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17 of the Coolest Minecraft Birthday Cakes Ever Created

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Does your guy reside in the Minecraft world part-time? A Minecraft boy’s birthday party might be in your future! In this cake round-up you’ll find all sorts of Minecraft-themed birthday cake inspiration. The designs run the gamut from simple decorations to quite intricate work but they’re all terrific ideas that would please a gamer. The creativity is amazing!

17 Minecraft birthday cakes collected by Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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These Minecraft party ideas are truly inspirational.

1. From Sunny by Design via Spaceships and Laser Beams: Creeper Cake

See Sunny’s classic Creeper face cake done with squares in shades of darker green.


This pig and watermelon Minecraft-themed birthday cake will thrill any game-lover.

2. From I’m Topsy Turvy: Pig and Watermelon

Yup, you read that right. Ashlee is so creative and generous; she shows you how to make these Minecraft character cakes. They’re terrific!

This Minecraft-themed dynamite cake is genuinely explosive!

3. From A Fresh Take Photography via Hostess With the Mostess: TNT

A red and black square TNT cake that used a sparkler instead of a candle must have been a good dose of excitement for the birthday boy!

This Minecraft-themed cake is decorated with marshmallow and a model.

4. From Party Inspirations via Spaceships and Laser Beams: Round Layers

Carrot cake with light green shades of buttercream “bots” looks delicious and Steve is nearby on guard duty.

Everything about this Minecraft birthday party is amazing. We love that dynamite cake.

5. From Fernanda Frazao via Kara’s Party Ideas: 3 Layers

A triple layer cake includes red, yellow and green levels to reference several Minecraft elements.

This amazing Minecraft cake is topped with a pixelated sword.

6. From Country Cupboard Cakes

Check out this blog for three different, really nice interpretations of Minecraft cakes.

This chocolate cake is topped with iconic Minecraft characters.

7. From Daveyva via Catch My Party: Square 

A large, green grass frosting-covered cake is embellished with figures of Steve, Creeper, the pig and TNT.

These Minecraft cake squares are perfect for the cube lover in your life.

8. From Partylicious via Spaceships and Laser Beams: Individual Squares

Ready to serve, mini personal chocolate cakes with a variety of bot pattern frosting are a great way to simplify the party.

This unusual Minecraft birthday cake is incredibly detailed.

9. From Cakes by Leesin: Game Cake

The Minecraft cake itself is wonderful but the colorful square cupcakes with colorful bot fondant really caught my attention.

This Minecraft rice-crispie treat cake makes excellent use of the shape of these delicious treats.

10. From Deborah M. via Catch My Party: Mini Squares

There are personal-sized squares with two flavors of cake, but the rice crispie Creeper cake steals the show.

This amazingly detailed Minecraft cake is great.

11. From Supermum Cakes via Spaceships and Laser Beams: Brine

A standing hero Brine cake is amazing! This confection is done in square shapes of course, in shades of blue and flesh tones.  His eyes even look like they glow!

This pixel-Minecraft TnT dynamite cake will be appreciated by all of your guests.

12. From Made by a Princess: TNT

Shades of red look like the real thing, especially with a candle that “blows up”.

This Minecraft-dessert table is absolutely inspired.

13. From AN Portraits via Spaceships and Laser Beams: Square

A rectangular sheet cake was covered in green grass frosting.  Cool idea: colored foam blocks were hidden around the yard. Kids had to find a certain combo before they could get their cake – fun!

This dessert table incorporates framed Minecraft-inspired pictures!

14. From Gemma T. via Catch My Party: Cake Tower

Tiers of cake in green frosting are on the top while two lower pedestals hold cupcakes.

This fondant Minecraft cake is too cute.

15. From Diva Indoors: Crafting the Minecraft Cake

This baking Diva shares how she made the white fondant with red squares over the cake block – and she makes it sound easy!

This playful Minecraft-inspired cake is sure to thrill your guests.

16. From The Butter End Cakery: Multiple Tiers

See square shapes, shades of green and brown with a small TNT on top.

This Minecraft cake is so well decorated. It includes all sorts of references to the classic game.

17. From Orsi Crawford: Original

This version has a lot to look at!  The major Minecraft components are all here but the cake does not look cluttered.

This simple modern Minecraft cake is inspirational.

BONUS: From How to Cook That — See a tutorial on how to make a Minecraft cake.

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Which of these awesome Minecraft birthday cakes inspires you the most???

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