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19 Handprint & Footprint Crafts For Mother’s Day

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Flowers Handprint
  2. 2. Framed Handprints
  3. 3. Hands & Heart
  4. 4. Handprint License Plate Tag
  5. 5. Hand & Footprint Apron
  6. 6. Footprint Heart Art
  7. 7. Handprint Card & Garland
  8. 8. Hanging Handprint Flowers
  9. 9. Handprint Flower Bags
  10. 10. Handprint Flower Pot Craft
  11. 11. Handprint Flower Magnet Clips
  12. 12. Sunshine Art Handprints
  13. 13. Handprint Mugs
  14. 14. Butterfly Handprint Mom's Day Card
  15. 15. Gifting Hands
  16. 16. Framed Handprint Poem
  17. 17. Handprint Stepping Stones
  18. 18. Handprint Dish Towels
  19. 19. Hand/Footprint Love Art
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Moms and grandmas will love these handprint and footprint crafts for Mother’s Day. We all love handprints and footprints from infants and children and they can be used to create artwork. Be inspired by these terrific keepsakes that all begin with small handprints and footprints such as cards, garlands, flowers, flower pots, flower mugs, and flower magnet clips.

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These Mother’s Day Gifts are sure to inspire you to create a DIY gift that any mother or grandmother will cherish forever.

1. Flowers Handprint

Moms and grandmas will love receiving and displaying precious flower-inspired handprint artwork in their homes. Children can add their own handprint flowers using acrylic paint to the brown cardstock or construction paper pot. Top it off with a printed sentiment such as: “I’ve made these flowers with my fingers and my thumb, so you will have these memories for all the years to come.”

2. Framed Handprints

Every mom loves a sweet reminder like framed handprints with written quotes such as “For this child, I prayed.” Also, try a set of handprints combined with scripture and frame.

Use this free printable for Mother's Day to make a Handprint Craft

3. Hands & Heart

Mothers will attest to the fact that little hands and people become big hands and people all too quickly. What a sweet way to freeze these tiny precious hands in time. Created using pink and red paint, hands are coated in paint and pressed down one at a time to overlap, forming a heart. A heart shape is cut out framing the handprint heart. The following sentiment can be added to wrap around the heart, “Mothers hold their children’s hands for a little while, but their hearts forever.”

4. Handprint License Plate Tag

Handmade gifts are meaningful gifts to give and receive. Help children create this handprint license plate tag using a license tag and cover purchased at your local automotive store. Use acrylic paint for adding handprints to the license plate. Finish off the design by adding a personalized message using a permanent ink marker.

5. Hand & Footprint Apron

Your child does not need to be an artist to create one of these hand-and-footprint garden aprons, perfect for Mother’s Day gifting. A blank apron provides the canvas, and only acrylic paint and a black paint pen are needed to create adorable handprints and footprint flowers, butterflies, bumblebees, and ladybugs.

6. Footprint Heart Art

“Little feet leave big imprints on our hearts.” That saying goes perfectly with framed footprint heart art from a special child. This easy footprint craft involves slightly overlapping footprints to create a heart on cardstock. The heart shape is then cut out, embellished with a hand-sewn twine border, and mounted onto coordinating scrapbook paper prior to framing. It’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

7. Handprint Card & Garland

If you’d like to send a fun and unique twist to the traditional Mother’s Day card, try helping children make these handprint cards strung together as a garland. You just need some basic supplies like paint, cardstock, scrapbook paper, a hole punch, ribbon, scissors, and glue.. Once you’ve captured their painted hand on paper, you can mount it on decorative scrapbook paper, hole punch the top and string the cute handprints onto the ribbon.

8. Hanging Handprint Flowers

Mothers love receiving flowers of all kinds on Mother’s Day. Create hanging handprint flowers and give her something to smile about for a long time. Simply cut out flower shapes using a variety of patterns and colors of scrapbook paper. Add painted/stamped handprints to the centers of the flowers for a memorable gift. Glue flowers on a strip of paper for easy display.

9. Handprint Flower Bags

Transform a plain canvas tote bag into a stylish handprint flower bag. This project is easy enough for most children 8 and older to do on their own with paint. Kids begin by creating the stem and flower center. They add colorful flower petals by adding paint onto their hands and carefully stamping their handprint around the flower center.

10. Handprint Flower Pot Craft

Children will love tracing and cutting out their handprints to create a special handprint flower pot craft for their mom and/or grandma. Paper daisies and tulips can be added to each green finger “stem”. A darling printed sentiment on a paper pot ties the look together.

11. Handprint Flower Magnet Clips

Give the gift of DIY Handprint Flower Magnet Clips for Mother’s Day this year. This is a perfect preschool craft with a little adult help. Create flowers by helping children press their painted hands on colored craft paper. Help them cut around the flower, add a green paper stem, and glue on a magnet and clothespin for hanging photos and artwork on the refrigerator.

12. Sunshine Art Handprints

Faces will light up when these lovely sunshine art handprints gifts are given on Mother’s Day. Start by painting a canvas blue. Next, add yellow paint to the top 2/3 of your child’s hand and orange paint to the bottom 1/3. Alternate hands to create the sun’s rays. Add the words “You are my sunshine” to the canvas with a black paint pen, being sure to also add the name of your child(ren) and their age(s).

13. Handprint Mugs

These handprint mugs will bring a smile to a special mom or grandma’s face every time they sip their favorite drink. You’ll need white ceramic mugs, enamel paint and paintbrush, and a vinyl stencil (unless you’re a really good freehand painter). You’ll also need time to let your enamel cure.

14. Butterfly Handprint Mom’s Day Card

The wings of this adorable butterfly handprint Mother’s Day card are created by tracing a child’s hand and cutting them out. Cute paper embellishments can be added to the butterfly. Attaching the butterfly to cardstock or a printed poem, such as the one shown, followed by adding a magnet results in a card that can be hung from the refrigerator.

15. Gifting Hands

Create a pair of paper gifting hands to attach to a Mother’s Day gift. Using a paper folding technique and tracing a child’s right hand near the fold line will produce a pair of hands with a fun surprise heart in the middle.

Handprint Keepsake Craft

16. Framed Handprint Poem

Celebrate a mother’s first Mother’s Day with this special handprint keepsake. This beautiful gift is an easy DIY and includes a free printable poem and a place to feature her baby’s handprints.

17. Handprint Stepping Stones

Is there a special mother or grandmother who loves gardening? If you answered yes, this handprint stepping stone craft project is the perfect DIY gift for Mother’s Day. This project uses quick-drying concrete, clear flower pot dishes, and letter stamps.

18. Handprint Dish Towels

Stock up on inexpensive dish towels for this awesome handprint craft. A quick coat of paint on a child’s hand can transform a plain dish towel into a display-worthy kitchen accent. Add the child’s name and date with a permanent marker or fabric paint. This makes a wonderful Mother’s Day gift year after year. It’s fun to line up the dish towels from over the years and compare the handprint sizes.

19. Hand/Footprint Love Art

Love can be portrayed in a lot of ways, but this hand-and-footprint “love art” is definitely one-of-a-kind. Spell out the word “love” on a wood board, substituting a handprint for the “o” and two little feet with heels close together and feet flaring out to form a “v”. This sign would make a terrific gift for a special mom on Mother’s Day.

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