? This Mason jar piggy bank craft is so easy, you’ll wish you had made one sooner! All you need is a Mason jar, a vinyl phrase such as “cha-ching” and some colored spray paint. You’ll add the vinyl lettering to your jar, followed by a few coats of colored spray paint. Once removed, the remaining lettering on the jars will be clear glass! So fun!

6. Mason Jar Party Favors

Wondering what makes a great party favor for young kids? Make mason jar party favors filled with colored rice. Children love rice sensory play, and making colorful rice is easy using food coloring and hand sanitizer.

7. Mason Jar Photo Display

Creating a unique Mason jar photo display for a celebration or to give as a gift is an easy 3-step project. The magic supply is surprisingly vegetable oil. Would you believe that it, along with your trimmed photo and a quart-sized Mason jar with a lid, are the only supplies needed to make this amazing vintage-inspired project? How perfect would these be as wedding or anniversary centerpieces?

A glass of beer on a table, with Jar and Craft
8. Mason Jar Moss Terrarium

Making a Mason jar moss terrarium is a perfect craft to do with children. While they may need a little help collecting supplies on a nature hike, half the fun is being able to get outdoors and explore. You’ll be adding layers of pebbles, activated charcoal, and potting soil to create a false drainage system. To those layers, you’ll add moss and other small plants and any rocks for decoration.

9. Mason Jar Monogram Light

Marquee lights are all the rage these days, making a Mason jar monogram light is right on trend but still unique! It features quilted canning jars and rims as the bulb covers. This project does require you to pull out the power tools but has a great tutorial for creating your very own Mason jar monogram light craft.

10. Mason Jar Time Capsule

These Mason jar time capsules may just be the most genius idea for storing and displaying little knickknacks and mementos from your family travels. The idea for this craft is to create a small storage space dedicated to remembering the fun details of a trip. Fill the jars with ticket stubs, maps, sea shells, wrappers, and little memorabilia that will remind you of the experience. Tie up your jar with ribbon and a cardstock tag with a handwritten description of your trip.

Do you love to watch the birds? The best way to attract them to your backyard is to feed them! Learn how to make your a cute mason jar bird feeder with this easy and inexpensive tutorial. #backyardbirds #birdfeeder #diybirdfeeder #masonjarcrafts

11. Mason Jar Bird Feeder

This Mason jar bird feeder will bring all the birds to your yard. You’ll love the simple and inexpensive supply list and how easy it is to make. You’ll need a regular mouth Mason jar, some twine, a small round chicken feeder, and bird seed! The resulting design is so sturdy you will enjoy watching birds feed from your bird feeder for a long time to come.

5 unique gifts in a jar.

12. Gifts In A Mason Jar

Gift giving is made easy using Mason jar gifts. One idea is to fill jars with items that reflect something the gift recipient loves to do. Someone that loves to bake might receive a Mason jar gift filled with measuring spoons, baking cups, cookie cutters, a mini whisk, and a zester. While someone who likes to craft could be given a Mason jar gift filled with glitter tape, clips, letter stamps, an ink pad, mini envelopes and cards, chalkboard gift tags, silver embellishments, and a chalk marker. Other jar ideas could include making a manly “cleans up” well jar gift filled with various grooming items: Chap Stick, a razor, moisturizer, cologne, shaving cream, face scrub, and more.

Caramel Apple In A Jar

13. Caramel Apple In A Jar

If you’re a caramel apple fan, this caramel apple in a jar may just be your favorite Mason jar craft idea ever. Plus it makes a great gift. You’ll want an 8 oz. wide-mouth Mason jar, small apples, mini M&Ms, wrapped caramels, a lollipop stick, and baker’s twine to make the jar seen here. Recipients will love how easy it is to enjoy a yummy caramel apple.

snowman mason jar

14. Mason Jar Snowman

This Mason jar snowman is such a great winter or holiday gift. All you need to replicate this craft is a Mason jar, your favorite white candy (this one features white pretzels), black button embellishments, a piece of fleece for cutting out a simple scarf, and the adorable printable tag. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have a gift for friends, neighbors, teachers, and family.

Check out these craft ideas your kids will love creating with you.

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Many different types of food on a table, with Party and Birthday

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