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21 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas and Crafts

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Table of Contents
  1. Do you need DIY Mother's Day Gifts?
  2. 1. Love You Hand Print Heart
  3. 2. Magnet Board
  4. 3. Ring Holder
  5. 4. Root Beer Float Sugar Scrub
  6. 5. Thumbprint Family Tree
  7. 6. Heart Clipboard
  8. 7. Jewelry Holder
  9. 8. Photo Pendant
  10. 9. Instagram Sachets
  11. 10. Photo Board
  12. 11. Heart Thumbprint Charm Necklace
  13. 12. Jar of Love
  14. 13. Lemon Sugar Scrub
  15. 14. Oatmeal-Lavender Bath Soak
  16. 15. Felted Soap Scrubby
  17. 16. Peppermint Bath Salts
  18. 17. Photo Block
  19. 18. Coffee Can Planters
  20. 19. Pedi-in-a Jar Gift
  21. 20. Coffee Cup Topiary
  22. 21. Wreath
  23. Get crafty for Mother's Day with these great craft ideas perfect for moms, sourced by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams.
  24. Check out more great ideas moms will love.
  25. Plus, check out 15+ Free Mother's Day Printables...

Do you need DIY Mother’s Day Gifts?

This list has all sorts of wonderful handmade Mother’s Day gift ideas and crafts that any mom would adore.
You’ll find bath salts and scrubs, sentimental art pieces, and super cute ways to display favorite photos. There are ring and jewelry holders, a photo pendant, and a charm necklace.

Bet Mom would like the sweet sentiments gift jar, pedi-in-a-jar, herb or flower planters, or the coffee cup topiary. You’ll also see a sweet wreath and a fun clipboard that would be so easy to make!

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Who knows? You might even want to make some of these ideas to keep for yourself!

1. Love You Hand Print Heart

From Lil’ Luna

DIYing a gift for Mother’s Day is a great idea! This “Love U” handprint artwork is adorable and incorporates a child’s painted handprints stamped on paper to form a heart!

To make the “Love U” part easier, you can choose from 3 free printable templates. Add a frame for a displayable gift.

2. Magnet Board

From Lil’ Luna

This cute and inexpensive magnet board is the perfect gift for the home decorating-loving mom! The beauty behind this craft project is that it can be changed to coordinate with the seasons. Even the photos can be changed out to match! For only a few dollars, you can pick up all of the supplies needed, which you may already have some of at home: mdf/hardboard, sheet metal, Modge Podge, scrapbook paper, magnets, buttons, ribbon and hot glue. This tutorial includes some free seasonal printables.

3. Ring Holder

From Yay for Handmade

Surprise a special mom on Mother’s Day with a handmade gift. This DIYd ring holder is perfect for keeping jewelry from getting lost.

4. Root Beer Float Sugar Scrub

From Mom Foodie

You can grab all of the ingredients you’ll need to make dear old Mom or Grandma some homemade root beer float sugar scrub. The presentation of this sugar scrub makes it especially fun, layered in a mason jar with an adorable free printable label you can attach.

5. Thumbprint Family Tree

From Day 2 Day SuperMom, tree template from One Fab Day

Remind a special mother of all of the people who love her this Mother’s Day. Using a printable tree outline as the basis for this project, red thumbprints are taken of each family member and stamped on a branch, forming a heart. Names are handwritten below each heart to identify family members. The finished gift can be framed for hanging.

6. Heart Clipboard

From A Bubbly Life

Moms everywhere will have all the heart eyes for these decked out heart clipboards! Make one for your mom this Mother’s Day using a few simple craft supplies! The project is simple, only requiring a clipboard, a heart paper punch, vinyl or contact paper, ruler, scissors, paint and paint brush. Your mom will remember how much you love her, every time she uses her clipboard.

7. Jewelry Holder

From 36th Avenue

If you love making handmade gifts and finding a good deal, chances are great that you’ll love this DIY jewelry holder, perfect for Mother’s Day gifts! You may be shocked that these jewelry holders are made from two items found at the local Dollar Tree—a glass candle holder and an ice cream bowl. A little design prep with tape and some spray paint results in some attractive, totally customized jewelry holders!

8. Photo Pendant

From Sarah Saving

If pictures say a thousand words, these DIYable photo pendants say thousands more. You can easily create several pendants in an afternoon, and you’ll be surprised to find they are inexpensive—ringing in at less than $3 each! All of the materials, except the keepsake photos, can be sourced at your local craft stores!

9. Instagram Sachets

From Lil Blue Boo

These Instagram sachets are such a great gift for Mother’s Day! Filled with potpourri and covered in keepsake photos taken from your Instagram feed, they freshen up spaces and bring smiles to faces! This project does involve a little sewing and the use of transfer paper, so it is not advisable for little ones.

10. Photo Board

From Clean and Scentsible via Lil’ Luna

If you want to bring a smile to your mother’s face, give her a photo board for her home to display pictures of happy memories and people she loves. You can make this gift using wood, metal clips, paint, vinyl letters, scrapbook paper, crafty embellishments and metal glue!

11. Heart Thumbprint Charm Necklace

From That’s What Che Said

Give a special mother a beautiful reminder of how much she is loved that she can wear on her neck! Made from oven bake clay, this heart thumbprint charm necklace is a simple DIY that will be loved and treasured.

12. Jar of Love

From Crafting a Green World

All moms need more reminders that they are appreciated and loved. This jar of love provides 365 days of reminders and can be made from mostly recycled items. You will record 365 reasons that you love your mom on small pieces of paper. Decorate a jar for storing these meaningful thoughts, and gift them to her on Mother’s Day!

13. Lemon Sugar Scrub

From Thrifty Jinxy

Wrap up a great-smelling, rejuvenating lemon sugar scrub you’ve made all by yourself! Make an extra to keep for yourself! Only 3 ingredients are essential and readily available! The free printable tags dress up a jar, making it cute to give and easy to identify.

14. Oatmeal-Lavender Bath Soak

From Mom Foodie

Your mom will love receiving a gift to benefit her body and mind! This oatmeal and lavender bath soak is affordable and simple to make from a list of wonderful ingredients. Package it up in a pretty jar and include the free printable label for a lovely Mother’s Day gift!

15. Felted Soap Scrubby

From Fiber Artsy

A great gift for Mother’s Day, these DIYd felted soap scrubbies will allow your favorite mom to wash their skin and exfoliate at the same time! A few supplies may sound a little strange if you’ve never felted your own soap before, but can easily be found online if you aren’t sure where to source them locally: wool roving (sheep or alpaca), bar soap, nylon hose and water.

16. Peppermint Bath Salts

From Fiber Artsy

Give Mom the gift of relaxation this Mother’s Day with homemade peppermint bath salts! Bath time for Mom is about to get a whole lot better! Check out the ingredients list and tutorial for making and packaging a gift any mother is sure to love!

17. Photo Block

From Homemade Interest

Photo blocks make such a wonderful, personal homemade gift for Mother’s Day! Plus, they are fairly simple to make. Wood blocks can be cut to size at your local home improvement store or ordered online. Pictures printed on cardstock, paint, paintbrushes and Modge Podge are the only additional supplies you will need to create this gift that will be cherished for years to come.

18. Coffee Can Planters

From Kicking it with Kelly

Kids will need a little adult supervision and assistance with this great coffee can planter Mother’s Day gift idea! A drill and hammer will be needed, so recruiting someone other than Mom is ideal so the surprise isn’t spoiled. This is a great project which recycles old coffee cans and turns them into beautiful outdoor hanging planters, covered in Modge Podged scrapbook paper and ribbon.

19. Pedi-in-a Jar Gift

From Mission to Save

A thoughtful Mother’s Day gift doesn’t need to break the bank to be thoughtful. Jar gifts are trendy, but affordable! What better way to spoil a deserving mother than giving her a pedi-in-a- jar gift? This fantastic idea includes free printable gift tags. You’ll need a jar and lid (can be repurposed or new), nail files, nail polish, cotton balls & Q-tips, and a simple mani/pedi kit that includes items like nail clippers, scissors, cuticle care, etc…

20. Coffee Cup Topiary

From Crafts ‘n Coffee

Do you need a last minute Mother’s Day gift that you can make quickly and inexpensively? This coffee cup topiary may just be the answer! Follow the tutorial and you can have a beautiful gift for Mom in under twenty minutes! You’ll need a cute mug, some ribbon, a dowel, some foam balls and artificial flowers plus some basic craft tools.

21. Wreath

From Weekend Craft

Though time consuming, this wreath, made almost entirely from paper strips folded in half and glued to make a loop, is simple and makes a beautiful Mother’s Day surprise. While these paper strips can be hand cut with scissors or a paper cutter, they can also be quickly cut using a Silhouette machine. Other than adhesive and the scrapbook paper, all you need is a wreath, patience and time!

Get crafty for Mother’s Day with these great craft ideas perfect for moms, sourced by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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Plus, check out 15+ Free Mother’s Day Printables…

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