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18 Christmas Handprint and Footprint Crafts

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What little boy doesn’t love sticking his hands in something colorful and messy in the name of art?! Unleash his inner artist with these fun ideas for Christmas Handprint Crafts. My favorite is the Holiday Handprint Charms; I can’t wait to pick up some Shrinky Dinks! There are plenty of cute ornament ideas too, like the Handprint Snowmen, Baby Footprint, Salt Dough Santa Hand, and Reindeer Christmas Cards and Ornaments. The boys will love helping you create homemade decorations for your Christmas party with these ideas: Painted Placemat Table Runner, Thumbprint Christmas Lights, Footprint Penguins, Christmas Footprint Art, Snowman Feet, and Footprint Sleigh and Thumbprint Santa Christmas Scenes. I think these would be especially good for a Christmas party activity: Christmas Handprint Reindeer, Easy Christmas Craft Ideas for Kindergarten, Reindeer Footprints, Handprint Angel, Grinch Handprint, and Handprint Candy Cane Craft.


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Kids Handprint Snowman Craft Idea for Party
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Snowman Feet Kids Party Craft Idea
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Kids Footprint Sleigh & Thumbprint Santa Christmas Scenes Party Craft Idea for Kids
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Celebrate the holiday spirit with these festive craft ideas gathered by the team at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

Check out these great holiday DIY ideas to keep you and your kids busy.

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