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20 DIY Gift Ideas for Teachers

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. You've Blown My Mind
  2. 2. Excellent Teacher
  3. 3. Spa in a Jar
  4. 4. Etched Glass Monogram Jar
  5. 5. Monogram Wreath and Crayon Chalkboard Sign
  6. 6. Candy Apple
  7. 7. Chalkboard Globe
  8. 8. DIY Mug Idea and Printable
  9. 9. Crayon Candy Dish
  10. 10. Chalkboard Planter
  11. 11. Thanks a Latte Gift Card Holder
  12. 12. Watercolor Gift Bags
  13. 13. Thanks for Pushing Me
  14. 14. Coloring Our Lives
  15. 15. Quenching My Thirst
  16. 16. Soda-Lighted You're My Teacher
  17. 17. You're the Hightlight of my Year
  18. 18. Hands Down Gift Idea
  19. 19. Owl Miss You
  20. 20. Take Note Gift Tags
  21. Create your own DIY gift with these craft ideas sourced by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams.
  22. Check out more great gift ideas teachers will love.
  23. Plus, check out 16 Gift Ideas Perfect for Teachers...

Teachers play a huge part in shaping the future of our kids. As the school year winds down, let your children’s teachers know you recognize and appreciate their classroom efforts with these great DIY gift ideas.

There are gift jars, a gift box, gift mugs, a monogram wreath, a crayon candy dish and a crayon chalkboard sign. The chalkboard style is also used on a cool globe idea and a cute planter. Not to mention, one of my favorite ideas: the watercolor gift bags.

In this post, you’ll find suggestions for using clever word play to go with gifts including: Owl Miss You, Thanks A-Latte and Soda-Lighted You’re My Teacher. What a terrific way to say, “Thanks!”

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1. You’ve Blown My Mind

From Thirty Handmade Days

Thank your teacher by letting them know how they “blew you away” with all the great knowledge they shared with you. Grab a mason jar and fill with gum balls and add this printable appreciation gift tag. Plus, you can make it extra special by filling it with gumballs in their favorite colors or adding a gift card to their favorite restaurant or place to shop.

2. Excellent Teacher

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

Chocolate is always a great gift to give and even more special when it comes from a student. Decorate a plain box with these fun lables and fill it with a chocolate surprise like these Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs.

3. Spa in a Jar

From The Gunny Sack

Grab a large mason jar and fill with great goodies to pamper your teacher. This unique gift idea will go a long way when filled with essentials to help them relax and take time for themselves. Homemade handscrubs and sugar scrubs, nail files, clippers, and even chocolate. This is one gift they will appreciate getting.

4. Etched Glass Monogram Jar

From Hi Sugar Plum

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a gift to thank your teacher. Simply grab a large mason jar, ribbon, stencil, and some etching cream to create a personalized gift they can use over and over again. Create an etched monogram on a jar and fill with their favorite candy, pencils, markers, or other gift ideas your teacher will love.

5. Monogram Wreath and Crayon Chalkboard Sign

From Fancy Frugal Life

Break out the craft tools and school supplies to create this amazing monogram wreath and sign your teacher will love. Crafted from crayons, pencils and glue, your teacher will love the time and dedication to took to create this one of a kind personalized gift.

6. Candy Apple

From Giggles Galore

Apples and teachers go hand and hand but these “candy apples” goes one step further. Red ramekins, red hot candy and ribbon is all it takes to create a unique apple gift they can enjoy longer then an actual apple.

7. Chalkboard Globe

From Design Sponge

Teachers open the world to their students so why not give them a gift that can last a lifetime. Let them know they mean the world to you by repurposing an old globe from a yard sale or thrift store, painting in a chalkboard paint and decorating with maps, words, phrases, etc. They will love to display it in their classroom for years to come.

8. DIY Mug Idea and Printable

From Just a Girl and Her Blog

A DIY Mug craft idea is the perfect way to get kinds involved in creating a great gift for their teachers. Grab some colored sharpies and let them use their imaginations. Tuck some candy or even a gift card inside the mugs to complete the special gift.

9. Crayon Candy Dish

From Two Sisters Crafting

Grab a jar, some crayons, and a glue gun and start crafting this fun crayon candy dish. Fill with your teachers favorite candy and surprise them for teacher appreciation week. Think of how cute it will be sitting out on their desk!

10. Chalkboard Planter

From Guyer Family Blog via My List of Lists

Fresh flowers are always a great gift to give to anyone and this painted pot is perfect for your favorite teacher. Use chalkboard paint to create a great space to write a sweet note and don’t forget to paint the rim to look just like a ruler.

11. Thanks a Latte Gift Card Holder

From eighteen25 via Skip to My Lou

Say “Thanks a Latte” for all they do with the gift that keeps on giving, coffee. Simply print out the printable on card stock, staple a coffee sleeve to the printable and add some twine to create a gift that is you know they will love.

12. Watercolor Gift Bags

From Two Shades of Pink via eighteen25

These watercolor gift bags are so sweet and when filled with beautiful flowers, make a great gift. Grab your watercolor paints and let the kids use their imagation to create a beautiful masterpiece on white paper sacks. Once they dry, fill with fresh cut flowers and surprise your teacher with this special, one-of-a-kind gift.

13. Thanks for Pushing Me

From Liz on Call

Don’t you just love “pun”-y gifts! Especially when you want give something fun and dare I say, “practical”. Pick up some fun and funky push pins and attach this printable lable to let your teacher know just how much you appreciate them pushing you to do your best. Plus, these push pins are something they can definately use in their classroom.

14. Coloring Our Lives

From Design. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Markers are always something that our teachers never seem to have enough of. Surprise them with a gift that makes a colorful statement. Upcycle an empty drink packet container and attach this free printable to create a special gift to let them know how much they truly mean to you.

15. Quenching My Thirst

From Lisa Storms

Teacher appreciation week is the time where we can show our teachers just how much we appreciate everything they do for us all year long. But, it doesn’t mean we have to spend a lot of money to do so. Add these free printable straw flags to a simple tumbler or cup and fill with single serve lemonade packets and you have a great gift idea.

16. Soda-Lighted You’re My Teacher

From Tammy Mitchell Photography

Looking for an out-of-the-box gift idea your teacher will love? They will be “soda-lighted” when you surprise them with their favorite soda drink as a gift. Plus, don’t forget this adorable free printable gift tag, it is printed to look just like notebook paper.

A plastic bottle on a table
17. You’re the Hightlight of my Year

From Love the Day

Teachers love getting school supplies as gifts, especially if it’s something in high demand like markers, pencils and even highlighters. Create a fun and cute gift idea by printing out this free printable and attaching to a few highlighters. They will love to know that you loved being in their class this year.

18. Hands Down Gift Idea

From eighteen25

Germs are everywhere, especially in school. Hand soaps and sanitizers are a very popular gift idea throughout the school year but, when you add this ” hands down, best teacher around” free printable tag, it makes a perfect gift to show your love and admiration during teacher appreciation week.

19. Owl Miss You

From Lisa Storms

The school year is quickly coming to and end. Let your teacher know how much you’ll miss them with these super cute owl printables that wrap around a mini chocolate bar. Such a sweet and simple gift they will love.

A close up of a piece of paper
20. Take Note Gift Tags

From Skip to my Lou

Teacher gifts do not always have to be centered around candy and drinks. Give them something they may not think of themselves like a pack of empty note cards. That way when they need to send a note home to a parent or want to send a thank you card, they will have a set ready to go. Plus, anytime they will think of your thoughtfulness everytime they write a special note.

Create your own DIY gift with these craft ideas sourced by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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Check out more great gift ideas teachers will love.

Plus, check out 16 Gift Ideas Perfect for Teachers…

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