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14 Batman Birthday Party Ideas

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Batman Cake 
  2. 2. Batman Dessert Table
  3. 3. Batman Cake Pops 
  4. 4. Batman Cake 
  5. 5. Caped Chairs 
  6. 6. Bat Garland 
  7. 7. Diffuse The Bomb 
  8. 8. No-Sew Batman Cape 
  9. 9. Free Printable Batman Superhero Cuffs 
  10. 10. Batman Box City
  11. 11. Batman Party Games 
  12. 12. Batman-Themed Drinks 
  13. 13. Batman Grilled Cheese 
  14. 14. DIY Bat Piñata 
  15. Get more superhero party inspiration with these great ideas:
  16. Plus, check out 17 Awesome Batman vs Superman Party Ideas

Has anyone in your household requested a Batman-themed birthday party? We’ve found some of the best ideas for birthday party decorations, cake pops, cakes, party supplies, favors, costumes, games and so much more. Favorites include the caped chairs, place settings, and Justice League glasses. If you want to take your party to a whole new level, check out these great ideas. Go on and explore each of these sites and you’ll discover even more Batman inspiration. Now all you need is to find Robin and a life-sized Batmobile!

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Batman and Party

1. Batman Cake 

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If you need inspiration for a Batman party cake, you’ve come to the right place! This Batman cake is completely homemade and includes a Batman topper molded out of fondant!

2. Batman Dessert Table

Don’t flash the bat signal just yet! Help for planning an incredible Batman dessert table is just a click away! There are so many theme- and color-coordinating treats on this Batman table.

3. Batman Cake Pops 

Guests will love seeing Batman’s infamous signal on cake pops!

A blue birthday cake with lit candles

4. Batman Cake 

A fondant Batman and cityscape plus personalized name and age detailing make this Batman cake one for the memory book! Don’t miss the details!

batman tablescape ideas for kids

5. Caped Chairs 

DIYing your own capes for a Batman party is a brilliant idea.  Displaying them on the backs of your party chairs for decoration is even better! What a fun way to connect your dining area to your theme!

bat garland featured image

6. Bat Garland 

This bat garland is perfect for decorating for a Batman party! Simply trace a bat pattern on felt a dozen times, cut, and sew together!

Diffuse The Bomb Party Game

7. Diffuse The Bomb 

Fill each balloon “bomb” with a small trinket. Little superheroes receive instant gratification when they “diffuse” bombs and discover the hidden rewards.

Boys No-Sew Batman Cape

8. No-Sew Batman Cape 

Use fleece or felt to make an inexpensive, no-sew cape. Supermom tip: Google search a Batman logo template and use that fabric glue to hold it all together.

9. Free Printable Batman Superhero Cuffs 

Instantly transform guests at your Batman party into their favorite characters with these free printable Batman Superhero cuffs! These can be made in 5 minutes from toilet paper rolls, glue, and paper! Print off the free cuff wrapper and add some buttons for a techy look.

10. Batman Box City

Create an awesome superhero-inspired city skyline from recycled cardboard boxes! This Batman box city came together with some coats of spray paint and the addition of rectangle windows cut from cardstock.

11. Batman Party Games 

Keep guests entertained with plenty of Batman party games! You’ll love this Superhero Academy, which included a backyard obstacle course, leaping buildings in a single bound (hay bales), rescuing Superman from the Bat Cave, unfreezing Batman and Robin, and a few other fun games!

12. Batman-Themed Drinks 

Adding some fun to your Batman party drink station is easy! With a few creative name changes, you can easily serve up some Batman-themed drinks like “Penguin Punch” and “Joker Juice”. Don’t forget the “Mr. Freeze” ice cubes!

13. Batman Grilled Cheese 

Wondering what to serve at your Batman party? How about Bat-shaped grilled cheese, made with the help of a cookie cutter?

14. DIY Bat Piñata 

Turn those empty toilet paper rolls into bat piñatas! They are mini, which makes them a perfect Batman party favor idea! You could even have guests help you craft them at an activity station.

Get more superhero party inspiration with these great ideas:

Plus, check out 17 Awesome Batman vs Superman Party Ideas

Batman vs Superman party ideas from Spaceships and Laser beams

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