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15 Handprint Crafts Boys Will Love

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Handprint Alligator
  2. 2. Handprint Pirate
  3. 3. Handprint Lobster
  4. 4. Handprint Elephant
  5. 5. Handprint Duck
  6. 6. Handprint Baby Octopus
  7. 7. Handprint Lion
  8. 8. Handprint Chicken
  9. 9. Handprint Leaves
  10. 10. Handprint Monkey
  11. 11. Whale Handprint Art
  12. 12. Penguin Handprint Craft
  13. 13. Handprint Dinosaur
  14. 14. 5 Little Fire Fighters
  15. 15. Handprint Frankenstein
  16. Get crafty with these great sources gathered by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams.
  17. Keep kids busy with more fun craft ideas.
  18. Plus, check out 9 Footprint Crafts Boys Will Love...

Crafting is a favorite family activity in our house. Boys, girls, kids, adultscrafting is fun for everyone. One of the crafts that our whole family has been enjoying recently is handprint crafts.

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They are easy, fun, and inexpensive. There are so many different ways to do handprint crafts that boys will love.

This collection includes an alligator, a pirate, a lobster, an elephant, a duck, a chicken, leaves, a lion, an octopus, a monkey, a whale, a dinosaur, a penguin, fire fighters, and Frankenstein.

See Also

1. Handprint Alligator

From Fun Handprint Art, Via Crystal and Co.

This A is for Alligator handprint craft is part of an exciting series with instructions for fun crafts making up all 26 letters of the alphabet. The alligator and water are made up of two handprints printed with half blue and half green paint. Some creative outlining with a black marker turns the handprints into an adorable alligator that will teach your kids all about the letter a!

2. Handprint Pirate

From Crafty Morning

Have your kids make this adorable handprint pirate craft for an easy rainy-day activity that they are sure to love. It’s fun for them to make and the card ideas are endless. For Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or anything in between you could add a “You’re GRRReat” message. All you need to recreate this craft is some colored tempera paint, 1 googly eye, a few sheets of craft paper, and your little one’s hand.

3. Handprint Lobster

From Crafty-Crafted

Your child’s two handprints and footprint are magically transformed into a friendly lobster waving hello with this sweet craft from Crafty Crafted. Red handprints and a footprint are creatively doctored up with some fingertip eye balls and painted details on the shell. It is a fun craft that your kids can do almost completely on their own!

4. Handprint Elephant

From Red Ted Art, inspired by Cheshire Mum

Now this is another very special handprint craft letter- the letter E for elephant! Preschoolers love turning their handprints into an adorable little elephant, complete with a long trunk and googly eyes. It is easy to recreate, too. A spread out grey handprint makes the body, legs, and trunk of the elephant, then a few simple details add the finishing touches. Older kids can probably even add the marker lines and googly eyes themselves.

5. Handprint Duck

From Crafty Morning

Here is a fun duck handprint craft that kids can easily make, and look totally impressive hung up on your art gallery wall. It turns out super cute every time and can even be incorporated into lessons about birds, ducks, water, or weather. Create this cute little duck at home with some brown paint, green and yellow feathers, construction paper, and a googly eye.

6. Handprint Baby Octopus

From Crafty Morning

There are no cuter handprint crafts than these adorable baby octopuses created by this blogger’s creative little one! Red handprints were printed on cardstock and then cut out once dried. The octopus tentacles are decorated with assorted button suction cups and a friendly face made with black marker and googly eyes.

A close up of food, with Craft and Handprint

7. Handprint Lion

From I Heart Arts N Crafts

Roar! This adorable lion handprint craft will bring out their wild side. Add in a cardboard for the lion’s mane to give it a 3D appearance. Your child’s fingers double as the lions legs and tail with a darker brown paint. Such a fun craft for a party or a rainy day afternoon.

8. Handprint Chicken

From Arsty Craftsy Mom

Bock, bock! This sweet little chicken is the perfect handprint craft to do with the kids any time of the year. You can decorate a white painted handprint to look just like a little chicken with some red and yellow painted details, along with some grass made from green and yellow fingerprints! It would be the perfect spring craft if you are talking about baby chicks.

9. Handprint Leaves

From House of Burke

One of every child’s favorite things about the fall are all of the leaves that seem to take over the yard. We love finding them, examining them, and even making art out of them! This adorable fall themed handprint craft are a great toddler friendly craft that looks beautiful hanging in your home. Turn red, yellow, and brown handprints into leaves with some brown marker or paint!

10. Handprint Monkey

From Fun Handprint Art

Monkeys were always my son’s favorite animal growing up, and he would have loved this adorable hanging monkey handprint craft. A brown handprint with lighter brown fingertips makes the monkeys body and a fine tip black marker is the perfect way to add a friendly face and tiny toes on each hand. A green painted vine and long curled tail takes the monkey to the top of the rainforest.

11. Whale Handprint Art

From Mommy Minutes

ABC handprint craft part three! W is for Whale in this adorable handprint craft perfect for teaching your little ones about the letter W or about ocean life. A blue painted handprint makes up most of the whale, and the addition of a cute little whale tail and some blow spout spray adds the finishing touches! While you are there, be sure to check out the rest of their handprint alphabet series.

12. Penguin Handprint Craft

From Learn, Create, Love

Celebrate national penguin day with a trip to the zoo and this sweet handprint penguin craft from Learn, Create, Love. A little bit of black paint expertly painted on your toddler’s hand then printed on white construction paper makes most of the penguin. Complete your adorable animal with two googly eyes and a folded paper beak!

13. Handprint Dinosaur

From Mommy Minutes

If your boys are anything like mine, then dinosaurs are probably the name of the game. Take the popular and fun animals to the craft room with this “D is for Dinosaur” craft. A brontosaurus is made using bright green paint and an extra-long neck. It would be so much fun to experiment with different colors and hand positions to make all the different dinosaurs.

14. 5 Little Fire Fighters

From Tippytoe Crafts, Inspired by Kids Soup

Talk to your children about the important role of firefighters and then create this cute craft based on the poem called “Five Little Firefighters”. Each red printed finger turns into a firefighter in action, holding a fire hose spraying blue glittery water! Your kids may need help with the overall vision, but they can do most of the craft totally on their own.

15. Handprint Frankenstein

From Pinkie for Pink

Enjoy this spooky craft this Halloween! This adorable little Frankenstein was easy to make, done by painting the palm of the hand with green paint and the four fingers black. Add some accents to the face once the paint is dried, like a friendly face and the infamous stitches on his forehead. These Frankenstein prints would look so cute decorating the house in October.

Get crafty with these great sources gathered by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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Keep kids busy with more fun craft ideas.

Plus, check out 9 Footprint Crafts Boys Will Love

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