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15 Ways to Create a Command Center Like These Super Organized Families

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Command Center Reveal
  2. 2. Creating a Family Command Center
  3. 3. Revamped Family Chalkboard Central Command Center
  4. 4. Nursing Student Family Command Center
  5. 5. Kitchen Command Center
  6. 6. Vintage Toast Rack Inbox
  7. 7. This Week/Next Week Command Center
  8. 8. Kitchen Command Center
  9. 9. Family Command Center
  10. 10. Back to School Station
  11. 11. Command Center Inspiration
  12. 12. Creating a Central Command Center
  13. 13. Updated Kitchen Command Center
  14. 14. DIY Organization Station
  15. 15. Organization Station
  16. Organize your home with these great ideas...
  17. Check out more ways to keep organized...
  18. Plus, check out 20 Homework Stations...

Who’s not busy? No one? That’s what I thought! Between the homework, soccer practice, and birthday party invitations, I was inspired to start looking for some command center ideas to make our household a little more organized.

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The kitchen and front door are great locations for a Family Command Center, so I’ve included a few Kitchen Command Centers below, as well as a DIY Organization Station.

I love the repurposed use of the Vintage Toast Rack Inbox and the Revamped Family Chalkboard Central Command Center.

My favorites are the Back to School Station and the This Week/Next Week Command Center since they are just perfect for the busy weeks ahead.

See Also

1. Command Center Reveal

From The Caldwell Project

You will get a ton of great use out of this impressive family command center that has thought of absolutely everything. It features a magnetic board for quick notes, pockets perfect for takeout menus and mail, office organizers for keys and general stuff, as well as reusable menu plans and cleaning schedules.

2. Creating a Family Command Center

From The Gold Project via I’m an Organizing Junkie

Rid your counters and chairs of clutter with this brilliantly simple family command center. Created right in your home’s entryway or mudroom for optimal use, this is the perfect spot for your family to hang their jackets and drop any homework, permission slips, and more.

3. Revamped Family Chalkboard Central Command Center

From SAS Interiors

Make use of a small unused wall in your home with this central chalkboard command center for the whole family. The double calendar makes it easy to mark appointments and sports games, while the clipboards hold important family planners like grocery lists and chore charts.

4. Nursing Student Family Command Center

From Sweet Aprils

Whether you are busy with work school, or your kids’ extracurricular activities this organization wall will make it easy for your family to keep track of it all. The file folders are a great way to keep schoolwork or mail organized and cork boards always offer the perfect space for notes and reminders.

5. Kitchen Command Center

From Organizing Homelife

Get some inspirations and ideas on how to organize your kitchen with this amazing, hidden kitchen command center. A spare cupboard offers the perfect central space to keep schedule, bills, pending paperwork, and more. Add some labels to dollar store bins for easy organizers.

6. Vintage Toast Rack Inbox

From Better Homes and Gardens

Tired of shifting bills and junk mail from counter to counter in your home? Take charge of underused kitchen items and repurpose them. A vintage toast rack from your cupboard or a thrift store makes an elegant mail inbox on your entry table.

7. This Week/Next Week Command Center

From A Thousand Words

Lay out your next two weeks with this simple and smart This Week/Next Week command center. A few strips of colorful scrapbook paper take boring frames to next-level family organization in a matter of minutes. Keep some dry erase markers nearby for new appointments and reminders.

8. Kitchen Command Center

From Domestic Imperfection

Save yourself some money with this budget-friendly DIY Kitchen Command Center. All you need is an old thrifted frame, one piece of plywood, magnetic paint, and a few creative touches. You will end up with the perfect space for family reminders, paperwork, and more.

9. Family Command Center

From The Homes I Have Made

Nearly every family struggles to keep paperwork, keys, wallets, and other day-to-day things organized around the house. This family command center is the ultimate drop zone for these things, on top of being a go-to spot for family schedules. The sticky note to-do list is a fantastic, always visible solution.

10. Back to School Station

From The 36th Avenue

Help your kiddos stay on top of their school work and healthy habits with this fantastic Back to School Homework Station. This space lays out pencils, sharpeners, and everything else they need to finish their work and features a great big calendar for due dates and more.

A stack of flyers on a table
11. Command Center Inspiration

From See Vanessa Craft

Keep your counters clear and clutter free of papers and all those little things you don’t know what to do with. With a space for each family member to keep important papers, buckets to hold pens and markers, keys and change, this family command center has it all. Plus, they added a basket on the floor to hold shoes and umbrellas and a calander to keep track of everyone’s activities. This command center will help keep your family organized.

12. Creating a Central Command Center

From SAS Interiors

This organized drop space for everything will keep your family running at the busiest of times. It’s a great spot for all of your everyday stuff like keys, kids school papers, invitations, and more. Mounted clipboards make it easy to change out weekly chore charts and personalized metal bins keep papers organized.

13. Updated Kitchen Command Center

From Clean & Scentsible

Create or update your kitchen command center with an easy to set up, wall mounted organizer. Interchangeable accessories just slide in where ever you want them, making it easy to customize this command center to your family’s needs.

14. DIY Organization Station

From Bliss at Home

Use neglected items and crafty bits from around your house to create a family command center that will suit all of your needs. Small metal buckets are easy storage for homework essentials and the selves provide ample space for important home information, cook books, and more.

15. Organization Station

From I Am Momma Hear Me Roar

This family organization station features the most beautiful reclaimed wood base and several nifty organizers for family messages, schedules, and day-to-day essentials. You can find most of the materials around your house or at the local dollar store for a budget-friendly DIY project.

Organize your home with these great ideas…

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Check out more ways to keep organized…

Plus, check out 20 Homework Stations

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