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21 FREE Printable Valentine Cards for Boys

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Today, we’re talking Valentine’s Day parties! I’m Stephanie Pasutto, the owner of Fourth + Hazel Photography for AWESOME kids in Sherwood Park, Alberta and I am super excited to be blogging on Spaceships and Laserbeams. Valentine’s Day is coming soon and I wanted to share some awesome FREE printable valentine cards you can make with your boys.

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As a mother of two boys myself, I am always looking for something they would be excited to hand out and ones that are not too “lovey” (not that there’s anything wrong with it :). I’ve compiled 21 of my favorite printable valentine cards and hope that your son will be just as happy making them as he will be handing them out.

1. Video Game Valentine

2. Monster Valentine

3. Ah Maze Ing

4. Forceful Valentine

5. You’re a Blast!

6. Lego Valentine

7. School Valentines for Boys

8. Have a Ball

9. Play Doh Valentine

10. Paper Airplane Love Notes

11. Tic Tac Toe

12. FIN-tastic Valentine Card

13. Arrrh you my Valentine?

14. Paratrooper Toy Valentine

15. Sweet Text Message

16. Valentine Card Creatures

17. Dino Mite! 

18. I like how you ROLL

19. You’re out of this WORLD

20. Funny Valentine

21. You Rock!



22. Non Candy Valentine Idea: Crayon Valentine Ideas


23. Freebie Friday: Free Printable Superhero Valentine’s Day Card

If you are looking for some sweet Valentine treat ideas see my post Valentine Ideas for Kids. Happy heart Day!

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What will you do for Valentine’s Day this year?

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