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21 Halloween Party Games, Ideas & Activities

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Are you throwing a Halloween party this year? You are!  Good. Well then, you’ll need some themed activities, decorations, kids’ party food ideas and an awesome list of Halloween party games to play, right? You’ll find the game ideas right here! How about fun games you can play at home or on a budget like Pop the Pumpkin, Witch’s Hat Toss, Newspaper Eating Monster, Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe, or Pumpkin Golf? Get everyone up and moving with party activities like Halloween Bowling, Spider Web Walk, Giant Bubbles or Ghost Toss. A Halloween game of Cornhole is always fun, and grab the blindfold for Pin-the-Nose on the Monster! There are coloring pages, activity mazes, word search sheets and photo booth props. We’ve featured all these fun Halloween Party Games and Activities, and more, in this round up. Bonus: you can easily make most of the games yourself. Nothing spooky about that!

Halloween Party Games Activities for Kids

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We’ve searched Pinterest to provide a list of games that appeal to all ages — from toddlers to tweens to teens to college students to the elderly. We’ve also ensured they work for a large group or school class parties, as they can be played both indoors or outdoors at home OR in a classroom or gym at school. They are perfect for those who don’t have a huge budget for supplies or prizes — as they can be made with everyday items like boxes, buckets, tissue paper, toilet paper, marshmallows, balloons, candy and apples.

Halloween Party Game Poke a Pumpkin

1. Poke A Pumpkin :: Project Denneler
Orange cups, napkins and rubber bands hide tricks AND treats in this fun game that puts a new spin on treasure hunting.

Pop The Pumpkin Halloween Party Game

2. Pop Goes The Pumpkin :: Martha Stewart
You don’t have to buy your fun when you can make it! Confetti and candy filled balloons start the party off with a bang! Great for older kids up to 10 to 12 years old.

Halloween Witch Hat Toss

3. Witches Hat Toss :: Sometimes Creative
Such a great game to play! The carnival favorite game of ring-toss is given a twist by using themed hats. 

Newspaper Monster Toss

4. Newspaper Eating Monster Toss :: House of Baby Piranha
Here’s another fun and easy toss game. A couple of simple embellishments + a bucket = squeals of delight when you call it “feeding a monster.” Great game for preschool (pre-k) children as young as three years old, kindergarden, grade one and grade two.

Halloween Party Game Spider Web Walking Game

5. Spider Web Walking Halloween Game :: No Time For Flash Cards
This game gives “searching the web” new meaning! It actually requires balance and problem solving, with a few spiders thrown in for excitement.

Halloween Party Game Monster Bubbles

6. DIY Monster Bubbles :: Project: Party Perfect via Spaceships and Laser Beams
Are they monsters or disappearing ghosts? Whatever you call them, chasing bubbles is fun for kids of all ages!

Halloween Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe

7. Autumn Fun Tic-Tac-Toe Table :: It’s Overflowing
Washi tape and miniature pumpkins give this classic a seasonal update.

Pin the Nose on the Monster Game

8. Printable pin the nose on the Monster :: Spaceships and Laser Beams
Wearing a blindfold and trying to pin-the nose creates the best kind of suspense. Kids love playing this perennial favorite.

Halloween Can Game

9. Halloween Can Game :: Keeping it Simple
Dress up a few empty tin cans as Halloween characters and you’ve got a great knock ‘em down game. Kids as old as 10-12 years will enjoy this activity.

Pumpkin Bowling Party Game

10. Pumpkin Bowling :: I Dig Pinterest
Starring Toilet Paper as Ghost and Pumpkin as the Ball, this uncomplicated game can entertain little ones for ages.

Halloween Party Game Pumpkin Picking

11. Pumpkin Pickin’ :: HGTV
Another punch hole idea, but this version can be reloaded with prizes to keep the fun going. Kids as old as 4th or 5th graders will enjoy it!

Spider Halloween Corn Hole

12. Cornhole Halloween Game for Kids :: Crafts Unleashed by Consumer Crafts
Step one: make spiders as a craft activity. Step two: spiders scurry to hide in dark holes, with a little help from your kids.

Pumpkin Golf

13. Pumpkin Golf :: Growing a Jeweled Rose
Ever made a hole-in-one? Bet you (and the kids!) could do it with this game.

Ghost Toss Halloween Party Game

14. Ghost Toss :: Mess for Less
Flour-filled, orange balloons make super toss-it’s to throw at a Halloween ghost.

Halloween Party Photo Booth Props

15. Halloween Party Photo Props plus Free Printables :: No Biggie
Who’s the fairest of them all? Everyone gets in on the fun posing with free photo props.

Bobbing for Apples on a Sting

16. Bobbing for Apples :: List Plan It
All the excitement of bobbing without any of the water mess.

Halloween Witch Pitch Game

17. Witch Pitch :: Chica and Jo
Candy corn and cauldrons make perfect game partners!

Halloween Bucket Game

18. Halloween Bucket Game :: Gets Bored Easily
Maybe you’d like to add this toss game to your bucket list?

Halloween Bingo Game

19. 3 Free Printable Halloween Games :: Card Store Studio
Themed BINGO, a word search and a pin-the-nose game are here for your printing pleasure.

Halloween Witch Hat Toss Game

20. Witch Hat Ring Toss :: Wine and Glue
Here’s another seasonal ring toss game, this time featuring a purchased witch hat and cardboard rings.

Disney Villians Bowling Game

21. Disney Villains Bowling Pins :: Spoonful by Disney Family
Knock down the villains with a magic ball…or simply use them as party décor.

Planning a Halloween party but don’t want to make the games yourself? Buy these Halloween party games and activities, hand-picked by the Spaceships and Laser Beams Crew, will add just the right amount of spooky for ghosts and goblins of all ages.

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Add a hand-made, DIY touch to your festivities this year with these great Halloween Party ideas.

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