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10 Clever Kids Toy Storage Ideas

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Let’s talk storage ideas for kids toys!

Is it just me or does it sometimes feel like your house is being overrun by toys? I’ve been thinking that there has to be a better way to keep toys organized and out of the way than what we currently have at our house. Maybe you can benefit from my research. 🙂

I have put together this list of clever toy storage ideas such as a DIY peek-a-boo toy sack, a DIY stuffed animal swing, hanging planter toy storage, a clever way to organize outside toys and a DIY wagon book shelf.

Some of my favorites include a DIY toy storage bin, a DIY matchbox car garage, a DIY side storage book shelf, a rolling under bed storage cart, and an oh-so-cute under the bed play table. Organization is a beautiful thing!

Storage Ideas for Kids Toys

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Toy Storage Sack Idea

1. DIY Peek-a-Boo Toy Sack

From Make it Perfect

This toy storage idea is perfect for the person who likes to sew! DIY your own peek-a-boo toy sacks from your fabric stash.

These sacks are fully lined and feature a peek-a-boo PVC window for easily identifying what is stored in each sack. The sacks cinch closed to help control the toy clutter.

Toy Swing Storage Idea for Kids
2. DIY Stuffed Animal Swing

From It’s Always Autumn

If you are trying to come up with a clever toy storage idea for the stuffed animal collection at your home, this DIY stuffed animal swing is an inexpensive hanging storage solution.

The assembly is simple enough that children can help, and it can be finished in an hour or two. You’ll just need a few simple supplies:  hobby wood in specific dimensions, hooks, clothesline or rope, a drill and wood glue.

3. Hanging Planter Toy Storage

From Better Homes and Gardens, Via Censational Girl

Bring in a little garden charm to your home toy storage!

Using metal hanging planter baskets to help house toys and books is a creative storage solution. Mount them low enough for the children to easily reach and return toys.

Bucket Storage Idea for Kids Toys
4. Outdoor Toy Organization

From Domestic Charm, inspired by Random Thoughts of a Super Mom

Toys always seem to find their way outside, don’t they? And let’s face it, some toys like bubbles and chalk are meant for outside use.

This outdoor toy organization idea helps to store those toys in a manageable and attractive way.

Using a metal shelving unit and metal buckets, outdoor toys are sorted into various categories such as: water toys, sand toys, chalk and bubbles, balls, bug toys, etc.… Vinyl labels help to identify the contents of each metal bucket.

Toy Storage Idea for Kids
5. DIY Matchbox Car Garage

From A Lo and Behold Life, inspired by PJ Toy Car

Get those toy cars off the floor and on display in this DIY Matchbox car garage!

This genius idea is made from repurposed shoe racks that are painted and mounted on the wall.

Storage Idea for Kids Toys
6. DIY Side Storage Bookshelf

From On the Banks of Squaw Creek

Add instant book storage to an existing dresser with the use of IKEA spice racks.

This DIY side storage bookshelf idea is pretty easy to do with a little paint or stain to match your existing dresser, a level, tape measure, wood screws and drill/drill bits.

You’ll be amazed at how many books you can store by attaching these spice racks to each side of a dresser.

Toy Storage Ideas
7. DIY Rolling Under Bed Storage Carts

From Jenna Burger Design

Use the space under your children’s beds for toy storage! You can create these DIY rolling under bed storage carts for less than $10 apiece.

They are pretty and functional and only require some wood, plywood, wood nails, rolling wheels, paint, chalk paint, and rope.

A small child sitting on a bed
8. Under Bed Train Table

From Little Bits of Home

If you like the convenience of a play table, but like putting the table away when not in use, consider an under bed train table. Simply push it under the bed, similar to a trundle bed, when not in use!

9. DIY Wagon Bookshelf

From Petite Literary

Would you believe the idea for this DIY wagon bookshelf came from a $4 wagon purchased at a garage sale? It did! An old red wagon is the base for this eye-catching book storage solution.

DIY toy storage idea
10. Cardboard Box Turned Storage Bin DIY

From 2 Little Faces

Not only does this DIY toy storage bin save you from toy clutter, it can help save the environment by repurposing empty diaper boxes.

A few simple cuts and a little time spent wrapping the boxes in contact paper or gift wrap, and you have stylish toy storage.

Organize your own kids’ toys with these great storage ideas gathered by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams…

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Check out these great ideas for more ways to keep your home organized…

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Clever Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas

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